Spring looks like shit

Spring looks like shit

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Anime is dead user, just look at this season.

The only good anime this year will be Middle Manager Tonegawa
Last number is the chances of Kaiji S3. Second last number is the chances of Akagi S2

Kill you're self

new DxD though
final season of FMP



Pretty much every season has been shit for a long time now if you read manga.

spring is never good

How bad can golden kamui be

>MHA season 3

that's a lot of sport/game related anime

Manga can be pretty frustrating because most either end abruptly or just never get finished.
I wish mangaka approached their work like authors of actual books, where they have an actual plan for the entire story and just execute. I don't know how many times I've seen an otherwise interesting manga just meander around and peter out before getting the ax.

What's the show directly below Persona 5 with the glasses guy smiling?

I can't wait for your exact same post in the summer

Mahou Shoujo Site

Looks fine

What are you picking up this season, winter was alright

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>duel masters
fuck i used to watch it when i was a kid.

I'm with you 200%.

Probably just watch the second cour of beatless.

>This story is about a 15-year-old girl who is a newbie idol in love with her best friend's brother who is also a popular idol. But she runs into a scary yakuza guy and finds out that her mother was an ex-magical girl, and the yakuza was her mascot. Her love interest gets kidnapped by demons that look like burly men with cute squirrel heads. So she contracts the yakuza to become a magical girl, which in this story means she turns into a handsome guy in a magical girl outfit. On top of that, her love interest shows an attraction toward her magical guy form. Her best friend turns out to be in love with her and also becomes a magical cross-dressing guy to save her life.
What kind of hallucinogens do you need to come up with this shit?

That's either going to be objectively AotS, or it's going to be the most shit show of the year.

I'll just force myself to watch Steins;Gate and another dark mahou shoujo

Majority of it is normalfag shit

yes because, normalfags are well known for following seasonal anime
get over yourselves, the crybaby persecution faggots are the worst

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>normalfags aren't well known for following seasonal anime
Are you pretending to be retarded, or are you actually retarded?

>no kyoani show
It's shit already.

>Stein's;Gate 0
>Boku no Hero Academia

Gonna be a pretty great season idk what you're talking about

the only shit here is your taste

It not as great as this season, but still good.

Spring looks great. If you cant find at least 3 shows to watch. get some taste, or fucking give up on anime. This hobby isnt for you.

Toned down bear violence.
Goldmine for reaction faces.

Only intetested in P5

>shitty logh
>shitty fmp
>batman ninja
you have a pretty shittaste,my friend

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when's index?