I haven't cried like this since Clannad

I haven't cried like this since Clannad.

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Dishonest animation

I hate people that get emotional over Clannad and VEG to be quite honest with you

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Oh grow up.

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meant to reply to

Get your test checked

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

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I'm with you.


Clannad was utter garbage though.

>tfw thinking about giving this shit a second chance
I mean, maybe it won't as boring the second time around?

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Watch more anime, faggot. VEG is mediocre at best.

If you are a secondary then I can forgive you. The anime doesn't do the VN justice.

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>watching Clannad & Afterstory because ppl told me it's so good
>after like 1/2 of the episodes having suspicions where the story is going
>searching for spoilers to see if I'm right
>dropping it right in time
fuck that shit, my RL already is miserable enough to watch something like this

I watched the anime and was convinced it was one of the most amazing things ever created.

Then I played the VN and realized the anime doesn't even hold a candle to it.

I love Tomoyo

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The anime tried to be too much and ended being a weird harm-y type show that doesn't do any of the girls justice except maybe Nagisa. I think Tomoyo got shafted the hardest because her route was one of the better ones (if not the best) but all she got in the anime were a few episodes.

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>I think Tomoyo got shafted the hardest
Absolutely.Characters like Kotomi and Yukine were at least able to have their routes adapted in a way that left them as friends.

Tomoyo's route doesn't have that luxury because unlike the others they actually become official before the end and the route is dependent on that premise.

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Honestly I liked the episode until she started crying.
You can't act like a teehee autistic moeblob robot, and then switch to human mode straight away.

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>Imagine people getting emotional over different things! Fucking disgusting!

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But even then it's not good enough. The main reason why I hated the anime was that every girl was reduced to some kind of autistic beta orbiter after her "route" has ended. Take Kotomi for example. The point of her route was reconnecting with her childhood friend, learning to be less scared of other people,and dealing with her parent's death and how they parted. In the anime, she does some of that (to a lesser degree however) but then fades into the background and is just kind of there for the rest of the anime. Kyou and Ryou are even worse. Kyou's just a token Tsundere and her autistic sister's still autistic. Since they don't date the "route" never even begins so the result is that both characters are just kind of there.

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the first 4 episodes were not very good - improves after though

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I watched it till the lake episode


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That wasn't even the sad part, in fact it ruined the great scene that came before it.

if you weren't a fan of episode 5, and 7 I wouldn't bother watching it all.
You can always give episode 10 a watch on it's own though - don't need any prior knowledge for it.


Aye, same here. Episode 10 destroyed me.

Faker? I think you're the only fake hedgehog around here.

Yeah you're right, the girls becoming orbiters is demeaning to the impact of each character.

I wonder how they would have handled the ending if they just focused on Nagisa, considering Tomoya needs to get the light orbs from everyone (Does he even get that many in the anime? All I remember is a shitton in the illusionary world.).

I'm curious to your opinion. Do you think they should have just done the Nagisa route and adapted the ending as is regardless, or just gone with an original ending that has the same outcome? Or do you think something else entirely?

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forced drama shows are always like this tho.

Cease your bait

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> light orbs
I think he did. Tomoyo, Nagisa, Fuku, Yukine, Kotomi, Fujibayashi twins, Misae and some minor character whose name I forgot make 8. The orbs aren't too critical and the anime never really explained what those orbs were anyway. Or maybe I was just speedwatching.

> ending
I think it would've been best to really just focus on Nagisa, do After Story, and just ignore the whole supernatural aspect with the Orbs. And maybe then do a spin-off for one of the more self-contained characters like Kotomi or Tomoyo, but instead of giving us an OVA they'd give us a 1 cour series.

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You have to be a masochist (or sadist) to enjoy Clannad.

She reminds me of this slut.

The cooking and smiling shit is too much.

You're right. Why would anyone want to connect with characters and see characters go through hardships only to be brought down to reality to connect with them even more?

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It's hard to do After Story's ending without the orbs though, unless it's the movie's ending. I think that he even got the orbs from the OVAs too.

Because of how bad it is, right?

Cute boy

And this is a cute girl

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What are you, some kind of faggot?

Why is Clannad sad?

Improves when the focus is completely off of Violent and centering more on the costumers


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Shut the fuck up Kamille you cried over autistic women