Could you beat Shirase Sakuya in a fight?

Could you beat Shirase Sakuya in a fight?

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No. How would she defeat and humiliate me?

Go back to your filthy general

With thighs that big she must have some really long pubes for them to stick out.

Nope. I'm only 1cm shorter than her.

Sure I could. With pubic hair that long, all I have to do is pull on them like reins and I'd have her under my control.

I want to make tender vanilla sex and end in violent rough anal with her.

Do all girls steam like that?

>New iM@S idols look like genuine sluts and high school prostitutes
Well you got what you wished for Rinfags. There is no going back from this.

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This is what Berserk is waiting for.

I know, it's a huge improvement.

I couldn't even beat myself in a fight.


>genuine sluts and high school prostitutes
Isn't that what idols are?

>Age: 18
>Height: 175 cm
>Weight: 60 kg
>Horoscope: Cancer

She is shorter than me and have less mass, she's younger therefore more stupid and still a female which is the worst of all, yes I could win with her in a fight. Also cancer is a terrible sign, I bet most of Sup Forums have it, literally emotional beta dreamers in world of horoscopy.

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>tfw 167cm

She will give me the best hugs.

No, I'd let her beat me and I'd enjoy it.

What do you think of the new sisters?

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They look warm

Is there again a new Im@ series?

Yes and ML is kill. RinM@S is here

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Best girl.

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Mobage again or a real game?
Anime when?

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This new im@s has three Rins

Probably a mobage yet again, Scamco is still trying to milk fans and the console games aren't doing well. People are wising up to their antics. I bet scamco will probably try the pachinko scene with iM@S like Live in Slot. As for anime, soon if enough people demand it.

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As far as I know there wasn't even a real game with the cinderellas in it. Scamco sucks
But at least these new girls are 10/10

Busty Rin

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>pubes peaking
wtf I'm erect now.

It's a browser game that seems to be closer to the console games than a straight rhythm game.

So she is the new anal idol?

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Holy shit muh dick

Must protect...

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those pubes

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I'm going to burn my jewels for this slut!

How much for an hour with her?

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>Tries to get you hooked up with her sister but actually really likes you but doesn't want to hurt her sister.
I bet she is one of those sisters.

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Our new Ranko.

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There's a specific reason for the pubic hair or what?

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She's the pubic hair idol

part of her lewd JK appeal

It's the artist fetish.

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And more importantly there's a 99% chance it will be region locked because of that so we're back to mobamasu levels of hassle if you actually want to play.

is her game out yet?

>browser game
pls don't be DMM

Who capricorn here?

I want her to pin me on the ground, relentlessly tease me for being weaker then a girl, and then punish me for it by sitting in my face while she toys with my cock.


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Yeah, no problem. I'm a better singer too.

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>There's a specific reason for the pubic hair or what?
I don't think pubic hair needs a reason to grow, user.

RIP danketsu
RIP im@s

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It looks like she has two mouths.

Do these idols go to the same school? Is Shining Colors going to be school based idols doing school stuff? Who is going to be Producer-san?

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>not staying Virgo for your waifu

She aint no Megumin, but she's ripe for manhandling.

Why would I wanna beat her in a fight when I could sniff those pubes instead?

I would let her beat the shit out of me and I would have a boner the entire time.

>forgetting about her already
You're all such bad dogs.

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where else can a dying franchise turn to, except to make everything pornographic and hope to grab a few new fans that way

>dying franchise
This isn't LL we're talking about.

I don't think two successful games and countless fan content is a sign of a dying franchise.

Rin can fuck off. If I'm going to be the pet of any CG it's going to be Tokiko-sama.

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>Dying franchise
You wish LL retard

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She is average

Certainly not in nipland.

175cm is not average height for a Japanese girl.

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Yes, if you live in norway or sweden

Meme hat will be the best.

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This is your giant loli for tonight

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That's a bear.

Cute bear.

This is my fav of the new girls. I want her to cut for me.

I can't imagine a situation where I got in a fight with her and didn't let those thighs crush my head

Rin fits in with these new diols.

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Cut what?

I like this bear.

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Her soft, pale skin.

Anime when so I can get some porn of her?

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What about Aries Anons?

>Her soft, pale skin.

That doesn't sound good. Cutting would cause injury

This intimidates me

That sweat drop in the ass

Right here.
What do you think her bandages are from? She looks like a hard-M yan type and that makes me aroused.

Super klutz.

No, that's a different SC idol's trait. Forget her name, though.

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Fuck off retard

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>that ass
I want to lose

I really like her hair.

I will always remember Rin because Nao is my wife and friends with Rin.

Shining Colors 5koma when?

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