Watches anime at 5x speed

>watches anime at 5x speed
>complains about "plot holes"
End yourselves.

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>complain about plot holes in an anime filled with plotholes
>fanboys accuse you of watching at 5x speed because they don't want to admit you're right

I watch anime at 10x speed and never miss anything.
How does it feel to be a fucking idiot?

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I hope you are baiting.

Remember to jump from at least two meters so that the rope snaps you're neck and it all ends quickly.

I hope you're baiting

>not having a personal watch slave that can finish every series for you
I pity you poorfags

I hope you're baiting

>he doesn't get anime beamed into his brain at 1000x speed
lmao'ing at ur life

How in the fuck?

>he doesn’t directly connect himself to his computer and torrent the anime into his head

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shut the fuck up lain nobody likes you

I don't like her
I love her

It's 120x or bust

i can't believe i share a board with people that can't even process an entire episode in one single frame of it

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Who are you quoting?

She's really cute

commie you're not welcome here no one likes your'e subs

I really hope you're baiting

>Reads manga by looking at the pretty pictures and skimming the text
>Complains about nothing being explained

>who are you quoting

Also this.