Why main love interest is always the most bland, boring bitch possible?

Why main love interest is always the most bland, boring bitch possible?

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momo isn't the main love interest tho

Please don't talk about my wife like that.

She's sexy as fuck, though.

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Hey buddy, don’t talk about my fucking waifu like that

Because the best girls are for us.

Yamoto Nadeshiko.

Hail by thy emperor's name. Its literally heavenly.

But Ochako isn't the main love interest?

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Which one is the boring one here?

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Sit down.

ochaco is just there for some curvaceous eyecandy

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Oink oink

MC's usually worse desu

Fuck off retard newshit

Care to elaborate?

Ochako, sakura, and kurapika

Fuck you desu

Nah she’s qt.

Season 2 did a good job of getting her a different but reasonable motivation,

>Her only notable action in the last arc was restraining the already knocked out bad guy
My sides! You can't make this shit up!

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ochako is anything but that though

She's cute. Not the best but pretty cute.

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>Shitposters gonna shitpost

Cause it's like AAA gaming nowadays.

They have to make the person that the MC ends up with the most "likeable" or "relateable" at a basic level. So even though the design might attract a lot of fans, they come off as pretty shallow.

The side characters are usually not intended to be with the MC, thus they often can have more flaws and issues. This, in essence, humanizes them and allows them to feel a bit more "real". Yet when all is said and done, they want the lowest common denominator to be happy. It's why childhood friends always fail, it's why tsundere's are also popular as well. You want to see that shell crack, and it's the easiest way to do it without giving them some tragic backstory or crazy flaw.

Is she GANBARE though?


Wasn't hard.

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The only problem with "likeable" designs is when it's done solely to please the viewer. Look at the dredge in xenoblade 2. Just a pile of housewife, desirable traits that has shit interactions and chemistry with everything around it.
However, a character that bounces off others nicely is by definition likeable and well written at that.
Flaws are not the only tool to make a character 'real'. Don't force some kind of mental issue or trauma on every character just because. Have them deal with external conflicts. Build them from the ground up instead of accentuating one trait and calling it a character.

Another thing that works is just changing up the "common" situations that you see usually.

I've been watching Nisekoi right now, and while I wasn't really appreciating the main ship the bathhouse episode really changed my mind. Rather than having this fake fight, label, or bullshit, she immediately saw that it wasn't Ruka's fault and actually tried to help him out of the situation.

Rather than a cheap gag, it was able to show a level of trust that one character had in another's integrity. Even though I felt the character was a little cookie-cutter, it fleshed her out really well.

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Why is it that the most insufferable, annoying, beta faggot MCs always end up with girls?

Plain girls are cute

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Whose the most tragic forgotten harem member?

The one who could have had it all, but was just shafted by the writers?

I remember being pretty partial to Manami in Oreimo. I knew she couldn't win, but I feel like the show tried to make her feel like a bad guy at the end for not supporting incest.

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MC's are always dogshit so they get the shit girls

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Bland? Ochako? Pal, read Mx0 sometime, Hiiragi is probably the best definition of "bland" you'll ever find.

And seriously, it's better than any turbo slut tsundere.

Illyasviel Von Einzbern. She is best girl but doesn't even have her own route.

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found the newfag desu

what the fuck are you into desu

Because you have bad taste

Deku-kun Deku-kun Deku-kun amirite Xaxz-kun

to encourage the good side of your average jane. the good side being the side that isn't a cunt. same reason why the mc is always a pussy who works hard and feels compelled to do good for others, to encourage the good side of your average guy. the good side being the side that isn't a lazy scared pussy.

Because she's been designed to be as inoffensive as possible. Unlike side characters, she is only there to be cute, sweet, and supportive towards the MC. This comes off as bland, but it's probably what Japanese men want in a wife.

BNHA is a shounen that has absolutely been designed with the type of guys in mind that wouldn't realistically want a girl that would outshine them in personality or talent.

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>her own route.
Prisma Illya is getting another game right?

Shitdex no contest. Basically a non character.

That mindset is not exclusive to shonenfags. The ideal male figure is strong and reliable, being "outshined" is a blow to that.

Because you empathize more with the girls you know are going to lose since it's a more familiar feeling.

modfags deleted our thread im hijiking this one

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Main love interest could be waaaay worse than that. Trust me on this one.

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She's adorable and perfectly matches the MC. It's bland because you're all overly cynical.
This, it's a pride thing and in fact competition between males is much more prevalent in shonen manga than between the two opposite sex, because it's a reflection of the reality. Feeling the heroine is "outshined" is a stupid complaint.

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>bland and boring
>passionate about sports and manliness.
>poorfag so relatable


the whole show was about defying fate, yet purple hair cunt still won

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But that's Bakugou's love interest?

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she's got best spinoff tho

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In a curve ball midoriya ends up with tsuyu. Would you be happy then?


just for delicious ochako tears

How strong will their children be?

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>thread deleted at 2am

Good job now you've now encouraged more phoneposters. Hang yourself.

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>those boobs



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Uhh no

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sorry user that's just like every character in BNHA

I'd be happy with any outcome. I like cute things.


>Why _____ is
I fucking hate ESL posters you all make the same mistakes

What the hell are you looking at wimp

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please do pic related

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The same reason vanilla ice cream and apple pies sell the most. It's the most acceptable (not best) to the most amount of people.

An inferior version of the real OTP.

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But vanilla ice cream at least has depth of flavor.

Woah, someone who can make this point without sounding like a contrarian faggot.

you are right though

Doing God's work there, user.

Most of the time they aren't, but contrarian faggots love to brush them off as bland and boring.

In Nozaki-kun, the whole plot is about MC, who is actually cool and unlike most male protags and the fem-MC who is another bland cute safe character. Sure she shows some more personality later but that never goes above what she essentially is.
Meanwhile you have best girl Seo who is just better in almost every fucking way possible, has more flaws but is way more fun and to be honest her reactions with calm kinda dumb MC would be much better.
It's all "Nerdy Pussy" + "Perfect Cute Supportive Housewife".
Boring as fuck.

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That’s pretty ironic desu senpai

>cool guy wants a cute loving girl, not a girl who is "complicated"
What a shame.

All of them. Literally 100% copy paste by-book ciche chars.

frogshit is not the main love interest though

> Calls posting facts shitposting

Not in all matters however. The male wants to be better in fighting. You can than give basically everything else to the female and it would still work. OR jap males are just so insecure they need to be better in every single aspect.

It's a ruse

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Plenty of series have a girl better at other things. But because it's shonenshit, you'll always have someone bitch about fighting prowess.

This shit is a red herring because the real problem is the MC potentially rendering EVERYONE irrelevant, not just the women.

>Perfect cute supportive houseife"
We're talking about Chiyo right? The one that kept stalking him until she actually talked to him and vaccum sealed a fucking candy apple because he ate a piece of it?


>love interest