So what exactly happened here? Did they have sex or not?

So what exactly happened here? Did they have sex or not?

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No, they just kissed.

Kissed wombs or kissed lips?

>Kissed wombs
You are being lewd, user. Anyway, are you asking about upper lips or the lower lips?

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You say upper lips but I am sure it was also with their lower ones. Poor fat guy never got laid.

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I wonder if the writer would've used this moment to draw tension later in the story.

He walked her home.

Didn't later in the manga they find all their parents?

Walked home and talked about semantics.

i'm pretty sure in the manga they did but its been awhile since i read it

She's literally fixing her skirt when they walk outside.

So they did have sex then.

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actually it's not hinted at so heavily on the manga, there was no skirt fixing IIRC


It's Japanese manga for teenagers, of course they never tell you either way and never ever would have. Like everything of this ilk. It's eternal cock teasing bait. How do you people not get this? Nothing to see.

Well I mean there is plenty to see but you get my point. Has there ever been, and I ask this with sincerity, more/better sheer t'n'a fanservice grade-A meat than Highschool of the Dead? Ever? Has any single series ever cause more blood loss due to exploding erections? DxD tries but eases back pretty fast and just doesn't have that special masterpiece quality.

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no wait I just checked it, the thing that is in the anime but not the manga is the kiss lean in they do. In the manga after she tells MC she's batshit it just cuts to the next day with no handholding or kiss.

>Has any single series ever cause more blood loss due to exploding erections?
Maken-ki, VD mermaid and SNQ to name a few. Those has actual nipples unlike this. But this did show senseis and saekos nipples. And the bus sluts as well but only in the manga.

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I see your point about the nipples and they are not to be underestimated but they are a far cry from matching some expert suggestiveness in that arena, let alone the other factors in play. Will look into your suggestions although one dick can only handle so much and there was already a HotD thread and there have also been a lot of Fairy Tail threads lately.

Has anyone ever used one of those Camelback backpacks? N-no reason. My friend wanted me to ask lol he's so weird.

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How old is that body?

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Marriageable age.

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This came out 8 years ago.

Rei and the pink haired chick found theirs.

Her mom was hot.

Someone post the bullet dodging breast physics analysis.

When your were in 1st grade?

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Post the page before as well.

Ayy, I gotchu senpai.

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I've got it. In color too.

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No, he just walked her there gently.

Is that a official coloring?

Yeah. My dick was not prepared.

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Oh they were drunk? Was it just her? I remember the bitch and pink acting weird.

So it will never continue?

Saw this shit a long time ago but I remember it being pretty obvious that they fucked.

Not unless someone decides to pick it up or they release the authors notes.
I always figured Rei would have to watch her parents die, and that Saeko would end up dying later in the series.

>or they release the authors notes
He had notes? I still like the fact of an open ending like the anime had.

How do people not know about the HoTD omnibi? They have every chapter released in tankoubons in Japan, they're much larger than usual (I think A5 instead of A6), they come with all the omake and cover art and artist/author notes, and the slipcovers are posters on the inside. They're fucking amazing

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he clearly walked her home gently.








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Hahaha I w-was only p-pretending to be retarded...? help me God

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