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Alternate world where nishikata teases takagi san. Doujinshi. Not sure anyone interested or not. Am going to dump anyway. Did you liked or not anons?

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Too many su

Where the dump
Are you a liar?

it's here

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Girl bully is still better

Why do they have to make him eyeless?

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Yeah so that was the last one. Just a fanmade chapter that was cute. But it still begs the question why was this needed? Nishikata not bullying takagi is the bad point of this manga.

That's why everyone like nagatoro because she herself gets flustered sometimes.

>All those smiles
He reminds me of Kumogawa Misogi

I hate his face

This Takagi is too sexy.

>not sekusu


Actually I dropped it too. But the lesson here is that many people are fed up with the linear teasing on the original manga. Nishikata has to reply back or its getting one sided too much.

If there's any pushback at all, the story is over.
The point of this manga is to blueball you until your nutbladder burst.
Nagatoro is different, there's a reason it was put on EXHentai.

Believe me. I am an avid manga reader. The two latest mangas I have dropped are takagi san(not the mommy daddy version because the daughter is too cute) and mousou telepathy.They stretched too much on in my opinion.

He already had his CRITICAL HIT

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Cute. Hey not following the anime. Now have to. Where the hell did she made that expression in the manga? Is it she riding the bicycle with nishikata? She needs to blush more :)

She did in the lucky day chapter.