Season 3 when?

Also Infinite Stratos thread.

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Never sadly

Charl is such a cutie!
What's her fetish?

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Throw money at the mobage and maybe it'll happen.


She learned something about herself during the pantsu incident

Isn't it Japan-only? How do I use burgerbux on moon-servers?

Laura, Cecilia and especially Charlotte deserve to get bitchslapped really hard.

When the author stops being a shit.

Use an emulator

Tatenashi a shit

Leave Cecilia out of this.

She deserves it just for being British.


Being a shit

no u

But I'm not a Fr*nchie

Kill Houki and Houkifag off

You must have a terminal case of shit taste, because any sane man would infinite Cecilia's stratos in a heartbeat.

How come her sister is a rep for Japan but she herself works for Russia? Is she a half and her parents split up with the kids or something?

I never got around to watching the second season; if and when season 3 comes out, I'll marathon the whole thing.

Season 3 isn't happening because the novels are bombing super hard.