Mob Psycho is getting a season 2

How come that there's not a single thread up after the amazing recap OVA and the annoucement of this?

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There were a lot of threads on the day of the livestream, but it seems like nobody really cares about Mob on Sup Forums, and manga is finished already.

>OP misses the threads of the announcement when it happened
>comes in days later
>wtf guys where are the threads
Every single time

seriously!? the manga is over?

Yeah, it's been like 3 months already, ONE is doing Reigen spin-off now, first chapter is out already no Shigeo in sight

What's the name of the reigen spinoff?

We knew this for some time now slowpoke.

Never ever?

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Well, the chapter happens after chapter 100 but before chapter 101, so we won't see mob in quite a while.

How come no one cares about a shit anime?
Really makes you think

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How come we have daily +500 replies threads for shit like DBZ and BNHA then?

>Mob gets a second season by the original team and studio
>One Punchline Meme season 2 in production hell since forever after the original staff jumped ship
It's beautiful.

Reigen is the best Saitama that One created

>amazing recap
Nice Oxymoron.

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So what are they gonna adapt?
Urban legends, Mogami and Reigen would be too short for 12 episodes, but adding Claw boss would be way too long.

I recently read the manga and found it amazing. Does the anime treat it well?

It's one of the best anime adaptions ever made.

Because those are actually decent anime.

There were two threads on Sup Forums on the day of the livestream discussing the announcement of the second season, and one thread talking about the Reigen spin off manga. None of them really reached bump limit or had any real amounts of discussion.

You're not a real Mob psycho fan if you haven't watched Mob Psycho Mini yet.

Then that means that there's absolutely no real Mob psycho fan around at all.

It can't be helped, all the mexican shonenshitters that make up 90% of modern Sup Forums's population stick to the OPM threads.


not really. The Claw arc fits perfectly within 6 or 7 episodes.

But the rest would take at least 7 episodes as well, maybe more.
Let's say:
Urban legends 2 eps
Mogami 3-4 eps
Reigen 2 eps

Also, how are they gonna deal with the fact that they've already used the big climax scene of Reigen's arc?

I heard they are cutting urban legends and open the season with Mogami arc.

>they've already used the big climax scene of reigens arc
Have you even read the manga. We still have 2 of those to go.
Also, the Mogami arc fits in 3 episodes and you could probably reigen's to a half.

Or, maybe we're just looking at a 24 ep season 2 and they'll try to reach the end of the manga.

>We still have 2 of those to go.
Which ones are you even thinking about?

Literally the only reason I haven't killed myself yet is because I want to see the broccoli arc animated.

24 episode season. It's not like having a longer second season is something that can't happen. Studio BONES did it with My Hero Academia

Academia's production values aren't even comparable to Mob's.

Mob writes something here, can anyone translate what he scribbled out?
I did.

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S1 was garbage

Yeah because they're better

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Pic unrelated?

Yes Mr. Contrarian.

That webm is absolutely unimpressive, I'm sure you can do better.

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>That webm is absolutely unimpressive
Good to see that you're the minority

Like clockwork.

>As a master who (is strange/unknown) *guides* his disciple...
>As a (strange/unknown) master who *guides* his disciple...

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The ending was disappointing and literally nobody cares anymore. I just want more BONES awesomeness.

>Mob has also bad writing
fucking told you ONE is a hack and can't write for shit