Hisone to Maso-tan

Spring AOTS incoming

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Probably the most interesting show next season.

I have... many questions.

For example, can one be a robot furry?

Why did the dragon turn into a fighter jet?
Like why not just make a fighter pilot anime without the dragons?

>Like why not just make a fighter pilot anime without the dragons?

Because that's boring

>without the dragons

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How to train your moe dragon

From the thumbnail, I thought we were finally getting an Sup Forumsce anime. Then I saw the dragons.

Maybe one day.

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Looks like JSDF propaganda disguised as moeshit.

>Mari Okada
It'll probably be shit, but I'm picking this up anyway.

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It's sad how quickly I can recognize my waifu's seiyuu.
Looks interesting.

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japan's next dull snore

>anime original by Mari Okada
get your tissues ready

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who the hell needs a tissue to yawn

>potato anime of the season
Can they be stopped at this rate? Are we just going to keep getting one a season until MiA/MP100 s2s?

And directed by one of founding members of Gainax that shinji Ikari was named after.

looks like the usual forgettable fodder of every season

Lmao, got em


>This look intere...
>another show with pokemon "mecha"

why does everything have to be cute little girls? I know I'm complaining like a normal person. but like why though? why no give us top gun the anime and then give us little girls?

>Calling those things cute.
On top of being a filthy normalfag, you also have a shit taste apparently.

Well then

We did years ago it's called area 88


>Mari Okada
>crying already in the PV
Dropped like a ton of bricks

Looks fantastic.

>That ending
>miabyss author likes it
is it going to be one of those bait and switches?

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nah its probably just going to get sad but not dark. Mari okada is pretty much the sole reason the director of ibo didnt go full edge and just slaughter everyone so I'd be extremely surprised if okada just turned around and went grimdark now.

From what ive generally gathered about her writing, is she likes tragedy but only when there's a hopeful midground to it, if a bunch of characters are going to die theres going to be other characters they impacted that live on thanks to them. Chances are if this series goes that route it'll probably just involve the dragon dying or just repeating the last guardian ending where they go their seperate ways never to see eachother again

No, it'll be a straight-forward sentimental story with some tragic/melodramatic elements. The scene at the end of the PV is obviously Hisone getting lost on her first day at work and accidentally meeting Masotan for the first time. He's not going to eat her, he'll just lick her like a dog because that's how that sort of scene goes.

>Mari Okada

Time to bring out the bingo, and I'm pretty confident this will tick all that is necessary

He actually does eat her.

>All female cast

women can not bond with anything but dick and spending money

>Mari Fucking Okada

>Spring AOTS incoming
I think you meant this

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Is this yuri?

>On top of being a filthy normalfag
>not wanting every show being just full of little girls is somehow normalfaggotry

That's not Cutey Honey.