I don't get it

I don't get it.

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this is anime for intellectuals

Need a sup 121 IQ

Johan wanted to an hero in the most melodramatic way because he's a piece of shit.

Overrated shit

>do your job as a brain surgeon
>patient becomes a murderer
>uhh ok...
If monster was real life.

To be fair, you do need a very high IQ to understand Monster.

German orphanages are terrible.

saving lives is good but saving lives of serial killers is bad cuz you saved him so people died so you bad by transitive quality that's hwy i like this anime it tickles my mind's philosophical quadrants

And in the end saving lives is still good because you win a philosophical dick measuring contest with a serial killer super Hitler who then proceeds to vanish off the face of the Earth instead of facing justice for his crimes out of embarrassment.

should’ve read the manga, fag

>MC brain surgeon tries to do the right thing
>accidentally brings back the ultimate nihilistic sociopath murderer to life
>said murderer spends the rest of the show outwitting lesser killers, to toy with MC who is wrestling with this moral dilemma
>MC, through his adventures, and with the help of other characters who shared their own experience of suffering, he manages to avoid becoming a murderer, like the nihilistic killer was baiting him
it's more about the journey and character development, than the overall plot and conclusion

we are the real monsters user

What's the importance of the books though? Why are they so obsessed over names? Why was he wearing his sister's wig?

People can become whatever they want to be

was being ironic when oversimplifying the plot like that
There are psychological and philosophical elements, regarding identity and social conditioning
I can't recall all the details, but I distinctly remember the fact that the twins were orphans who were put through psychological experimentation, they had no name or identity.
Johan became obsessed with manipulating others, and ocassionally stealing identities; like in the picture book where the monster was eating the villagers, in search of a name.
Sometimes, he would pretend to be his sister for practical purposes. Other times, it was probably his first attempts at manipulating his identity and others

There's no single plot element to which you can distil it all down to. So overall, it can seem drawn out and convoluted, but on the other hand it does explore a lot of interesting themes and makes for a good psychological thriller.

And Johan was a brilliant villain

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>I can't recall all the details, but I distinctly remember the fact that the twins were orphans who were put through psychological experimentation, they had no name or identity.

IIRC Johan was never taken to the mansion to be read stories, he only went through that shitty German orphanage that was trying to make the next Hitler.

ITT: Overrated shit.

another element is that Tenma was more of an existentialist, who valued human life.
Johan was a destructive nihilist, so part of his goal was to toy with the Tenma and try to get him to betray his values
Part of his nihilistic nature came back to the fact that he tried to nullify and destroy his identity and past. So the wig-wearing thing was maybe a byproduct of that

The mother made Johan wear girls clothes because she didn't want people to think she had twins or else Bonaparta would take them away

Is this show worth watching? I saw the first ~20 episodes when I was like 15 but dropped it. Now I look back and see it's like 60 and I'm not sure it's worth.

I really enjoyed it all the way through. The creepy atmosphere got me hooked.

The anime is really just the exact adaptation of the manga. If you read manga faster, then just read the manga.

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