The season is ending, be sure to work on your backlog in this time between the season shift

The season is ending, be sure to work on your backlog in this time between the season shift.
The minimum is atleast 10 series.

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>Plan To Watch: 181
It's an improvement I guess

I didn't watch anything this season. Is there anything from this season I should watch through before next season starts, or would my time be better spent continuing to work on my manga backlog like I have been?

>Darker than Black
>Gundam Z
I'm on a roll this time

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Gonna try and finish Minami-Ke.

First season was terrific, a masterpiece of comedy, second season was pretty bad. Why did they change season 1's perfect character designs?

Hope season 3 and 4 are better.

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Great Tier
-Fate Extra
-Koi wa Ameagari
-Pop Team EPic
-Sora Yori
-Saiki 2

Good Tier
-Yuru Camp
-Ramen Daisuki
-Slow Start

Underrated Tier
-Ito Junji
-Hakumei to Mikochi
-Toji no Miko
-Tonkotsu Ramens
-Killing Bites

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Great choices, do it user!

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it's not a contest you losers

watch and enjoy at your own rate

>The minimum is atleast 10 series
what a nerd, you know people have other interests or stuff to do, right? neetfags, when will they grow up

I'd rather clear my manga backlog
>Promised Neverland
>Kuro Vol 4 - 6
>Fire Punch
>Fumetsu no Anata e
>Lovecraft stuff

I don't have a backlog. I'm mostly running out on shit to watch.

>could easily clear my backlog in a few weeks, since the 25-ish anime I have there are mostly 12 long and I can watch 15+ episodes on a good day
>mfw my GazelleGames got taken off the ratiowatch recently
Backlog, more like backshlock

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I bet you've finished like 5 series.

lol what a loser

>tfw have 10 series on hold and my autism prevents me from starting another series until I finish these shows even though I could care less about them

But I already watched all the good anime.

Name 300 series from the 70-80's that you watched or fuck off newfag.

No need to be defensive. That post means that I have trouble finding more anime that I would enjoy.

>having a backlog

I have a question. Are TVs of Full Metal Panic good adaptations or do I need to read manga/LN before new anime?

Fug this!


This season was absolute garbage.

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thank you for sharing this image, i really like it

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Seasons 1 & 3 of the anime are the rom-com/mecha stuff and Fumoffu is just slice of life shenanigans. No need to have read anything beforehand. Season 3 leaves some plot points open-ended that hopefully Invisible Victory will finish. If you can’t wait for the anime to finish the Sigma manga is a great adaptation that finishes the whole story.

Thank you user.