Ruining an important moment just so you can draw moe shit

>ruining an important moment just so you can draw moe shit

Laughing at how cucked all the fans of this manga are. It's a shame to see something so good become so awful overtime.

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Imagine being this dumb.

Shut the fuck up retard

>One of her fondest memories is wearing a dress with comrades and celebrating their success together.
>celebration turns into disaster after assassination attempt
>Casca gets her memories back finally
>wears a dress to celebrate her reunion with Guts
>reunion takes a dark turn as her memories come back

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It's mentioned right there in the page and this was touched upon in Golden Age too.
Also the Elf wants them to frig probably because she seems like that kind of goddess.

>everyone missing the point
Miura is working with a dev on an unannounced berserk game and he's been told to put DLC costume material in the story. After Caska's part is over in 2-3 chapters, he'll also give new outfits to the rest of the party save Guts, plus one more to caska for fighting.

>Draw a dark manga for years.
>Got so dark that it made you depressed.
>Self-medicate with moe.
>It bleeds into your manga.

as a fan i really want to call you a faggot and tell you to fuck off but you are right. fuck miura, i hate this shit
and fuck off faggot

i hate to say this about an artist who's like 20x better than me, but he really needs to start checking his facial proportions and the perspective on his characters' eyes. some of this shit is rough to look at.
the last pages of the chapter were great, but still. i haven't read that much berserk so maybe it's a common problem.

Casca still looks retarded

>magic elf should just let the girl on literaly fucking hobo RAGS because OP is a autistic that doesnt understand that girls like cute things

Can't blame him. Indulging in the same thing forever is retarded and unhealthy

Casca is barely a girl. She's manlier than Serpico.

they dont know that
its been 3 years since she held a sword.

Imagine yourself in the elf queen position
>fucking hell those humans are anoying
>go to sleep
>fucking hell it took 24 hours for those fucks to do this
>oh FOR FUCK SAKE she started to cry now
>here pretty clothes, you human females like that dont you?

it cheapens the scene in terms of tone.

its supposed to be a rebirth
new clothes simbolize that, perfect in synch with the tone of the scene

It's actually perfect for the tone. Casca has been reborn again, and has a new white garb to match. It also goes well with the fairy scenery. Additionally, it's a nice contrast to Guts and his black outfit.

no it makes the scene more cheap and facile than it would have been otherwise . miura wouldn't have done it this way in the first 25 volumes.

>miura wouldn't have done it this way in the first 25 volumes.
He was drawing cute children 10 volumes in.

Y'all realise this is the fun, bright, new cool friends bringing out out of years of depression and trauma moment before eclipse 2.0, right?

>eclipse 2.0,

I'm always surprised by the creative bankruptcy of many Berserk fans sometimes. It's no wonder shitty manga that just find a formula then repeat the same shit ad nauseam do so well.

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he already did

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Back to Sup Forums with you faggot.

>dark elf
wait, they're dark elves in berserk?

>by the creative bankruptcy
It's more to do with foreshadowing and recurring motifs, but I'm open to it going down differently and would be pleasantly surprised if it does. But come on, he's had that behelit from the get go. We know someone's going to use it, that's how they work.

wholly different.

She's been a vegetable this whole time, you fag. Give her a chance to feel beautiful and comforted.

miura doesnt think like this. i can almost guarantee it.

So Casca's the what, long ranged magic knight now?

Nice dubs but we need sum sauce here

a paladin or a normal knight
guts is a brawler or a berserker


no she's a nigger

>eclipse 2.0
This is the only thing that would save Berserk.
The manga has been so shit since the fucking boat.

The only of Guts' new companions I care about is Schierke.