Turns out Takagi san was
an actual psychic with telepathic and empathic powers the whole fucking time. She found Nishikata's fumbling attempts at subterfuge so amusing and endearing because he's so transparent in thought and mannerism and thus so refreshingly "honest" compared to virtually everyone else she's ever had to deal with in her young life.

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This makes sense. I’m quite okay with this.

That was quick.
Would you hate psychic girlfriend that, despite knowing all swirling, perverse bullshit that resides inside your head, accepted you nonetheless?

No, but she still teases him despite knowing she will always win. It’s like kicking a puppy. With some thought put into it from me, I am no longer okay with that.

Can't blame her for wanting a swole af bf/future husband; this way she gets to build him up from the start through subtle (and not so subtle) proddings and manipulation.

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He likes it, though. This is why he never tells her to fuck off and never stops spending time with her.
>b-b-but he's always asking her to stop teasing him and thinking to himself how he wants to get back at her for teasing him
He's tsundere as fuck.

It’s not like he goes out of his way to hang out with her. She finds HIM, and one of the bets was that she’d stop teasing him if he won. You can’t just claim someone likes something if they show verbally or physically that they don’t like it. That’s rapist mentality.

If he didn't like it he'd simply say "no, let's not walk home together. Leave me alone." Etc. Instead, he never once tells her to leave him alone and always, by rule, says yes when she asks if they should spend time together in any way. She's smart enough to know that this means he doesn't really hate her or the teasing, hence she's smart enough to know she's not doing him any harm.
tl;dr: You are wrong and stupid for not liking her and even more wronger and more stupider for using a tripcode.

He had been teased long before this manga had started, so he
A. Would have resigned to his fate
B. Wanted to use it as an opportunity to get one over on her

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>That’s rapist mentality.
Where the fuck do you think you are?


That would explain the sixhead

>kids should stop acting like kids
>little girls shouldn't tease little boys they like
The absolute state of post-modernist feminism.

where the fuck are you getting this from?

His hairy filth-encrusted flatulent crevasse of an ass

read yamamoto's mind on the subway

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why is eyebrows chan so cute

i'm calling bullshit on this lack o source m8.

So she's basically an alternate universe version of Akane Kurashiki?
I'm okay with this.

If she's psychic then she'd know with absolute certainty whether he consents or not even without a verbal queue. I don't see the issue.

It's no fair if he doesn't say it though. He was asking for it doesn't fly in court

There won't be any reprecussions if he actually wants it though.

But that's not how Takagi wants it.
She wants to have intense bully foreplay, challenge him into not cumming and defeat him by getting pregnant.

So, the same plot as Okada's backstory in jitsu wa?

Sure, if she completely ignore what he wants.The point is that since she's psychic she would already know what he's down for even without asking.

she chuggs? didn't take her for a chugger

But it isn't his joy that gives her pleasure. Knowing what makes Nishikata happy doesn't mean anything. Takagi is fueled by his pure, hormone driven suffering.

>But it isn't his joy that gives her pleasure. Knowing what makes Nishikata happy doesn't mean anything. Takagi is fueled by his pure, hormone driven suffering.
That might have been the case when she was a kid, but later on..

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Truly we are the greatest monsters of all.

>ne, nishikata!
>my mouth is open but I'm not actually saying anything and you're hearing this in your head
>it's why I never get in trouble for talking in class

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I don't get Sup Forums's obsession with this lame character
>lol eyebrows
>lol ice cweam
>lol pee

>students sat that close to eachother

jesus christ must be hell

god shes so cute

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I don't get your obsession with being a lol faggot

They are pedophiles, you don't need to get them.

What the FUCK is her problem?

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Nishikata is the only thing stopping her going full tetsuo.

Easily irritated diaphragm.

Now that I think about it the seiyuu sure has to do a lot of giggling in this. Manages a pretty good job of it too.

Her original design certainly looked less "innocent". I'd posit that there was a more malign intelligence at work in this case.

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