Darling in the Franxx

Redemption arc soon

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1st for Hir02


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/fit/oshi when?

user's Guide to DiTF Shitposters
02Hiro posters
And another type of partnering listed here that isn't the following.
Any /u/ posters
Anons complaining about Goro or Hiro being a beta male or a cuck
Anons claiming that ichigo friend zoned Goro.
Remember user do not reply to any of the shitposters listed here otherwise the entire thread will turn to shit.

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You already said that!

>this is what fat people think they look like

A shame about their terrible forced drama that probably won't be resolved for another 5 episodes.

I'm literally Milkman - Intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor.

So is this show like Japanese Ender's game? I'm half-way into Episode 2

>Zorome, Hiro and Goro falling in a slow motion
>Futoshi moving at normal speed

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Milkman is my hero.

Nana fanservice when?

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How is it forced you dumbfuck? Only actual autists didn't see it coming.

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the triangle angst or the mirror angst?

No, everyone's heterosexual. Except for Ikuno.

>Crying about "muh fangs" for 6 episodes even though she knows Hiro doesn't give a fuck and could just fucking lick him to tell how he's feeling

giv milkies

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The whole point is that she's just a fragile girl beneath that tough shell she parades around, exactly as Hiro said.

>Futoshi tosses Zorome by his fucking shirt.
>Goro was blocking his path in front.
>Hiro was grabbing his arm.
>Futoshi tosses all three of them like a fucking bull to beat down Mitsuru.
Its not even a fair fucking fight.

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fucking wew no wonder my man CHADsuru wants to tap that


Poor Zorome. I want to hug and protect him.

Be a man
we must be swift as a coursing river
Be a man
with all the force of a great typhoon
Be a man
with all the strength as a raging fire
mysterious as the dark side of the moon

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He looks like a disgusting pig.

>muh fangs is the only problem of a half-dino girl who has to deal with a new type of relationship, who knows APE secrets and who has seen countless squads like P13 she is getting used to die like bitches
I take it you are an actual diagnosed autist?

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Lol he is strong af

Jesus I would've thought that Goro would be able to hold him back at least a little since he's the tallest but damn

This. Looks like a more disgusting version of Shrek desu.

Goro wouldn't use his full strength on his friend.

I want to tickle Kokoro’s feet!

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This is unacceptable.

>Literally just spoke to Hiro about not hiding anything from each other
>Proceeds to avoid him for the next 6 episodes after that conversation
It's just filler drama to pad out these 24 episodes.

Fuck off.

Futoshi is a big fucking guy. Tall doesn't mean shit when he can use all that weight as muscle.

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It's been 2 episodes since then you sperg.

It's not ending any time soon.


I'm pretty sure everyone was caught off guard. This is probably their first time ever seeing Futoshi angry and him actually using force on them or they would've tried harder to restrain him.

Sure about user? You gonna get infected

The guy is a sumo wrestler in the making
A lanklet can't stand up to him

>Darling doesn't get in the FranXX™ until the end of the first cour
Thanks for your always accurate predictions, faggot.

Make me.

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>so fat that he has his own gravitational pull that slows time around him

Hulk :o
A future shredded guy

Kek, I was hoping someone would make this edit

I can't wait.

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>Like the design
>Oh fuck a model kit that looks clean
>Not made by Bandai
You better not fuck this up Good Smile Company.

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Reminder that Zorome (666) will go nuclear at some point and rebel against Papa (God)

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>Mitsuru finally gets fucking shitcanned
>NTR leads to death yet again
>Futoshi rage
bravo Abe-sama, best episode to date I expect

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You fatties WILL learn.

Can someone speed up this webm to show how fast is Fatoshi when his surroundings move at normal speed instead of slow motion?

02 vs Futoshi
Who wins


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Welcome to the Franxx, Darling

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After this, Mimi will be able to ride with 002. Hiro got cucked

The scene where Mitsuru leaves the room and Hiro wanting to talk to him is probably after this scene. Mitsuru probably dodged his punch because he looked unscathed when he left the room.

>not Mitsuru-kun's milk provider
You had 1 job

Is it saturday yet?

Hotglue when



I don't remember this did I skip something
last episode was the old lady right

Get out of my Kokoro

Yeah no thanks.

i hadn’t thought about this but you are probably right
how deep does the rabbit hole go?

>based milkman requests that papa gives him a gender swap drug
>based milkman puts drug in fatman's food
>fatman becomes thicc girl
>fatman becomes based milkman's new cumdumpster
this will happen

>he doesn’t know

>I don't remember this did I skip something
>he doesn't watch the PVs and shitpost on thursdays

No, it's preview of the next episode.

>yfw Mitsuru dodges and trips Fatoshi

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Maybe. Or that scene where Hiro and Misturu talk is before Kokoro goes Stampede Mode and gets bloody eyes and this scene of Futoshi attacking is after the Klaxo battle.

Agree. Shigeto just posted it so I thought it was appropriate.

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>Fatoshi tackles Mitsuru and pins him.

I'm the original requester. If the drawfag is still around, I wanna say I love you.

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>02 being a moody bitch
Wow what an amazing and original character, brava!

Thread would explode if Mitsuru beats him up

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Catch these hands like you catch the bus.

What about the people who keep posting the baseline readings?

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>Kokoro comes in

I like those

The guy is amazing. God bless him

Genista will go stampede mode because Milkman is impotent

>Kokoro goes blind from stampede mode
>Mitsuru doesn't give a shit and goes back to Ikuno.
>Futoshi goes to see Kokoro.
>Kokoro just wants to see Mitsuru.
>Futoshi gets depressed and is supposed to get a new partner.

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>hitting levels of shitposting so fat it’ll make you obese

>h-hes a good guy don't hurt him!
Sounds just like my ntr manga

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She isn't bleeding from her eyes, there are frames with her face before that.

>Fatman gets so mad that he decides to rape Milkman
>he ends up enjoying it
>milkman realizes that the reason he never liked women was because he's gay
>spends the rest of the series attached to Fatman's penis, hoping to drink his milk

I mean can you blame her?

What would cause more activity, Fatty redemption or him being dunked on by the Milkman?

This scene is purely Zorome's fault. you should never offer a handshake to someone who's ranked above you in the military

Seriously, what are the chances Milkman will deliever and not stand there and eat a punch like most do?

Futoshi redemption seems more unlikely, so that