Teenage girls repeatedly consume caffeinated beverages almost every day but they don't ever get a coffee-induced scotoma

>teenage girls repeatedly consume caffeinated beverages almost every day but they don't ever get a coffee-induced scotoma
This is bullshit.

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Don't get fat either.

That looks like a tasty cup of pee she's holding.

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I drink coffee and don't get any of these either

What does Sharo's pee taste like?

Probably the worst out of all the main girls as she's poor and likely eats cheap shitty food that's bad for her.

I'd still love to drink it though

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Which rabbit has the most tasty pee?


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By me.

Mea culpa.

good thing i'm not a lolicon pedophile or i'd get a raging hard on every time i jack off to the sexy gochiusa girls

So is it just me? Two cups of coffee effectively render me blind in one eye. I see things, but I can't see if I use a computer, letters disappear into thin air and I can't see the cursor. If there is a person in my I can't see them them with one eye. If I have to read something in the distance, I can't see it. I can't even see my hand sometimes.
All of this happens when I ingest coffee or other beverages with plenty of caffeine.

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Your body is defective.

You should be more careful user

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Well, shit. At least I'm not a driver, I could potentially kill myself, and other people if that were the case.

I think you're dying

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Keep drinking, you're transcending dimensions.

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if there's a person in front of me*

You can get fat from coffee?


can someone explain this meme I feel like i'm missing out on something great
one cup of real coffee makes me almost immediately have to shit halfway into it, I think i'm allergic so I just limit myself.

Unless you're downing the sugar-loaded "coffee" latte pumpkin spice with marshmallows thing from Starbucks multiple times, every day, no. Coffee has a really low amount of calories.

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You're not allergic. Everyone shits after drinking coffee.

>piping hot glass of piss
lenfried tier

Not at all

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Pee maybe, but not shits.

Drink decaf

Is this the high IQ thread

Almost everyone excuses themselves to the bathroom soon after drinking coffee. Maybe not instantly, but within a hour. I do it, my dad and my father did, and my coworkers do, there were huge lines in the morning at my work until people started drinking their coffees at slightly different times.

This is the bowel movements thread

>they don't ever get a coffee-induced scotoma
It's not like they drink 5 cups/hour, fucking weakling.

The culpability for this act is mine and mine alone

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i was one amongst people who did this

Syaro was molested as a child

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I have been drinking a lot of coffee ever since I have memory and never experienced something like that, you guys are always so weird.

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using namespace std
main () {
int Gochiusa;

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Huh when you check the source she is actually holding a cup of coffee instead of pee

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Would you Sxarp's vomit?

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What is that supposed to be in reality? Because it does actually look like vomit.

Cocoa is an endlessly curious spirit who wants to give everyone she likes sexual pleasure regardless of gender or familial relations.
Mocha grew up fingering her sister and playing with her brothers penises and developed into a caring yet amorous woman who wants to give pleasure to all of her loved ones indiscriminately, which is exactly what Cocoa modeled herself after.
Chino is a young girl going through puberty and experiencing womanly desires for the first time, wanting nothing more to feel a beloved Onii-chan's cock in her horny little body. Likewise Maya and Megu are feeling tingles in their pussies for the first time in life and their boundless curiosity drive them to explore cocklust.
Rize wants to be womanly and feminine but admires nothing more than masculine strength and wants to feel a strong manly man mounting her and making her truly feel a woman's pleasure.
Chiya is a fertile baby factory with the heart of a Japanese maiden and the body of a perpetually aroused semen demon who leaks pussy juices profusely underneath her kimono at the thought of a rugged, manly samurai warrior stripping her naked and thoroughly impregnating her with child after child.
Sharo is a filthy disease-ridden whore who has made so many men cum that the taste of penis and the smell of semen is imprinted on her every thought permanently and constantly.
Aoyama is a Christmas cake semen demon who has been around the block almost half as many times as Sharo making her extremely experienced and appreciative of sexually dominant men, has most likely fucked Chino's grandpa before he died and most certainly has had a train run on her by Chino and Rize's fathers and writes of her graphic experiences in erotic novels under a pseudonym.
That's why the girls in this show are so slutty.

I think that would be Megu.

fuwatoro refers to a style of omelette that is fluffy on the outside but runny on the inside
since it's named as a "rice", it may also be some sort of omurice

nip impression of european cuisine is covering food in creamy, and probably mushroomy, sauce
so there you have it

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Ah, I guess I see it now. It looked like puke with chunks of corn in it before, but I can actually see an omelette in there in now now that you said that.
Thank you for answering; I learned something new.

Gochiusa thread simulator so no-one is ever lonely again.


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I do the same and don't either.

syaro is a good girl and i am proud of her for always trying her best

Her best is not good enough.

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this is incorrect. it is always good enough because she does her best. i want to adopt her.

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Is she trying to spike that coffee with her pee?

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