Amazon Preorder Stalker

***,*10位/***,*10位 (**4,184 pt) Antarctica
***,*27位/***,*25位 ◎ (**8,818 pt) Yuru camp
***,*92位/***,*98位 (**2,446 pt) Violet Evergarden
***,103位/***,102位 (**1,500 pt) Takagi-san
***,123位/***,155位 (**1,686 pt) Takagi-san
***,145位/***,158位 (**1,845 pt) Violet Evergarden
***,154位/***,154位 (**1,176 pt) Antarctica
***,216位/***,209位 (**2,439 pt) Cooking with fateshit
***,253位/***,247位 ◎ (**1,533 pt) Overlord II
***,265位/***,234位 (**1,842 pt) loli shogi
***,369位/***,379位 ○ (***,597 pt) Antarctica DVD
***,410位/***,355位 (***,532 pt) Hakata Pork ramens
***,446位/***,393位 ○ (***,800 pt) Takagi-san
***,525位/***,467位 (***,780 pt) Slow Start
***,540位/***,489位 ◎ (**1,130 pt) Hakumei to Mikochi
***,559位/***,622位 ◎ (***,318 pt) Yuru camp DVD
***,638位/***,714位 (**1,583 pt) Card Captor Sakura
***,682位/***,611位 ◎ (***,436 pt) Ramen Daisuki
***,736位/***,665位 (***,911 pt) Dagashi Kashi 2
***,767位/***,685位 ◎ (**1,457 pt) Overlord II
***,860位/***,754位 (***,938 pt) Darling in the Franxx
***,875位/**1,002位 ◎ (***,137 pt) Toji no Miko

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>***,860位/***,754位 (***,938 pt) Darling in the Franxx

----Breaking heaven's ceiling
***,*98位 (**2,446pt) VEG 1 (a)
----Soaring in the skies
***,158位 (**1,845pt) VEG 1
***,174位 (**1,764pt) VEG 3 (a)
***,192位 (**1,812pt) VEG 2 (a)
----On top of Everest
***,231位 (**1,695pt) VEG 4 (a)
***,293位 (**1,175pt) VEG 3
***,296位 (**1,252pt) VEG 2
-----Striving up
***,305位 (**1,166pt) VEG 4
-----Ground level
***,754位 (***,938pt) Franxx 1
-----Sea level
**1,020位 (***,653pt) Franxx 2
**1,039位 (***,586pt) Franxx 3
**1,077位 (***,545pt) Franxx 4
-----Below sea level
**1,261位 (***,623pt) Fate Extra 2 (a)
**1,345位 (**1,454pt) Franxx 1 (a)
**1,397位 (**1,003pt) Franxx 2 (a)
**1,976位 (***,945pt) Franxx 3 (a)
-----Depth of the ocean
**2,338位 (***,914pt) Franxx 4 (a)
**3,103位 (**1,147pt) Fate Extra 1 (a)
**3,356位 (***,360pt) Fate Extra 2
-----Cthulhu sleeps here
**3,657位 (***,637pt) Fate Extra 1

>***,*10位/***,*10位 (**4,184 pt) Antarctica
Needs to be higher

>***,*92位/***,*98位 (**2,446 pt) Violet Evergarden
Too high

>***,682位/***,611位 ◎ (***,436 pt) Ramen Daisuki
Mixed feelings: the show isn't that good but the music is.

It is high enough. Though that is attributed not just to good episode, but the fact that BDs are shipped soon.

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I'm happy Violet didn't flop and I'm happy franxxshit is flopping.

>***,860位/***,754位 (***,938 pt) Darling in the Franxx

>***,860位/***,754位 (***,938 pt) Darling in the Franxx

Trigger can't do shit if A1 is piloting.

It will sell about 5k which is decent and actually rather good, but compared to the hype it received, seems a bit too low.

>GuP still not on the list

Ahahahahahaha Sucks to be a GuPnik when it's about to be released.

>too low for the hype it received
I guess it must take a special kind of intelligence to tripfag willingly.

There are two editions, so more than 5k on average. But no chances to compete with Yurucamp/Idolish. Even VEG might outself it in the in the end if added hmv numbers, but so far vague. Either way, good for Madhouse. They should get more out of it than C-Station, as C-Station is not even on committee

So how do we read these threads?

>***,253位/***,247位 ◎ (**1,533 pt) Overlord II

What does this mean? 1533 points? And does this mean It moved down 6 places? And what is #1, if Antarctica is 10?

>Cooking with fateshit
Why you hatin?

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current ranking/previous ranking (points)

Antarctica being on top of list being 10, means 10 non anime DVDs (either live actions or anime movies) are higher, as the chart is for anime TV shows that air THIS season.

For example, GUP movies/OAVs is not in list:
**5位/**5位 (*53,919 pt) [*,130予約] 18/03/23 【限定】 ガールズ&パンツァー 最終章 第1話 (特装限定版) (「中村桜の アヒルさんでも分かる! 総火演の楽しみ方講座」BD付) [Blu-ray]
**7位/**7位 (*21,382 pt) [*,*37予約] 18/03/23 ガールズ&パンツァー 最終章 第1話 (特装限定版) [Blu-ray]

Or shows that did not air for spring season are already listed, like Steins: gate:

Thanks user. So what do the points mean, then? Is that the number of preorders?

Reminder that several of the low-ranking shows have better offers on Aniplex+ rather than Amazon.
I'd check your shitposting if I were you.

No. It is abstract number calculated by coplex formula based exclusively on comparative position of show in ranking overtime. It adds/substracts to value also depending on many factors like show price etc.

It tries to predict the Oricon numbers based on statistical data gathered from previous releases. Sometimes it is somewhat accurate, sometimes it is wildly wrong. Still for most shows you can expect about the numbers correlated with points, with some shows being overestimated, and some underestimated.

Interesting. No doubt there are people out there scraping this data and running their own models on it.

KyoAni best offers are in KyoAni shop and there VEG BD1 was sold out completely for a while. Amazon offers are not better than Animate/Gamers too.

Amazon rankings don't relect precise Oricon data, but it is nice for estimates of overall popularity. They are still worthwhile as Amazon sells with discount very often, especially for those who have amazon membership/card as there is flat big discount of abotu 20$ for everything.

what do these numbers and symbols represent?

Indeed. I wish every studio the best of financial luck.

>***,860位/***,754位 (***,938 pt) Darling in the Franxx
>Flop Encore not even on the list

>***,*92位/***,*98位 (**2,446 pt) Violet Evergarden
How will shitposters even recover?

>***,860位/***,754位 (***,938 pt) Darling in the Franxx
>***,938 pt

That my show is better than yours

They won't.

>92位/***,*98位 (**2,446 pt) Violet Evergarden
>860位/***,754位 (***,938 pt) Darling in the Franxx

Justice was served.

>Too high
This was your mom when she sucked me off.

>It will sell about 5k
I don't think so. You're focusing too much in the accumulated points. But considering it has been consistently above 100 in the ranking, I think it's gonna do 7k at the very least. Probably more, considering the other edition.

So we're in the top 100 then. Sasuga i always knew that kyoani would find a way. I never once doubted them.

Wl Franxx do worse than Re:creators?

Violet Evergarden was always destined to do well.

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It's pretty high up here. We need better gear.

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>***,216位/***,209位 (**2,439 pt) Cooking with fateshit
This is pretty amazing for a monthy airing. Also glad to see the two best anime of the season doing very well.

VEG was never flopping.

>***,*10位/***,*10位 (**4,184 pt) Antarctica
>***,*27位/***,*25位 ◎ (**8,818 pt) Yuru camp
>***,*92位/***,*98位 (**2,446 pt) Violet Evergarden
My 3 favorite at the top 3. Based nips.

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The fact that fatefags would rather buy Fate cooking than Flop Encore is embarrassing.

***,*89位/***,*92位 (**2,447 pt) [*,**1予約] 2018/04/04 【限定】ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン 1 (第1巻のみ特典:L版ブロマイド + 全巻購入特典:「LPサイズディスク収納ケース」引換シリアルコード付) [ VIOLET EVERGARDEN ] [Blu-ray]


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The tripfag is a complete fucking retard you should have seen his flip iq bullshit from a few threads ago. He is embarrassingly stupid.

And the BD doesn't come out until June

WE'RE GOING EVEN HIGHER!!!!! Sasuga KyoAni!!!!!! You found a way!!

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Fate cooking is a pretty great show, I don't see the problem. If it keeps this up it might end up outselling the rest of this season by the end of the year.

cringe thread

It is decent, but just shows how big fate fanbase is. If you don't care for any of the characters there it is borefest. Still better done than Fate/Extra.

I wonder if they will give FG/O anime to Ufotable or another shit studio like Apocryptha/Extra


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It's a cute show about cooking for your friends/family even if you don't like the franchise. If you can't get behind something cute and comfy then why are you even on Sup Forums?

At least it will probably sell better than Qualidea Code, what an achievement!

Extra is just shit.

Worst season in years

So is Evergarden but people choose to suck its dick all the time.

I've been on Sup Forums since 2004 and i hate cute and comfy since for my it is synonim of Kirara show, which with their bland shit replaced actually fun cute girl gag anime like Azumanka, Minami-ke, Ichigo Mashimaro etc. Colors > boring shows that only have cuteness. I can still get behind Yurucamp, since its done exceptionally well - probably best since NNB. But not shows that parade cuteness for its sake alone.


No, thats the next one.

>***,*10位/***,*10位 (**4,184 pt) Antarctica
Holy shit it was years ago that Japan and I agreed the last time.

I wish. It would mean Evergarden had actually managed to make me feel something.

Is that steam coming out of your ears?

tasteless pleb

what do you expect? the industry is overproducing lots of cheap shit.

They had good taste for once. The interesting thing is that it looked like it was flopping at first, but now it seems to be the sleeper hit of the season.

Now that Trigger and Shaft are done for, which meme studio are we gonna fare against KyoAnus bros?

PA works

I know right it's infested with fucking yori hipsters.

I kinda like VEG but I wouldn't consider ~4k pt some fucking big success, even if the BD had no extras.
I remember the times when big successful anime sold like 20k and more. I think VEG will be higher due to store buyers though, but I don't expect more than 8k at best, rather 6k.

Gainax Fukushima


5k-7k is a mild hit though. But it's still low compared to the hype. With that said, VEG is not gonna be a sales flop at all, though it would still sell less than freaking Hibike.

Most anime flop now. Violet will be one of the few that don't.

Urobuchi + Shaft = AOTY Madoka
Nasu + Shaft = Flop Encore

Add that whoever decided that Extra has to be released the same month that HF (that has almost 24000pt right now adding both BD versions) is an idiot too.

not him, why do you insist on being such a retard? If you really didn't feel anything after watching ep10 then you should go see a specialist.

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>,875位/**1,002位 ◎ (***,137 pt) Toji no Miko

awww. And they really tried so hard to make this not some shitty cash grab too

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no shit Sherlock, it's being done by SHARFT

The point is to get people to play the mobage.

And the award to most retarded tripfag goes to..

I dropped it on episode 4 after it was one of the worst episodes I'd seen in years. You give someone all the production value in the world and they churn out literal trash. It's amazing in a way.

>b-but Twitter trends!!11!

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Don't quote me you stupid fucking tripfag, i don't want any of your braindamage.

What amazing is display of Pearls->dirt->Swine idiom i see daily now.

It was to be expected. The first episode had that godawful cg aradama, can't blame the nips if they turned off their tvs right at that moment.
At least Sup Forums likes it.

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In another words it'll sell about the same as Mahou Tsukai no Yome, which would make it certainly not a flop but probably a disappointment considering the massive amount of hype and momentum it had early in the season.

Oh you're that one turboautist. I assume every reply related to anything VEG in this thread is you, like always?

What do these symbols even mean, and why are there duplicates on the list?

I don't see how saying VEG is not flopping is retarded.

◎BOX aka whole season of anime

Pretty much this. I don't think KyoAni itself is disappointed considering Netflix and the Chinese sites probably gave them good deals, but observers probably won't be able to help but feel it could have sold a lot more (10k at least).

With that said, I wouldn't be surprised to see a S2 or at least a movie in a few years time, once more LNs come out.

Yeah but the anime has been really good and they've actually really put a lot of effort into not just making it a shitty mobage tie in. It feels like a real show.

Well I hope that's successful

not just box, but highpriced items in general. For example Yurucamp is marked as such as it costs around 125$ and thus points calculation is adjusted accordingly for it

Of course most people who talk shit about VEG don't even watch the show.
Shut the fuck up faggot.

>people who drop a show didn't like it
Big surprise

Don't jump ahead of train. Hyouka, on average sold 20k, which required reprint as original release only sold around 7k.

Amazon VEG estimates are not necessary in correct range, considering VEG tops HMV sales and was sold out at KyoAni shop. Release numbers are important, sure, but people forget there is pretty much half year until release of final VEG BD and the shows don't stop sell after being shipps (like people are completely forgetting PTE that is still doing well)

Then your opinion is irrelevant.

VEG fans insult pretty much every other show possible (to the point of going into their threads to shit on them), does that mean they're still watching them?

Let's face it, people don't really care about reprints, since they tend to come out so long after the show comes out. And most shows don't end up having reprints anyway, so talking about them is kind of cheating.

>Let's face it, people don't really care about reprints
People still call nichijou a flop after all. It's all about the shitposting when the real numbers are still unknown, then only the first week matters and everybody ignores what comes next.
Salesfags are just a bunch of bakas.

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They also don't watch VEG like you and just there to ignite Sup Forums-tier console wars.

We have stalker threads for that already

Nichijou was a borderline flop at most. The show averaged over 3k which for more shows is actually average, it's just that there were claims that it was too expensive and would have sold more if the discs were cheaper. If it were any other show, Nichijou's initial sales would actually be considered okay.

Urobuchi > Nasu