Is he jewish?
Gehenna was initially where some of the kings of Judah sacrificed their children by fire,Thereafter it was deemed to be cursed.

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Reminder that Succulent's level is higher than Gazef. He is already a hero.
>According to Maruyama, Succulent is a level 30 with 15 in Warrior classes and 15 in Magic classes. He fights by combining swordplay with illusion spells. Due to this twin specialization, he is actually below Climb in terms of fighting power and was the weakest of the Six Arms.

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I assume Ainz will win just like he won against Shaltier. The only question is if he will rez him right away or become even more paranoid.

Why didn't he go just for one or the other? Is branching a way to get levels easier than going down a sole path?

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Can't wait for the new ep and see Evileye fall for the motorboner.

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Proof that only idiots multiclass.

You can only get 15 levels max for each class.

Experience wise yes. Say level cap is 100. Getting two classes to 50 is quicker than one to 100. The problem is that you lose the most powerful levels in doing so.

>finally read the LN
>everything is okay to good
>t/l (or perhaps the writing itself who knows) is weak often but passable
>foreshadowing is as good as people have said with lots of interelation between factions in the dialogue
>tonnes more detail and explanation for concepts (which is actually really important and makes everything much much much more cohesive)
>suddenly lizard shit
It was fun in the anime, I guess but I don't want to read it all over again. Is it truly worth the read compared to the anime here?

So you can just max out every class? Are you saying he is as strong a caster as ainz or warrior as tchme.

Ainz and Touch Me have many other classes to support their build.

But you gain the versatility for doing it, which is more useful in actual combats.

Everyone multiclasses. He fucked up by trying for a meme synergy instead of two jobs in the same affinity e.g two sword wielding jobs

a) no there are heaps of jobs
b) you max level affects what you can get out of your job. For example if you have 15 in one job you may not get all the goodies of a max level [x] until level 95 and so on.
Jobs dictate what gets unlocked not necessarily when. Some jobs need other jobs or racials to be unlocked. Some skill need a combination of jobs or even other skills.
The character building system is actually pretty cool

Did every member of the guild create one main NPC?Or did some of them have more NPCs they made?

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You don't miss much by skipping that volume but if you have the time read it. The lizardmen appear in later volumes but they are irrelevant.

Quickly! After detecting you with her 'Virgin Bane' passive this beauty has you cornered. You have 10 seconds before her 'The goal of all life is sex' + 'Moan of the succubus' combo finishes. How do you plan on protecting your virginity?

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>max illusionist
At what level can I make Albedo believe I'm Ainz and convince her to sleep with me?

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Tabula made a few so it's not like you only got one. Some members where data hogs though.

>Illusionist swordsman
Actually if he builds it right, he can fight like Itachi in Naruto.

When is Albedo rebelling?

I'm a little bit confused at the class system, assuming Climb had already reached max level with his class, does he need to level up in other class in order to be stronger? How do you get a class anyway? Gazef has a champion class, did he get that before or after he became the warrior captain?

>animeonly think best boy would rebel against papa bones

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If Touch Me was around would Ainz be doing/ allowing half of the shit Nazarick is doing?

Why is Ainz such a cuck about letting his NPCs run around and commit so much evil?

Simmering Teapot created 2 lv100 NPC (elf twins)

>I roll charisma
Classic tabletopshit.
I don't know. I'd imagine there are loads of jobs that would compliment that sort of build. Rather than just trying to lvl100 with a single illusionist 15 you'd likely need a few more jobs for that general archetype.

>im-fucking-plying he wouldn't
Not him but Demi has already shown signs of yandere obsession with Supreme Beings. He doesn't give a fuck he just needs one around. There are plenty of scenarios I could think of that would cause him to get disobediant for the 'greater good'. He already got arrested and his minions locked up once because they thought he'd chimp out (which he was about to until physically threatend)

i thought his alignment effected how he acted? IE -500 moral meant he was naturally evil to humans but neutral to other races

>The character building system is actually pretty cool
What games most closely resemble this system?

>tsundere he-man

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>reminder that Evil Eye is fucking cute!

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He's a sad boi who needs validation from his friends kids. All his friends abandonded him and he was happy to stay in the new-world because he had nothing in his life to mourn. The kids are all panicing over Ainz leaving them just like their parents. It's a delicate balance of each side desperately trying for the approval of the other because they fear abandonment. Touch Me seems far too Alpha for that gay shit.

>God of Jews

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Yes, that is why everyone tells him he has reached his peak. They can sense he is max level.

Why are you comparing this to the Shalltear fight? Don't you get that they're just gonna pretend fight or Demiurge is gonna flee after a while of "fighting"?

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Touch Me isn't -500

>entire season of lizard sex and SJW

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That's a toughy. There are plenty with job mechanics but I don't know any that sort of have the jobs unlock stats and skill based both on their rank and on your main level.

NW is different, there are limits now based on genes and talent so climb is hardcapped at his current level.
Whether he can take other job classes and still level up or he literally can only ever have 15-16 levels no matter what classes he trains is unknown.

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>He thinks Touch Me can resist the temptation of eating human flesh in his insect body
user, if anything, Ainz is more neutral due to his undead body, but any other guild member coming in their monstrous body will immediately unleash a rain of terror in the NW.

>The character building system is actually pretty cool
Are you talking about OL, or DnD in general?
itachi is a genius, succulent is coco doll's doll.
He literary hang with fat old men for money.

no i meant the reason ainz acts like he does. I know touch me might have caused a shift in the balance and might have lead them to split the forces in half for nazarick especially given half of them seem to not mind humans while the other half want to rebel because of that slut the butler saved

Which version to download from godess?
Yen press until I'm caught up?

after much deliberation I have decided that pestonya is best maid
her forgetting to end sentences with wan is my favorite silly gag

I haven't seen her mentioned in the last several overlord threads at all though...

>Everyone multiclasses
No, 6 classes of different Arcane Magic Casters is not multiclassing. What Succulent did - is. Fluder also multiclassed as Divine caster, but it's not as shitty as fighter\illusionist.

Maybe something like Etrian Odyssey

Seb is a good lad. Seb and Demi are best kids even if they're heading two different factions. I couldn't give a fuck about the Albedo Shaltear factional disputes

OL not DnD. DnD is entry level if we're being honest.

>itachi is a genius, succulent is coco doll's doll.
That's why I said "if he builds it right".

> protecting your virginity
Fucking why? Gagaran is strong and kind, good body, what else do you need from a woman?

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>implying any guild member would oppose an eroge voice actress

He already did by disregarding chain of command and reporting ethics.

Female behaviours, tendencies and appearances.

FF 4,5,6

Shizu is dumb waifubait that should get off-screened by Climb

Give the poor dude a break. He is just a local primitive, no one gives him the manual of how to make an effective multiclass build.

Idiot heed to murder more shit, that's why he can't level up: he reached his peak of simply training with a sword.

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Nah, he's not getting enough combat XP.

If some NPCs can get over it, any player can.
Touch Me is pure; Sebas is a good son.

She's literally mother hen.

Get the WN

Tree of saviour has like 100 different classes and secret super classes that you can only get by combining two classes.

would you play strip chess against her?

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Best doggo

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Then theoretically could a farmer who also trained to be a warrior and reach both max levels take on an adamantine adventure? Is a level 15 farmer just a farmer who's knowledgeable af?

Its also complete garbage

What's the point in being the only one naked in the room?

>when you're a runt but your princess liege keeps telling you that your growth spurt is coming later
He's a levellet, this is just a fact. No wonder his future is sadistic femdom. Who else could love a levellet?

>dogs and tits
Arguably only cats and tits are better.

Sebas is a dragonkin. Touch Me is a literal insect. He will acts somewhat like Entoma.

>implying she wouldn't lose on purpose just to see climb's reactions

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We all know the real battle is Demi vs Sebas.

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Renner is about to earn second "item" for him.

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Maybe he's a vegan bug.
Well then Demi us fucked.

the game is chess. No matter how perfect she plays, she will lose some clothes.

The game is chess user, pretty sure I'm fucked and she takes off maybe a shoe.

Yeah sadly, if only it wasn't such a bug ridden piece of shit mess it would be an amazing game. I stopped playing it at level 157 because I encountered a fucking game breaking bug for like the third time and I just couldn't anymore.

she's probably the least murderous of all the maids too
maybe that's a point against for some people but it's nice

Demi is more assertive and Ainz is spineless unless pushed. Unless he goes full rogue he's got no chance. Demi also has better allies, few people are pro-humie. Albedo might be anti-demi in the Supreme ones worhsip instead of momonga worship but she'd back him over some fleshburner hippie like Sebas. At least until the big twist is revealed and Touch Me turns up, reclaiming all the good a loyal boys into his service to oppose Ainz's spineless evil autism and tell him he's not living his life correctly.

>vegan bug.

>not being a footfag

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That's as fine piece of art.
You starting a flame or something?

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does he really tho?

>climbfags are footfags
I feel like everything suddenly makes more sense.

>grasshoppers HAVE to eat humanflesh
Touch Me is best dad. You need to trust him

>Who is Shalltear?
Succulent's build is pretty cool, to be honest. I suspect he just lacks some mediating jobs to make it work.

Ha ha, why are we even talking about some human from the "real world" who's never gonna show up anyw- >o-oh no..

Check your job and race in NW

>only enough xp for one job
Sorry I don't want to use your Climb simulator

>inconsiderate Elf Ranger from the Ruined Sea who was kidnapped by cultists

>peaceful Gnome Rogue from a very tiny province who can't swim
Everything is /ss/ when you're a gnome.
>insert extreme tight spaces gnome rogue dnd pasta

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What's the use of ilusionist class if it can't fool the NPCs of the person you're impersonating?


I'm quite ok with this

>vegan bug

>irritable Dragonborn Sorcerer from the sealed city who has serious body image problems
Surprisingly accurate.

Im Momon?

Isnt the floor guardian one too? I didnt see him eating the lizard people


I'm literally a cheap villain
this is fine.

You are transported to the new world in the body of Nabereal. You have 30 levels to distribute as you see fit and have the typical equipment of a level 30 adventurer.

The rest of Nazarick is not present. What are your short and long term goals?

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my biggest gripe with this shit you keep reposting is that you misspelled her name every time