Can someone explain this to me? I get the feeling I'm missing something that's mentioned in the Light Novels, but what's her logic in this story? There's a conspiracy to stop her from marrying the soyboy, they assassinate the heads of the 2 families to achieve this, so how exactly does her reaction make sense? The conspirators kill your father to stop you from being married, so you do exactly what they want you to do in response?

Am I missing something or is this simply horribly written?

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she end up marrying the soyboy and he doesn't even care she got blacked

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but why did she call off the wedding and wage war on him? what were her motives? i don't understand it at all

hot character design gone to waste

Some meta bullshit about unifying the continent tru war to honour her forefathers

>give virginity to sandnigger
>he become useless and get killed
yeah talk about a smartgirl heh

Anime shouldn't make me so angry but goddamn.

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horribly written

There's other girls at least

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She's not a virgin, user. Now she's just a whore.

She believes that in order for her to be able to be with soyboy, she will have to conquer everything else first to make sure she's so powerful she can't be challenged. The problem is that this is a) retarded because people will never trust her, and b) she is fucking useless at conquest and politics, being generally incompetent, and c) also has incompetent advisors. All these lead to her ultimate failure, shitty decisions, and is part of why by the end of the series almost everybody in the setting thinks she's a horribly incompetent failure and hates her because of all her fuckups (and if she tried to become Empress, there would be active riots and rebellions that would tear apart the entire continent into anarchy).

Now that Villar and Margaret are gone, will we see Theo Chadnaro taking centre stage again next episode and onwards?

She is a stupid bitch. That's all.

Milza is Arab. Keep your retarded Sup Forums memes out of Sup Forums please.

>Milza is Arab.
That's even worse though.

So he is a muslim nigger. Amazing!

Yes. Personally I can't wait until he murders the shitskin. That episode should be coming up pretty soon.

I never expected to like Villar and his fire waifu so much. Their last fight was cool as fuck, them dying made a lot sadder than I thought I'd be. Suprisingly, Harem Queen's harem dying also made me sad.

On the hand, Viking-chan has a great design, is badass, and has a great voice. Let me guess, she dies, right? We can't have good things after all.

>when you want to read a thread about an anime but you know the whole thread is just going to be manga/light novel discussion that you don’t want to know about
Truly Sup Forums is suffering

If he was a Christian nigger, would it make a different?

Get to reading user.

Is this show written by a clinically diagnosed retard?

So she doesn’t accept peace with the guy she’s in love but has no problem in giving her virginity to some literal muzzie.

The black armor guys have crossbows whose shots can unironically turn into rubble a massive wall but this muzzie is blocking those blasts with some gay ass dagger.

I swear I can feel my IQ dropping double digits watching this.

>this muzzie is blocking those blasts with some gay ass dagger
Crests can be some serious shit, user. You don't have magic like a mage does, but the stronger your crest the more physical boosts you can have. Strength, speed, durability, protection (Theo uses his crest as a shield sometimes), and so on.

Average crest users are sort of like Captain America. Assuming they aren't complete incompetents, because a crest can only take you so far.