Interview with Tsutsui sensei.

PLOT is serious business.

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>sensei butt

Patrician taste

Good news, Its Sensei chapter.

It's sensei chapter and moeyuki's princess lift sensei

Q: Given Bokuben's girls are drawn very cute, can you tell us what do you focus on to show the girliness of your characters? Also, can you tell me what you focus on to express Nariyuki's manliness?
A: Every character has a charm point and I try to use gestures/actions that will express that. (Rizu is tits, Uruka is tanlines, Sensei is ass, Asumi is armpits, and Fumino is hairstyle/flat chest). Also, I pay strong attention to the figure/gesture of the hand and fingers. I generally draw Nariyuki as androgynous but when I draw male characters I focus on the presence of muscles and the angularity of their silhouette.

>Sensei is ass
Best girl confirmed.

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>Title: Sometimes Fate Tempts The Predecessor Towards An Unopposable "X".

>Text-based: Mafuyu, who scolded Fumino for dozing off, had some trouble making her quiz (her laptop's power went out while she was making them, and there was no back-up). And so, she pulled an all-nighter, and tried not to doze off during class. (At least that was what she thought, but still fell asleep, and Nariyuki noticed it).

>At noontime, Mafuyu was slurping on Udon from Rizu's restaurant with a rather ghastly look when her colleage told her that there had been some changes to the afternoon classes. All of the students and teachers gathered at the school's gym to listen to the Headmaster's long talk. As expected, she almost fell asleep, but was saved by Nariyuki's loud sneezing.

>Believing that she managed to survived the day, Mafuyu found out that she lost her key. She was examining the gap under vending machine that she passed by on her way home when Nariyuki saw her. The two then go look for her key, and it turns out the key was at a different place than where she usually placed it (her suit pocket). Her key was located in the case that holds all of her USB Flash Drives. (Her USB case was located inside her bag, and it is as messy as her house).

>Somehow or the other, Mafuyu was glad to have found them. But immediately after saying her farewells to Nariyuki, she immediately collapsed. Next morining, she woke up on her bed, and was proud of herself for being able to make it to her bed. What she didn't realize is that it was Nariyuki who helped her to get there

princess carry

>Next Chapter Preview:
It's the first time that Rizu goes to a beauty parlor, but...

Translated by: LadyRuneReader

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So the chapter is about Nariyuki getting his hands on Sensei's house keys, carrying her through the front door, and then placing her on the bed.
Well, now Nariyuki doesn't have to practice for when they get married.

Dude knows how to draw girls.

I want sensei to sit on my face

I wonder how much longer until this happens to moeyuki.

>It's a Mafuyu is useless ch.

>sensei being useless
You know I really loved her gap moe but at this point being useless is pretty much her default state so there's no gap moe anymore.

When has a sensei chapter not been about her being useless?

When she drives Yuiga around. Vroom!

god I hate sensei so much

>Another sensei chapter
Isn't it a bit too much already.
At least we are going to have rizu in the next chapter after many years.

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>another chapter of sensei being useless
I'd rather have Uruka chapter at this point.

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anothe filler chapter,

No such thing as too much sensei chapters. The whole series should just focus on sensei, all other girls are side characters.

Sad, seems like everyone hates sensei. Rekt /sensei/fags

>sleepy Fumino returns
>slight bluntness on her part too last chapter
>gamer Rizu returned last chapter
>side characters like Oomori actually have a presence
>he's more than just haha I'm such a pervert
>scary sensei returned though only for last chapter
It's like Tsutsui knew everything I criticized recent chapters for. And he actually remembered the characters he wrote.

She finally broke down at school. The very place where she seemed to be at her best. Did meeting Moeyuki cause her guard to fall so low or was it always like this? In any case, I'm glad next week's chapter is a Rizu one. Here's to hoping it's a solo one with the moe man himself.

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They just mad their shitty waifu isn’t popular enough to get their own chapter

Sup Forumsfags are worst

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Rip /sensei/ thread

>nothing on fumino
her loss is C O N F I R M E D /lit/fags

Fuck you Sup Forumsfag

We literally had Rizu few weeks ago.

/sensei/ can't survive without him anymore
he'll have to take ultimate responsibility.

When will start making a spreadsheet for girls per chapter? Just like the Nisekoi one

It's just /lit/fags trying to stir up shit every time they don't get their fix.

Well, it looks like we're in the place every popular romcom eventually reaches, namely the Great Plains of Stagnation, where for every chapter with progress we get 10-20 chapters of absolutely nothing. What was the last time something meaningful has happened? c39?

Sensei also is in dire straits, as her selling points that won so many people over were the gap moe and the way her relationship with Nariyuki evolved - which both rely on character dynamics. If she turns into a static character that just keeps being useless, she will very quickly lose her popularity. Honestly, this chapter seems like a wasted opportunity, especially since last week we got a rare professional sensei. A much better follow-up would be a chapter where Mafuyu drags Nariyuki to her apartment as usual, but they can't stop being embarrassed and conscious of each other because of the confession game the other day.

she could still be professional the summary doesn't explain how it's executed

To be honest, it's still early for a big progression/development for these characters, we're still in chapter 50+ and i think its fine for now. Tho, i understand you.

I already saw the raws, and i think you guys probably love it, especially sensei and yuiga's interactions since it improved more unlike the prev chapters, but still, its up for you guys to decide.

>it's another "mafuyu is a massive fuckup" chapter

Oh well, at least we'll get a cute sleeping Fumino.

And how exactly does this match up with the preview from chapter 55?
>biggest and strongest enemy for the examinees

51 -> 57 isn't that long of a gap.

>biggest and strongest enemy for the examinees

I think it referring to sensei, since she's the biggest and strongest enemy of the students.

>that ESL drivel
Fuck off pinoy

Meanwhile the gap between 2 /lit/ chapters is 39 -> 52.
Only /lit/fags know the pain of being a /lit/fag.

Sensei's an obvious loser girl, so none of her chapters are ever real development.

Yeah, but with 39 being as good as it was, maybe Tsutsui thought fuminofags could ride the high from that chapter for longer

>She was examining the gap under vending machine
Man, mangaka is a bit obvious with his key feature shots.

Post cute Asumis

Since she won't show up for at least another month

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At least it get better. The gap between solo /lit/ chapter used to be 15 chapters, 24 to 39.

I don't get it

They didn't even have to drag Nariyuki into the chapter, could've just get sensei to involve with other girls like senpai to keep things fresh.

Anyone have the chart of which chapters focus on which girls?


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>What was the last time something meaningful has happened? c39?

You need to put down the shipping goggles.

>Expecting a plot chapter because of the preview
>It's a fucking Sensei chapter.

>sleepy fumino

Did she revert back to her Fumino NEGRO form?

>Expecting a plot chapter

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just marry already, at this point some neighbor must think he is banging her on the regular

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You seem to forgot about these pages.

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but Rizu's Ogatas?

>it's been a while since Yuiga ever thought about his future
I bet he already forgot it at this point.

He's busy being a manwhore

yet another chapter center on Sensei

it looks like Mafuyu becomes Uruka 1.2
the author can not stop his favoritism
and polls approach

When is the cutoff date for sending in ballots?

Tsutsui is just giving the girls their turn.

51 Rizu
52 Fumino
53 Uruka
54 Asumi
55 Group
56 Mafuyu
57 Rizu

>all these anons complaining about it being a sensei chapter
come on, now, the last pure sensei chapter was the bikini top one, and that was almost 2 months ago, far from the 2 thirds of the series Uruka had at some point

Finally, someone gets it.

Mizuki when?

>ywn princess carry Mafuyu
why even continue living

If she's not on that picture, she's not getting chapters.

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This. It may be a filler chapter but nearly every recent chapter has been a filler chapter, although I fail to see how this is "their greatest battle yet"

>implying that's the reason anons are complaining
It's another "sensei being useless" chapter, even as a senseifag I've getting tired of it.

I tried to make a list based on which girl being the focus or support on each chapter but it doesn't really show Sup Forums shittyness from the early chapters. I will try a different approach.

Multiple charts like this already exist, or at least I remember them existing a few months ago, but I don't know if they're updated.

well, she wasn't exactly useless, just tired from working overnight, but I get your point

That chapter keeps returning all the time. Fumino constantly recalls the events of that night, messes up the way she calls Nariyuki, recognizes that her actions were "not fair" towards Uruka and Rizu and she even let her feelings slip in pic related. It made a big crack in her denial and it definitely wasn't some disposable filler chapter that could be removed without affecting the rest of the manga.

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this chapter actuially paints her in a better light because of her dedication to her students to the extent that her health suffers. and Nariyuki is the only one aware of it...

It's only relevant to Fumino's character. Every time something happens between moeyuki and the girls is bound to come back at some point to paint a bigger picture of how their relationships progress.

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I'll eat her

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>fans of the other girls at each others throat
>meanwhile /sci/ is building up her strength, and biding her time
I hope you boys are ready for the biggest upset in romcom history

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Still waiting for her greatest comeback

Unleash the breasts.

ded thread
ded manga

Don't ever bump my thread again


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More like comfy thread

Can't wait until the anime (expect an announcement February 2019) so the threads can go lightning speed 100% of the time.

Oh god bro, that means MORE SHITPOSTERS

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>What was the last time something meaningful has happened? c39?
mostly Sup Forums chapters are story related stuff, we also found out that she was the reason he didn't give up when his father died

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