Should Illya and Kuro fuse?

Should Illya and Kuro fuse?
Would you fap to Kurolya?

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>Would you fap to Kurolya?
Is this a legitimate question?

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>Not wanting one more fusion for Neopolitan

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Why not have some love and make a magical Child?
Humunculus cna have childs right?

>not Illyro

>Implying that Kuro will not be dominative personality.


Reminder that China Dress is god-tier.

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Reminds me of that VN where the twins were stitched together.

Kuro is just Illya with a tan.

Wrong, White Kuro is white chocolate kuro. A beautiful flow for men with patrician tastes

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Thats Illya.

They have different personalities. Kuro is a lot lewder.

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Miyu is strawberry

I love neopolitan

Difference would make fusion even more delicious.
Also Illya is just lewd as Kuro. She is just covert pervert.


I wish I could find a working torrent of it again

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At least use pic with cleaner edit.

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I'd rather two loli than one loli. But that's just me.

Are we doing this?

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>gween cawfee

SoL comedy with cute fusions doing cute foozh stuff fucking when?

That would be a great idea

You mean Illyaku?

Ido like summoah

That's just Fate Illya.

Ah yes that's it, kinda nostalgic.