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Since most have experienced the English dub first they will think that English dub is superior right?

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The only voice I prefer over the original is Yaldabaoth's.

for most people the japanese kinda wafts over them
video games also have better dubbing than anime
they'll compare the adequate game dub to the neutral sub and prefer the dub probably

But they had dual audio free dlc on the first day of the international release.

It's a shame about Sojiro, but don't care overall.
I'm more concerned how are they going to fit everything in, since game (even if all the gameplay is cut) was somewhat longer than usual persona games.

one castle one episode
sizzle reel of the social links

Sounds kinda unrealistic considering how the whole 'gather information - send card' part was structured.
You can trim down some parts like Okumura, Madarame or Futaba, but bit hard with everything else.

What did they do to Sojiro?

Nothing. I just really liked how he sounded overall in dub compared to the jap voice.

I wonder if they will get the same dub team that did the game. I would expect them to, but weirder things have happened.

I can't believe Ryuji fucking died in Kamoshida palace.

I agree. Sojiro sounded more like a father in the English dub. He sounded much like a very annoyed grandpa in the Jap one but that's just me.


I say both english and japanese are equally good.

i like both but i hate aoi yuuki which sucks since shes best girl

The game had dual audio, dubs are shit.

The only voices better in dub are Kamoshida and movie narrator at cinema. Rest is better with jp voices

Lavenza best girl

Ew video game anime

This is one of the very few games were on my second play thru I actually switched to the English dub. I just wish Atlus would ditch the honorifics in dub.

What arcanas are going to be mostly cut?
Fortune? And what else? Tower?


The dub isn't too bad but some of the pronunciations are god awful. How do you even get a name as easy as sakamoto wrong?

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No thanks, Futaba, Ann, and Tae's English voices can fuck off.

How well have the persona games been adapted into anime in the past?

He looked like Rusty Venture with hair.

The P4 anime is usually regarded as being pretty good, though the Golden anime isn't nearly as popular

Problem is, Golden was done by A-1, same as P5 which is why I worry

Not that it will be horrible, but that it will be a boring, paint-by-numbers show not playing up all the A E S T H E T I C points of the game

They've all been horrible, badly animated, rushed-as-fuck low-budget garbage that butcher the plot, mangle the characters and still somehow sell tens of thousands of copies

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I didn't even play the game and watched it in nip.
Sugita as Yusuke was great.

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This, this, this

P5 dub might be great for all I care, but the jap VA cast is fucking stellar

On the one hand, Mercer > Sugita for best boy.
On the other hand, Nana Mizuki in general.

four anime is good if you can deal with QUALITY. the only good golden episodes are the first one and the ones with adachi.

the persona 3 Movies are hit and miss. they tend to rush certin plot points and drag on others. if you really love persona 3 and want more, its Worth checking out atleast.

It's not a game


fuck off and go back to your shitty board

>playing the dub
Dumb americans

>Sugita as Yusuke was great.
You men Yusuke was voiced by Sugita? What the fuck, I can't imagine Sugita pulling off a fop accent.

>fop accent.
A what?

Nice trips.

The -1 gets me every time

Why is P5 so boring compared to other games in the series

I'm going to wait for the dub. Everyone but Haru is fantastically well-voiced in the dub. Futaba in particular is a breath of fresh air in a medium filled with breathlessly high-pitched girls.

There is nobody in the dub better than Sugita/Yuuki Aoi/Shuicihi Ikeda

And FukuJun, Nana or Tomato-chan

P5 has the best combined cast of voice actors I've ever seen

I'm sure the Japanese cast is superior, but as someone who doesn't speak Japanese, it's much easier for me to connect emotionally with a very high-quality English dub than with an even higher-quality version in a language I don't understand.

Why would anyone play the dub when the main 3 alone are voiced by Jun Fukuyama, Nana Mizuki and Miyano Mamoru? Makes no sense.

Why wold anyone play a Japanese game whit English dub?

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This, come on guys.

Japanese Ann sucks egg.

I wonder if they'll treat it as a ng+ route, like p4a

Can't wait to see Makoto in action.

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I can't even imagine what kind of retard/normalfag you have to be to pass on the god-tier all star cast of the JP voices.

Ok, now seriously. Is there any chance that first three persona games ever get adapted?

Here you go bro

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Persona 3 has a movie series. I would like to see a P2 anime.

Persona 1 - 0% chance. Never happening.
Persona 2 - Extremely slim chance. The game(s) would need something like an actual remake (not a remaster like the PSP release) from fan demand or something. I don't see it happening but it could possibly occur.
Persona 3 - Do the four movies not qualify? I doubt it'd be retooled into an anime series in the near future, but maybe in the far future..

>these retards
The first 3 Persona games are P1, P2 IS, and P2 EP.
And that's without counting SMT If

Yep, this guy get it. That's what I meaned.

I believe I made it clear that Persona 2 was a bifurcated entry in my post. Merely being pedantic and insisting that they be treated separately is childish.

>Persona 1 - 0% chance. Never happening.

I mean, they are literally separate games that came out a year apart.
I was clarifying what he very obviously meant.

Nobody cares about it, especially in japan. Persona 2 has a small veteran fanbase hanging around but Persona 1 is completely forgotten.

He speaks in a polite, and DEEP voice.

I don't get it.


uh why would anyone use the shitty eng dub for a game set in japan and even using honorifics in the localization come on

P1 and 2 are too deeply connected, I'm sure most P2 fans enjoy 1's characters.

Fucking hell I can't wait, I love this game to death.

I'd probably buy it again and play it again for the 4th time if it came out on Switch.

persona 3 was beyond amazing

It's a double barrel shotgun, loaded at most with two shots, he fires it three times, that's part of the original joke, the -1 is overlaid as an added level of detail for this video

I see, that makes sense. Thanks.

Mercer did a really good job as Yusuke, different enough that he's not just a copy of Sugita but similar enough to be the same character
agreed with Aoi
Ikeda is one of those where you can't beat him no matter how good you are, so doing a meme and making the villain's va literally use Nazeem voice was perfect imo

I actually like Xander's performance more than Jun's desu, both are great but I like Xander's interpretation of the character a bit more

It wasn't a meme for Nazeem, dumbass. That same VA voices Char in all the recent Gundam dubs.

Aside from the popularity problem, the script would need to be completely redone to shove in both SEBEC/Pandora AND Snow Queen

>Yosuke and Junpei still to be on covers
>Ryoji completely removed
Shit, was he really that bad compared to Stupei and Sir complains alot?

I know, I'm just talking shit

you might be autistic, man.

It, no shit, might just be. Everyone is amazing and Ryuji is just stellar.

Where the fuck is Ryuji? There's no reason for him to not be in this.

He tripped and died in Kamoshida's palace in the true ending route.

The best reason I can come up with is wanting to understand any audio that doesn't get its own text box. Some games can have a lot. For example, the after-battle banter in Tales games doesn't get translated and there's got to be a few hundred variants.

The best one was snippets made for a trailer of Eternal Punishment

sometimes you get real gems like this

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>nobody cares about it, especially in japan.

It was the most popular of the original three, both in the 90s and around the time of the rereleases you retard

>b-but muh western fanbase

Atlus don't give a shit about you, you're just extra cash. They pander to the Japs only.

Because I don't like how japanese sound. So if the option to get a dub is there then I default to that.

If I wanted more Lupin minus, I would watch Lupinranger

This was my only problem too, it sounded like they were going out of their way to pronounce half of the names wrong for no reason.

Persona attracts the Sup Forums kind, of course.

Not superior, just pretty good and more convenient

They’re not as bad as anime dubs, and more obnoxious in faster paced games

Makoto is honestly a gift to mankind.

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what does bj stands for?

Boaz and Jachin

I guess, for that audience it also is the first JRPG they played in their life so they think it's the best.

Best Jōsei

As a disgusting dubfag the DSN trailer was my first exposure to her Japanese voice and I am very excited to hear more in the anime. She sounded way more upbeat which I don't think the English VA portrayed nearly as well. Made me regret playing the dub at all desu.

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