This is a magical girl show aimed at kids

>this is a magical girl show aimed at kids

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>look ma I posted it again

I think kids should be respected enough that they can see nudity, because it isn't always implicitly sexual. There are classic paintings of topless women, naked cherubs, etc, and they are not inappropriate because of the context.

THIS is why you don't shove Jesus up your culture's ass for hundreds of years.

Thank Dawkins that there is another atheist amongst us. I felt that I was alone in this quagmire of ignorance.

80s anime is good but 80sfags are complete tards

Jesus christ.

What anime is this?

Boku no pico

Best magical girl show I might add.

Isn't it amazing how Japan isn't ruled by prude faggots? If only the rest of the world could learn from them.

>the rest of the world
Or, you know, just america.

>implying europe/britain isn't far worse

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What anime is this? Looks classy

What does anything in this Sup Forumsshit montage have to do with being prude.

>this is a magical girl show aimed at kids

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I want Fate to take care of me after I become feverish.

It's Creamy Mami? That's a bit disappointing, was expecting a different tone from the impression I get from the OP

We're talking the country where uncensored porn is illegal.

this is a shit thread for the cancerous scum

You must be feverish right now because she would only do that for Nanoha and Vivio

Thanks to America-san.
The thing is that even with that censorship, Japs don't think lewdness is a thing of the devil unlike basically every mostly Christian country.

I tried to watch it. Boring as fucking hell. At least sailor moon does some shit. Mami is literally nothing but a crowd diversionary tactic.

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Man-children are not technically kids.


Not that guy, but America has serious problems when it comes to Christianity. Americans are the radical muslims of Christianity; hell, this is an unfair comparison, because radical muslims make some good points sometimes, but Americans don't.
Americans' strange, intense beliefs got them kicked off Europe.
This prudence of theirs has always came to bite them in the ass.
They're the most prudent nation, but they're also the world's biggest creator of pornography. People hammer Jesus and bible verses into their kids' head and force them into 'Christian schools' (what the fuck) so their kids can remain pure and be nuns in the future, but this has the totally opposite effect - because their parents and teachers don't mention or educate their kids about sex, they become massive sluts when their teenage hormones start flowing through their bodies since they don't know how to deal with them, and they get impregnated by people who exploit them. Americans are prudent and sexually repressed, but they have the weirdest fetishes.

Come on, it's Creamy Mami, very popular in Italy during the 80s. There was nothing sexual in those magical creatures, you Americans are only retards.


you get turned on by faires, do you?

>you'll never use a fairy as an onahole

Man, tits are literally for babies. Stop being such a prude.

>because radical muslims make some good points sometimes
t. ahmed

Did you forget that you were stupid enough to let thousands of aggressive, murderous africans in your shithole country? Were you too busy chowing down on mama's spaghetti?

Try to plant heterosexual desires to my son instead of raising him a frustrated schoolshooter!

>tfw the italian op was edited to include some pantyshots

Trumplanders believe that your soul falls out and gets stolen by the demon king if you see tits before you marry. They're not a very smart people.

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I think Christian morals and values are good for the individual and community. It's part of the reason why America is so great but i will agree that on certain issues like sex education christians are doing a poor job.

To us Italian kids Yu pants were nothing obscene. Please. Creamy was one of my favorite anime when I was a child, and I was in love with Toshio. Italian kids childhood has been amazing thanks to Japanese animation during the 80s, while the Americans watched mainly stuff like Tom and Jerry.

>They can't even find out who sang their Urusei Yatsura OP