Gigant c.8

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Chapter 8: Ryuuji

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This is one of those ' there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for this' situations that the opposing party would never believe.

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Ryuuji builds a full head of rage demanding to know who Rei is while chiho stammers unhelpfully.

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>when you know you're fucked, and not the way you were hoping when you came over

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Chiho tries uselessly to protest while ryuuji just keeps repeatedly asking who Rei is.

Is that the 'this dress is gold/blue' dress?

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Do you think Oku has an entire town modeled in SketchUp?

Rei tries going with the truth, knowing that he's doomed to failure.

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'Get the fuck out', ad infinitum

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>manlets, when will they learn.jpg

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>you will never be defended by your enormous, porn star, possibly soon to be girlfriend

Also, nipples moving really fast.

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Ah, the origin of a super heroine/learning her own strength part of the tale

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She tries to stutter an apology while ryuuji just growls temeeee

I'm sure he's the type to reasonably understand he has no chance and should just drop it now

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She still stammers apologies while he declares he'll never forgive this, but it seems directed more at Rei than chiho.

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>ah, the gaping hole between my legs (possibly literal), my 1 weakness!

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>this is the part where ryuuji gets emasculated

He just curses and screams like an autist. Likewise, oku gets tired of bothering to censor chiho privates

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damn, chill ryuji

How did she start dating an utter retard?

Definitely, Gantz by the end was nothing but CGi models of cities getting blown up.

>angry ryuuji noises

Chiho orders him to call the fuck down. Seriously, he's like the poster boy for tantrum manchild

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Needy and dad issues, same reason as many other women going through abusive relationships.

Wants to be needed by someone, anyone, very realistic situation actually.

i want her to protect my smile

Awww, lil Ryuuji tuckered himself out

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Only Oku Hiroiya to make me give a shit about some giantess fetish story.

>if I let go, are you gonna behave now?

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My vore fetish sense is getting weirder

nigger is pulling a knife

How the fuck is that vore? She is swallowing him, it's giantess fetish at best.

*isn't swallowing.

>*isn't swallowing.

She again tries to explain that Rei' s just a fan, that he was helping her with the mystery of the growth device, and that it's her fault for keeping quiet about it.

Looks like he understands.

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>birth of a supervillain.jpg

Seriously, he's definitely getting big and fighting her if this becomes a typical oku story.

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The face of a man cucked

Seriously what the fuck is Katou's problem?

>you will never be manhandled by a giant titty monster jav model

Sucking dicks is not vore.

'The only ones left are the giant woman...and him.'

Mochis like, good riddance, fuck that whiny asshole.

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his hand is gonna smell great after that

He is mad that an even shorter Kurono is the MC again, and scoring better girls than him again.

>lets fuck on his bed now

>all this chapter
5'9" vs 5'11" vs 6'1"

Hello is there porn of this series?


Here's the only panel where the dog was surprised, you can check all of the others where he didn't give a fuck of what's happening around him.

Good old unintentional Oku comedy. Can only be found in a retarded manga written by a retard.

Main girl has a shit body. All tits, no hips or ass or thighs. What is it with nips and big breasts?

>on his bed now
Her bed, she definitely paid for everything on that place.

>you can check all of the others where he didn't give a fuck of what's happening around him.
Oku just wants to draw chill doggos for a reason that has no use other than to look cute, same thing with the dog in Inuyashiki.

why u all like used goods, my good that bitch has sucked more dicks than OP

She must be pretty good at it, huh?

A JAV with emotional problems suddenly flocking to a virgin nerd is a more common fantasy than a pure girl suddenly droping at your door.

but why not

Oku series never get porn, Gantz was the only exception.

>Gantz Osaka arc
>experimenting with giantess porn
>Gantz giant alien invasion arc
>giantess alien rape
>fuck it, let's just make a manga based on my giantess fetish
Based Oku Hiroya.

Is this manga translated?

Also, what's the story about?

Some chapters are translated but the group is very amateur, basically translations from a person at tumblr. Story seems to be a about a rich kid son of a movie producer being an underachiever, he is a fan of an underground JAV actress, turns out that due plot convinience he meets her and they become close, then Oku gets his sci-fi thing with the JAV girl being pushed into becoming a hero giantess for some reason, like a Ultraman.

He had to get his game going again after Inuyashiki being completely devoid of fanservice.

Does it have a lot of violence like gantz? or is it as comfy as Hen?

No heavy violence yet, blood didn't even debut till the chapter prior this one, and this chapter had the first burts of violence shown, just a few punches.

It's her apartment.

It's absolutely intentional. Oku has a Looney tunes mentality, when he wants to draw someone obnoxious or goonish or whatever he always exaggerates it to the 11th degree.

Man, you're crazy, her hips and thighs are unreal even at normal size. It's only her flat ads that's extremely unbalanced.

>her hips and thighs are unreal even at normal size
I'm not a faggot like him, but her hips and tighs aren't nothing to write home about, her breasts clearly are the only part above the numbers.

>he is not surprised by his GF size

Did you miss the previous chapters? The shitty boyfriend actually tried to cash on her powers to make giantess porn, no joke. Really odd how she easily accepted though, I don't think people would be that accepting of a giantess normally.

oh, yeah i guess i missed that. They make a good couple then since they are both retarded.

God I love Oku

His only quality is the way he draws breasts, he said so as much in a Gantz omake, hentai artists were actually trying to get some tips on drawing tits the way he does.

Her proportions are awful

So this is what the Gantz guy is doing post-Gantz. I thoroughly approve.

>So this is what the Gantz guy is doing post-Gantz.
He did an entire series between Gantz and this.


Taking the girl away from a leech boyfriend that literally beats her is never labelled as such.

Not so many people want to date with an AV actresss with a parasitic family and daddy issues.

It must have been the lack of huge tits which threw me off.

What the hell, the kid I undertand since he is a geek, but why would a porn actress get a PS4 to watch blu-rays too? Oku didn't event botter to get a 3D model for the average blu-ray player for her.

Her boyfriend is the one who playing on it all day.

Is Oku still rotoscoping cg renders or did he finally learned to draw? Looks kinda different from gantz and inuyashiki.

>Is Oku still rotoscoping cg renders or did he finally learned to draw?
Oku is not the only one doing this, drawing over 3D models of dolls making poses is a thing with many artists wanting to speed up their work. Oku's own excess is using 3D models for backgrounds.

>it's not NTR because I don't like her boyfriend

It isn't because Japan doesn't label as such, no compiled volume or doujin has ever had a "NTR" about a story of some asshole boyfriend being left behind because a nicer guy took his girl away, for fuck's sake, if that could even be marked as netorare, then certain children's fairy tales would have to be labelled as such.

Fucking children's tales about a prince charming killing a demon lord and marrying his nice, but abused, wife are netorare then.

>5'9 against 6'0

>NTR shit
no thanks

wew lad

>6,0 fags thinking they are tall.

Ryuuji didn't deserve this.

Yeah not this, he deserved much more.

Love this shit.

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>Is okay with random men fucking his girlfriend
>Gets mad when a guy comes over to check out her snatch
This is ludicrous, which is why I find it super interesting. I can say this is the first time, I have ever seen a giant naked lady protecting a young man from her boyfriend. The man in me, appreciates the giant naked lady, the mind in me, appreciates the interpersonal drama of a crazed man dealing with his porno star girlfriend.

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Spinoff where we see that ryuuji started as a completely decent, down to earth, composed, gentleman of a fellow who slowly disintegrated BECAUSE he couldn't deal with men fucking his girlfriend all day long.

So Oku will change his track record of the MC scoring the hot chick? His schtick with his attempt at romance is mostly always the guy scoring a more plain girl or realizing the hot girl was never for him.

- HEN: Girls actually are lesbians.
- Gantz: Kurono got down to earth, letting go of his fantasies, even when Reika actually wanted him.
- Meteru no Kimochi: Never scored, the stepmother who is barely older than him truly got the to stop being a neet.

Now in this series while the MC is focused on the JAV actress, another girl got introduced early on at his school, she clearly seems to be interested on him; so what's gonna happen, JAV girl dies protecting earth from something and the MC is forced to move on.

Since the first thing he did when finding out about Chiho's powers was getting her to giantess porn, I wouldn't even be surprised if it was him that got her into JAV in the first place, to pay for his livelyhood of lazing around.

>So Oku will change his track record of the MC scoring the hot chick?

I think it's more likely that the giantess will fall in love with the MC and get NTR'd, causing her to do things she shouldn't with her powers. The mc is infatuated with her, but she doesn't see that in him, and still wants to be together with her boyfriend. In any other drama story, the mc would have won her over by now, overcoming the hurdle of the "former boyfriend" challenge. Since that didn't happen there's going to be more twists and turns emotionally between the MC and main female love interest.

MC's crush over her will surely change in time, when he sees that she isn't going to stop fucking random men for money just cause he came into the picture. Their feelings will change over time but in the opposite direction, when the MC will gain some confidence and seeks out or is sought out by another. Which will cause the Giantess to misuse her powers out of frustration and heart break. I'd like to see a giantess yandere to be honest senpai.

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>In any other drama story, the mc would have won her over by now, overcoming the hurdle of the "former boyfriend" challenge. Since that didn't happen
The series is literally 8 chapters long by now, we don't know shit about what Chiho thinks Kurono 2.0 yet, what we know is that she got cozy with him pretty fast for a person you met days ago.

>The series is literally 8 chapters long by now, we don't know shit about what Chiho thinks Kurono 2.0 yet,

Then we use parallels found in other anime and manga; discussing a piece also entail speculation. There's no evil threatening MC's life or the world, which means it's a character driven story. No one has died or been killed, so that means it isn't an action based story. However, we do have a prostitute, her boyfriend, a high school boy that loves her and giant powers. So this is a drama centered around the characters and their relationships. Of these 8chapters, I can tell the porn star isn't in love with the mc or views him with affection. Pretty easy to see what story lines have potential for more salacious content. Ergo, drama, NTR'ing, heart break and abuse. Don't be such a pessimist brah, no one likes a debbie downer.

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You sure like to give a detailed analisys of something that barely begun yet.

>There's no evil threatening MC's life or the world, which means it's a character driven story.

Case in point, the story just begun introducing a kind thread in the previous 2 chapters, something is going to happen.

since when Sup Forums is NTR central