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Do you tell yours feelings before die to your waifu?
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>you will never not come home to this

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She'll find another man instead of Aiden.

>old ass VEG image from google
>anime only have last 2 episodes left
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Fuck off falsflagger.

>Not living a peacefull life of farming with a cute lovely friend
>Made every with her and laugh with every stupid shit
>After work, just bath together and fug gently
>Repeat every day
>Be the most happy man on the planet

My life is meanless

Didnt really liked this episode, the parents part felt kinda there and flat.
Violet just dropping from the sky to find the person he was looking for was very convenient, not to mention the whole "im writing in my mind" thing was retarded.

Weakest episode so far.

>not to mention the whole "im writing in my mind" thing was retarded

Stupid faggot, that shit was because violet dont have the machine and the guy gonna die. Also she can remember words because muh militar training.

Go to Sup Forums pls

I got the intention but it was stupid.

The subtle reactions violet makes when she hears about or is on the battlefield made this one of my favorite episodes. I can't wait for the next episodes

>this ESL drivel
Fuck off pinoy

Oh no no no no...

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Reminder that you can still like something even if you criticize it.

Literal perfection.

> He can't remember 20 words
t. brainlet

Seriously, who directed this shit?

She's still got it baby

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I want Biorettuchan to CQC me.

Have to agree with you on that user. Episode didn't cut it for me as far as emotional impact was concerned. Hopefully we get things straightened out by the next episode

How can I get Violet to airdrop into the middle of nowhere to save me, warm up my body, hold my hands, and kiss me?

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>he mad


>le 1 good episode show
Is this the Re: Zero of our generation?

The reason you can't handle a person with an imaginary typewriter is because you can't possibly believe that someone can remember a handful of words.

>le 1 good episode show

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Saber aside from the parachuting in.

Violet is a SMALL girl. Just imagine manhandling her during lovemaking.

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I want to remove Violet's arms and have her leglock me while doing situps into my face.

How did Violet become so relatable when she started off as an emotionless machine? I don't usually fall for the character development meme, but in this case I can't help but feel bad alongside her whenever she witnesses sad stuff.

Can we just stop bickering for a moment and appreciate the beauty of this scene?

Here we see Violet, a person whose old hands gained her the notoriety of a killing machine, using her new hands to comfort a dying client that can't feel or see anymore, the man is hallucinating about the woman he loves and his final words to her are "I love you" and "Kiss me".
After the shock of hearing those words Violet gently kisses his forehead as he drifts away into the void, we see close shots of their lips as if to tease the audience about what Violet is thinking in that moment.
And the OST used is just phenomenal, it fits this kind of important character growth scene perfectly.

This right here is the moment Aiden hammered what "I love you" means right into Violet's little skull. This scene right here marks the very final steps of Violet's personal journey that she sets herself into on episode 1.

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I'm scared user. Violet's journey is now complete, that means she can suffer even more now.

I liked that you couldn't hear the "I love you" but you could tell it perfectly from the lip flaps.

Literally can’t see anything

I guess this is a reply to her dream about Gilbert and Dietfried's remarks about her becoming a doll.
She was able to care for people and help them heal after being on the battlefield and doing the complete opposite.

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Why Are We Still Here? Just To Suffer? ...

VEG is candidate to AOTY and haters faggots edgys cant deny without shitty opinions.

>Violet Evergarden "Gaiden"

The Princess and the Auto Memories Doll Side history

Recap movie, nothing surprising there.

could be a lux movie.

Nah, if it's going to be a movie and it probably is, it's a recap movie.
A second announcement is what you should be looking for.

New VEG Anime confirmed to be in production

Stop making shit up, we don't know what the new project is and chances are that it's a recap movie.

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Why so mad? Everyone told you there will be most likely recap movie and least two original ones. Now it comes true.

Recap movies are not thing to tease at new novel volume. I am 100% sure there will be one, but what is teased is actual new stuff.

>haha new anime confirmed

WTF is this shit!!!!!???!!!!???!!!???

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Pointless shitflinging aside, this new project announcement came in very early. I mean, the anime isn't even over yet and they're basically revealing a movie.

It would look like this anime is making money eh?

Customise your Saber.

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>~Time heals all sorrows~

Right? ;_;

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Always when you find another person for forget the past

Milky cow gonna be riding a new dick soon and the faggot dead crying in the cript


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Pioletto is so cute.

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Fuck me, I want a milktruck farmgirl wife.


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Can the guy making these do one for the eps missing?
For completion/collecting sake and for Bioretto's sake.

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>guy with picture from home dies
>let me check the time... oh! I’m shot
>girl suddenly falls out of the sky
>childhood friend doesn’t get her romance
Bringing back the classic cliches I see. Bravo KyoAni

Damn i so wish to see Violet on cinema screen.

Why are people shocked at this scene ? It's not any more shocking than other fights in anime and even in VEG, we already saw Violet doing more ridiculous shit (staying alive with both of her arms being cut off, destroy a squad with a bayonet knife). And people only wake up now to the fact that she's superhuman ?

It is pachinko

It made money before it even aired thanks to Netflix and Bilibili.

The sales are good , KyoAni store BD1 sold out, LNs selling great, artbooks and guidebook as well. Cinemas screenings booked.

KyoAni will milk it as it does with hibike/chu2/free even if it means going full original

I'm calling it now. Vol 3 will be adapted in full.

vol 3 is already adapted. Episode 5 is chapter 1 of vol 3

I meant 3rd novel. Sorry about that user. It'll be adapted in full.

They have 1 chapters not in anime from 1st volume, 3 from second, 5 from 3rd.

(not counting the chapters that will be in episode 12-13, just counting the ones that will not be in this season)

Bad episode. The dialog was incredibly shite.

>we cant send doll too dangerous!
>dats rite
>paper is gone where violet???
>oh no!

>girl walks in
>take 2 battlefeld
>hehe youre just some rando girl that as far as i know has no battle experience but i like
>jump out my airplane!
>happens to land right next to letter guy
>what a coincidence!
>she very dangerous maiden of battlefield.....
>lets turn around and walk away like nothing happened even though weve been killing people for literally the entire episode..............

>tell generic family members and big boob girl i love them....................
>*cue forced crying scene*
>delivers letter
>*more forced rainy emotions*

Bravo Kyoani!

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This show should have ASD triggers warning. it is dangerous to show it to people thinking it is their usual seasonal shallow shit.

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>it is their usual seasonal shallow shit.
And here I thought I already read my most ironic post of the day.

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That’s just animey flashy stuff like repelling bullets with the bayonet, the Naruto run in a military/victorian serious setting is quite humorous

>*No edgys crossposters please*
VEGfags have been the most insufferable crossposters this entire season, shitting up even the most non confrotational threads. Kill yourself

Kyoani has yet to give a recap without giving a continuation though

At some point you just have to accept that that gay-ass Naruto run is here to forever permeate other works. Honestly, the worst thing about that scene is that awkward cut at 0:30 here it just never feels right no matter how many times I rewatch that scene. Also that weird out-of-place slow-mo close-up on the blond guy, just what the fuck. All the dudes also shoot from an awkward stance for some reason. I wish they'd chill it with the unintentional comedy.

We read your application, but have to deny it because of your lack of previous job experience and suboptimal performance in a pleb test. You might not ever get a job as Director, but don't give up - there are many other opportunities. For example you can become a.. what was that useless occupation of desperate talantless hacks that are envious over other people success was?.. yes, a critic.

Nice shitpost, dude, you totally showed me what's what.

Pretty weak episode. Didn't hit any emotional strings for me.

>Do you tell yours feelings before die to your waifu?
So this is VEG's core audience?

Of course it wouldn't. You have never had a girl like Maria in your life and your parents hate you. How could you relate to Aiden?

He's telling you that your distaste for the ninja sprint is unfounded since overpowered characters in anime do that far too often.
The brief cut in 0:30 justifies itself as soon as the soldiers decide to not fuck with Violet and survive the encounter, we the audience need to know why they're surrendering and in a visual medium there's no better way to do it.

Why did Violet kiss Aiden? Is she a slut?


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You don't need to get so defensive, it's fine for some episodes not to be that good. The directing this week was pretty nonsensical (Violet happens to overhear about this battlefield letter request, goes without anyone knowing and just happens to find the person that requested the letter right before he's about to die after she randomly parachuted into a forest and wihtout even knowing how he looked like) and the emotional setup wasn't that good. Sure, Aiden seemed like a good guy but it was overall pretty generic young man dying in battle leaving loved ones behind stuff. Last week's episode was much better.

You stop that right now young man.

but only a whore would hold the hands of a man she just met.

>He's telling you that your distaste for the ninja sprint is unfounded since overpowered characters in anime do that far too often.

Then he missed my point. I don't care about the run at all at this point. It's here to stay forever, so be it.

>The brief cut in 0:30 justifies itself as soon as the soldiers decide to not fuck with Violet and survive the encounter, we the audience need to know why they're surrendering and in a visual medium there's no better way to do it.

I think we're talking about different things. I'm talking about the cut to this shot.

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>Violet just dropping from the sky to find the person he was looking for was very convenient
This annoyed me as well, couldnt take it seriously. Also how just two or three episodes ago we see a 13 year old get both arms ripped off bleeding everywhere and she lives but this fag dies in one shot. Technology levels still piss me off. Best part of the episode was fat titties.

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

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What's wrong with that shot?
It shows where they stand in their current situation, with Violet using the faggot as a shield and the other 2 squirming on the ground.

Why is it so windy inside?

t. Sup Forumsermin trying to lying over all the threads


Emotion flow

I actually enjoyed this episode - however it was definetely weaker than the last.

>Also how just two or three episodes ago we see a 13 year old get both arms ripped off bleeding everywhere and she lives but this fag dies in one shot.
How many vital organs do you have in your arms?
Sure you could make the argument that she would've bled out by the time they got to her, but we don't really know how long she was left under the rubble.
Pretty sure getting both arms torn off will still have a higher survival rate than getting shot in a vital organ as long as they can find her in time.

The shot is alright, I just don't like the cut. I'm not too versed in filmmaking, so I cannot exactly articulate why, but it seems abrupt and just awkward. Maybe it's because it's a close-up from the front followed up by a wide shot from the side or something, I cannot exactly tell.

It's not uncommon to cut to a wider shot after a character is done looking around, you want the audience to see what the character sees.

Yeah, that's good point, she was indeed looking around. I don't know honestly, maybe they could've used a different angle, a lower one perhaps. The guys laying around don't really register that well to me because they're at the very edge of the frame.

Kyoani fans will defend this.

And you forgot to add how damn retarded the squad that was killed was.

Why all the soldiers in this show are damn pussies?
Didn't they get any training before going into the battlefield?

I like the episode but this made me laugh

Still not sure if the VN was saved due to kyoani's animation porn or was the story gutted to have more animation porn.

I was more annoyed with the plane taking off with 11 frames