Aikatsu PriPara

Only one episode left till it's all over.

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I want a cat.

I want to fuck Lala.

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I'm fat.

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That's okay, I'm sure that you have a great personality.

Just work out and lose weight like all the cool idles.

i drew some kashikoma yesterday

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I wonder what they'll do with their final episodes.

Did you draw that?

yes, pripara is my favorite show

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He wouldn't be fat if he did

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Why is she bleeding.

It's really good.

This will never not be funny.

This looks like the opposite of friends to me.

When I visited the Tezuka Museum at the beginning of the month, I colored Ichigo and hung it up.

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That's really cute.

Fuck the press.

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even gods bleed

i appreciate u too friend

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Very cute coloring.

I've seen a few PriPara characters people have been making in Koikatsu, so if anyone here is into that here's a Nozomi for your collection. I haven't tried to make Kokoro or Hikari yet. There's a thread on /h/ if you aren't familiar with Koikatsu and are interested.

The old one didn't have the corrected hair seen in the image

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This is relevant to my interests.

I'm literally your butt.

So, Elza mass murdered oxen just to celebrate Yuzu and Lilienne's unit ?

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Lala doesn't bleed.

Please sit on my face, Akari. I would sell my soul for it.

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I need to see if it is any good. It sounds like a more interactive Artificial Academy. Having idles in it is a plus.

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Did Kirara as well. Quite pleased with how I got the got the hair to work in the finish given the limited hair options. It's two bunny tails

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You don't have a soul to sell.

So are we excited for Aikatsu Friends or not?

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I'm not excited about anything.


Friends: Meh
Prichan: Eh


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I don't have any friends.

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No protagonist should last longer than a season. They all lose all personality and become boring cartoons. It happened to Ichigo, Lala, Akari and Yume.

Literally me

Describe Yume's original personality and tell me how it changed

Four years and still the best, please don't confuse PriPara for mediocrekatsu.

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>she thought I was going to use a condom.

BS. People would have loved if Lala was still MC

She did on my first night with her.

I want to kiss Koharu.

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She was a one dimensional cartoon by S3 and S2 worked despite Lala.

I don't have high hopes for it, but i'm not not interested in it.

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Jymmy, release the BD Raws so i have an excuse to rewatch this show.

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Jymmy, sub KinPri 2 and Pri-chan.


Why hasn't Jymmy subbed Flowering Heart yet?

Will Aikatsukin be tomodachi again for Aifure?

jymmy let us down again

I'll suck off anyone who subs Prichan or Aifure and I'm not even kidding

i am but i know i'll just be let down

Okay, but you have to suck me off in advance.

Cautiously optimistic.

Ichigo never became boring and Lala only became boring in IT.

Both Prichan and Friends will be bad.

Both Prichan and Friends will be fun fun fun.

Both you and I should fuck.

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How much would you pay for access to her Fairilu Key?

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I mean, on one hand I do have encodes ready for disc 1 of the first Idol Time BD box (6 episodes).
On the other, effort...

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S3/IT Lala was peak Lala, the fuck are you talking about.

IT was a mistake.

Less than I'd pay for access to her navel.

Do you have a pixiv or a Twitter account?

Just learn nip.

I refuse to believe we have such a good artist in our threads.

I hope their personality is as cute as they look.

I heard that SHiN got banned from /u/ for 30 days. Glad they finally did something about that little punk.

Please don't remind my of my attempts to sub Flowering Heart.
I actually tried to bribe/bully my Korean friend who watches anime to translating it, but he flaked after one episode.

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Who do I have to bully to get Fairilu subs?

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I'm already the weird guy in our group, I would never ever bring up little girl anime when talking to my friends

oh god i wish that was me

I want to take advantage of Lily when she's drunk.

This image is missing something but I'm not sure what.

You'd suffer from severe alcohol poisoning

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Why are those bottles so tiny?

Lily is so pretty.


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I'm so ugly

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But you're so cute.

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I think I remember that, I was worried he had been caught by uncle Kim and executed.

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Pretty sure this is the first time I've brought him up.

Well, somebody once posted here saying he was korean and promised to sub the series, but disappeared after one episode. Wasn't that him?

Must have been a separate thing; he would have mentioned to me if that had happened.

Has everyone been working on their coloring?

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She needs a hug.