Violet evergarden

>violet evergarden

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Even Kyoani can't resist the Naruto run

which episode of tanya the evil is this?


Why is everyone so expressionless?

>all this projection
>I-It didn't make me cry, I-I swear!

WTF! why did nobody tell that Violet Evergarden was the Metal gear solid of anime

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Is that run for serious? It looks so cheap. Also, why didn't they just shoot the parachute?

>Naruto run
I was about to give this a chance.
Gues I won't have to.


Your fault for thinking a good episode meant there wouldn't more shitty ones.

That animation looks bad

Glad I'm not investing time on this garbage.

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Violet is a small girl.

but I'm not the one projecting my insecurities here

>he doesn't hold his arms back to increase aerodynamics
some people just aren't cut out for hokage

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What the hell is this spic on about?

Every frame of this sequence is maximum tryhard

The irony. Go see a shrink.

>Camp Menace
Fucking seriously?

hahahah you can't affect me, I am turbo autist 9000

Sakugafags will defend this

If they know she's a threat, why didn't they fire when she's still in mid-air?

But the animation is shit

>no sword beams

>The Sword of Promised Victory



look I made a thread laughing at it!

It didn't affect me at all, hahahahah!

I sure hope not

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It affects me like a piece of dogshit affects me when I step on it.

I swear Saber did the exact same sort of run at some point, except Saber wasn't trying to become hokage.

Why do you assume they knew she was a threat?

What a ridiculously idiotic chuunishit.

>Believe it!

Cringy af

First big clue is that they start shooting at her before she does anything.

They should've kept her retarded oversized axe as well. It was fitting for the quality of the whole thing.

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Jesus christ this shit looks stupid
And people are trying to pass this kuso-LN adaptation as some deep mature work of art
Proof that people will gobble anything as long as it has a big enough marketing budget

as is evidenced by the success of kimi no na wa

Oscar Wilde-esque

She's not a Mary Sue guys, I swear.

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Why are Violet Evergarden fans so autismal? Voice even an ounce of complaint and they accuse you of hundreds of things.

It would have turned into pure schlock if she had the axe.


I like VEG and i don't even post in these threads because what's the point?

Have you seen the sort of "countershitposting-posting" they do in the VEG threads? it's embarrassing as fuck.

She still got it, huh. Noice.

>***,*92位/***,*98位 (**2,446 pt) Violet Evergarden
>***,860位/***,754位 (***,938 pt) Darling in the Franxx
Oh no no no no no no

I'm glad they're both selling poorly.

>we wanted the 50yr old women audience, but we also want the Naruto audience

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Only one of them is selling poorly, franXXfag.

>below the manabi line

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this is what I mean by this

>projected to sell an average of 5k
>below the 3k line
How can crossboarders be so dumb?

probably is, but i don't really care. i'm originally a Sup Forumstard, so this is pretty much what Sup Forums console wars are like, so it's pretty easy to dismiss - i mean, what's the gain? is the anime author going to come down and suck your dick because you chimped out on the internet or something?

>Glad I'm not investing time on this garbage.
I kind of feel bad for all the assholes who invested time on VEG just to realize they're riding the meme train, but it also makes me chuckle at the same time

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I will never doubt based G*dAni again.



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>Next week's episode, she passes through Antarctica to visit the grave of an old acquaintance
>Week after that, she talks to a group of little girls protecting their home town from evil doers
>Next after that, she passes by a candy store to chat about the history of candy

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It's already a pure schlock.
At least this way it would be more visible instead of masking as something more or less watchable only to make a humongous mary sue out of Violet.

>***,*92位/***,*98位 (**2,446 pt) Violet Evergarden
Apologize right fucking now.

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I never doubted you though.

>violent edgegarden
Glad I'm not watching this.

>check out this cute autistic girl beat up grown men! I bet you've never seen that before, right? AOTS am I rite!? Hahah! We're the best! Praise our magnum opus!
Tired old mary sue hyperfeminist bullshit. Also, Gunslinger Girl did it far better

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Isn't this a dream anime for many Sup Forumsnons, though? I remember "something military but with cute girls" being a huge chunk of those "make your own anime" threads.

>those completely blank faces
All they are androids?

my suspension of disbelief was pushed to its limit today

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>"make your own anime" threads.
This should have been a red flag for you

Where's the battleaxe?

>something military but with cute girls
Done already by like every other studio. Why is kyoanus always, ALWAYS behind 5-10 years behind the world? Like they pulled out dragon girls from their asses several years the collective anime industry and fandom moved on from them.

Haha, so cute. She can't cook. So clumsy and cute.
Haha she pushes her cheeks to smile, never seen that before. So cute. Haha she can't express her emotions unless the scene is sad. Very cute. Wow she can expertly slice up men but not onions. So clumsy so cute.

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Will it be better if Kyoani choose Devilman dash, not Naruto run?

Terrible post aside; this.
They're trying to have a cute autistic robot girl at the same time as the introspective badass suffering heroine. It gives me whiplash from scene to scene, and it makes her hard to relate to.

If you want the autism, go for it. But do it naturally, instead of out-of-place moments like the bad cooking, the cute head tilts, or the dumb smiling.

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>she's on the run
>she's number one

*all androids


Unfortunately close to the truth.

What the fuck with these meme?
No one cry because of Toiletto Evergarbage.

is this a """""""special""""" """""fun""""", violet evagarden thread?

Rick and Mortygarden.

ITT: faggots

The last scene with the family and the music that accompanied it was pretty great even though the rest was pretty subpar.

The stupid run already is pure schlock, may as well go full retard.

Man the FranXXtard coping in this thread

>never mention she has a giant axe
>suddenly has a giant axe
>slaughters enemy soldiers with a giant axe

You couldn't write better comedy if you tried.

At least it would've explained how has she landed from 10 meter height without any consequences.

>Bioletto writes a letter
>someone dies
I cri evertim

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This is what happens when you always model your characters in maya before tracing them.

What's that supposed to mean?
If I don't have a gun now, but I get a gun, and then I kill people with it does that make it a comedy?
I can't understand your logic

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It's a very large axe you see.

Imagine if this was the gun you pulled out.

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the premise of this show is so fucking ridiculous, even for an anime.

Those fucking soldiers, man. You see your leader getting killed, the first thing you did is panic and shooting in random direction? You know there is a sniper and you should fucking take cover. They are fucking idiots.

We all should not forget that this thing is written by a woman.

I haven't seen the name of the author I already know it is written by a woman. So many mental masturbation in the whole thing it is unbelievable that it got an award.

That said, not all women write rubbish things. Arakawa Hiromu writes interesting stories and I wouldn't know she is a woman until I saw it somewhere.

I'm not saying that all women write rubbish things. In fact some of my favourite mangakas are females like Hayashida Q. But VEG is something only an amateur female writer could write.