Mitsuboshi Colors

What the fuck was her problem?

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I wish that was me.

Heat stroke. She really meant it when she said she's dying. I will miss her.

Somebody was sitting on her.

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I want Kotoha to sit on my face.

I want Kotoha

Bad at videogames

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What the fuck was her problem?

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she needs my ol reliable extra virgin big D

Why the fuck is that little girl praying to Daiz?

This show deserved the budget to look like the ending artstyle. Why are japs such plebs?

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Her legs are beautiful.

I wanna lick it

I know, that brown poop hair is disgusting. Who make that? Poop lover?


What if, when Sat-chan said that she couldn't breathe the music faded and the color palette of the anime lost all yellow and there was a dramatic scene where they just could not find her. Episode ends with Saito communicating with the other officers about the search for a lost child.

they like using their fast asses as a weapon

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And so is her butt.

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Needed a dick in her.

>Ruined her game of hide and seek
Why is Saito so best?

fast in doing what?

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I don't want it to end, lads.

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My CUTE girlfriend Yui is so CUTE.

Read the manga. It's better animated, anyway.

Yui wants up.

Go look at a Märchen Mädchen thread then try to tell me Colors looks bad.

Go look at a pile of shit and then try to tell me that 3DPD looks bad.
That's not a sensible measurement. The fact that worse things exist, does not make bad things good.

I want to let Yui ride on my shoulders. But I'm not sure I could keep my cool with her thighs pressing onto the my head.


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>you will never wake up next to Yui-chan an watch her comfy sleeping face for a while

witch one will die first?

why did they take a picture of Yui crying?

She's always crying.

shes sneezing

Sacchan, dysentery from her scat fetish.

left picture

shes sneezing with her eyes

How does Sacchan help her mom's constipation?

Does Sacchan's mom sells her daughter?

You could make a lot of different wallpapers wih the ED. It's just that good.

Is there any part of a loli's body that isn't beautiful?

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Her bald spot.

>this actually aired on TV
Isn't she like 10?

The nape?

She's 9, and I don't see what your problem is.

It's way too erotic.

The one between her legs?

Will they still be friends in 10 years?

This year I'm just a bit more daring!

I wish Yui would be a bit more daring.

Is this the new Candlejack?

What the fuck is a Cand

>UNKO hair buns

revenge is sweeet

>in manga she kicks it
>in anime she butt attacks and repeatedly sits on it
What did they mean by this?

Why would you mention Candlejack? Don't you know what ha



How many episodes was this again? 24 or more? Also, any info on S2 yet?

Who fucking doesn't. I'd do anything to get under that ass.

Real patricians want her to step on their faces instead.

REAL patricians want her to step on their faces with her ass instead.

I don't want any of that weird stuff. I'd rather just spend some time with her, maybe go eat together somewhere and talk about school stuff. Also cuddle a bit. You know, some pda stuff that will make all the guys around us jealous.

she'd just play video games while sitting near you. I hope you're okay with that.

It's a man's job to keep his lgf date entertained. I'd play Monster Hunter co-op with her.

Roleplaying faggots fuck off back to Sup Forums alre

Would you wreck her or would you let her beat you?

I want to take Yui to festival, scoop gold fishes and buy her candy apples.

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Season 2 when? This show is so cute and funny.

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I'd support and encourage her so we'll both have fun.

>sold like shit
>s2 never

I hope the manga at least gets translated and released outside of nippon

You'd be better off just learning moon.

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Learning Japanese is literally impossible.


My wife Kotoha is so cute.

Learning Japanese takes about as much time and effort as raising two children. Japanese is the linguist's final boss, when he has mastered Tibetan and Old Aramaic and still has some lifetime left. Let's be honest, you don't really need Japanese anyway. No one needs it. It's only good for ordering raw fish and reading the world's most disgusting niche fetish porn. Letting people know that you speak Japanese is like tattooing "pedo" on your forehead. Everybody knows that Japanese cartoons are 90% child porn. You don't want to learn Japanese. You don't want to be mistaken for a person that speaks Japanese.

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That sounds nice, user

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She deserves the all the best things. I want to take her on a trip to the aquarium and have a fun day.

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. . . きもちわるい.

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She's way too pure for this place.

Why do you think the amount of shitposting has increased recently.

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Because Colors is ending and people are panicking.


If you're a pedophile.

what are the odds the other character songs are even going to be half as fire as Yui's?

>picked up this today
>it's actually good
>have to watch it alone

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You can still be in the last thread with us user.

>people say this show is full of QUALITY
>don't realize still-shots are being used for emphasis

The Colors are trying to make me a lolicon.

a stylistic choice.

Nice one Freud.

You mean you weren't one already?

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I was trying to stop.

>trying to stop.

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The FBI is on its way.

Maybe that's why Sacchan is so focused on unko. These lolis have no feces.

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