3X3 thread

3X3 thread

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Swallow nigger cum for liking Fate.

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What are the good boy rules? You need to respond to any 9x9 with x out of y (while posting yours), or the last one, or more than one?..


umad? :)

If you make a 3x3 you need to commit suicide as soon as you can

I still don't have enough even with the manga, yeah. But I watch these threads for years and they look like harmless fun.

No, are you?, faggot

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Holy Christ imagine having shit taste but then taking it a step further and having shit taste in best girl, within said shitshows.
What he said

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Pure trash.
-HxH, NHK, Osomatsu, Housek no Kuni
I like Sora no Woto and Natsume, but I couldn't care about the rest either way. I don't get the hype for that Antarctica show at all. I dropped it episode 3.

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Wew lad, cool and smart 3x3. Truly a unique taste.

Stay mad.


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Wow damn I really hate all of the anime that those girls are in except for Eva
Just stop having Mirai Nikki in your 3x3 for fucks sake
Which Lupin is that?
Why are you limiting yourself to watching only stuff that isn't even good? There are a lot of cool anime my man

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>hating NNB
neck yourself subhuman

>Which Lupin is that?

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That guy clearly just hates slice of life anime, since he didn't even like K-on.

Ooh, I remember that. That particular episode was not very good though. My favorite episode is the one about that celebrity girl with a very rare emerald


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>That particular episode was not very good though.
I liked it.

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I really, really liked Yuru Camp

7 / 7



>putting currently airing anime on your 3x3

3/3 anime
2/2 manga

-Death parade

-Millennium Actress

-Psycho Pass

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>I really, really liked Yuru Camp
It was good, but nothing special.

It's special to me, user.

out of 10
Meme list, but Street Fighter movie was pretty decent.
What do I make of Angel's Egg?

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>What do I make of Angel's Egg?
It's just storyboard porn. The symbolism is bullshit.

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Did you just stop properly watching anime in 2009 and now only watch 1 or 2 shows a year?

You seem like a pretty chill, reflective person. Good taste.
You like all of that good anime, and yet Code Geass is in your list. A weird combo.
Why are you on Sup Forums? High quality anime films are dead. Anime has nothing to offer you now.

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>You like all of that good anime, and yet Code Geass is in your list. A weird combo.
It's unnatural because he's trying to fit in, as Sup Forums loves CG so on it goes!

I know I'm a pleb please no bully, I can't rate accurately because I can barely recognize the series people have.

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>You like all of that good anime
>Steins Gate
>Psycho Pass
>Hunter x Hunter
Code Geass fits right in.

Even if those are the only nine anime you've ever seen, you still have better taste than almost every poster in this thread. Congrats.

This, it's pretty sad when a non-bait but still entry-level 3x3 manages to be one of the objectively best on the dedicated anime board of a website filled with otaku.

pssh watch this

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People so rarely post actually, legitimately bad shows. Like almost everything in these threads is 5/10 or over. If I rate based on just whether I like something or not, I'd rarely give someone anything other than a perfect score. I think the only people who can consistently give low scores in these threads are overreacting contrarians who don't know what they're talking about when it comes to baseline quality. So when I rate, I resort to only giving a point if I can see a show being amoung my own favourites, like an 8/10 or over. Which then leads to my scores being harsher than they should be. Overall, dumb fucking system.

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Is that fucking DBS? Pass.

>KlK and DBS
It's shit.

You aren't fooling anyone, idiot. Shame you can't appreciate animated genius when you see it, but that's to be expected from the plebeians who post in these threads.


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>You aren't fooling anyone
Calm down buddy, I just replied to the wrong post at first.
>Shame you can't appreciate animated genius when you see it
KlK and DBS barely even qualify as "animated."

>I think people are overreacting contrarians because of all these harsh low scores
>that said, I end up always giving harsh low scores
what makes you think others don't score like you?

Narcissistic pessimism.

>putting animated in quotations
Looks like I was right; you have no idea what you're talking about. Spend a couple of years deep diving into animation cabals and do some onsite existential animated learning before you reply to me again.

If they are, then the whole system really is fucked because literally no one is using it right. I specifically use it wrong just so I can still give ratings and fit in. Besides which, not everyone can be using it like me anyway, because plenty of people accompany their scores with messages of "X is so shit", "how the fuck can you like Y" and like, so at least those guys genuinely dislike every show they mark down.

I don't really keep up with newer anime very well and there's still many classics I've yet to see. No particular order other than Sailor Moon being #1.

and of course I forgot pic

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anime - 9/10
manga - 4/4
What's the one right of LotGH?

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>Spend a couple of years deep diving into animation cabals and do some onsite existential animated learning before you reply to me again

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What's middle and bottom-right?

Sounds like you just have lower standards than most people.

i mean yeah and the end of the day we're all here to measure epeens
sometimes I do that
>x sucks
just to get people to pay attention.

>so I can [...] fit in
That's retarded.
>plenty of people accompany their scores with messages of "X is so shit", "how the fuck can you like Y"
What exactly is your issue? You just don't think people can dislike things you like?

Having irrationally high standards is just as bad as having plebian low ones. Having the discretion to weigh the merits and faults of something and come to the conlcusion that it is neither amazing nor awful, is infinitely better.
Then literally everyone is using it wrong.
My issue is that a system which requires people to neatly sort every show into just "good" or "bad" is really reductive and just retarded.

I take off points for genuinely good shows specifically to show that I just didn't enjoy them for reasons. No point in giving everyone full points just because there are all decent shows.
There has to be shows that are pretty well liked around these threads that you don't like, right?

It's not like we are actually objectively rating tastes, just rating how similar our tastes are.

I literally just base it on what I enjoyed.
I didn't enjoy Your Name. So, at the end of the day, I don't really care about how good the animation or production values were. I take off for it.
If I don't like an anime, it has no value to me. Things I have no value for are trash. Simple as that. No need for some autistic system that will always be just as subjective anyways despite any attempts at objectivity.

Not the most super original but all of these series had some kind of impact on me at one time or another.

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So you dont like Fate but you like CP?

I don't like the VN adaptation but the VN was alright. I liked Fate and UBW somewhat but HF is my jam.
I also am a big fan of Tsukihime.

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>Things I have no value for are trash

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are you illiterate?

Are you ESL?


beyond trash










beyond trash










I'll give you a hint, illiterate-kun
the keyword is "I"

Both me, btw.

As opposed to what? Are you claiming you are able to objectively evaluate an anime's worth somehow?

one more hint, illiterate-kun
"one man's trash--"

Is still one man's trash.

You're clearly confused about something. I am perfectly aware some people love horrible anime like Steins Gate and HxH and think they're the best thing ever. They may consider them a treasure, but I consider them trash. Either opinion is equally subjective. I really don't understand what your issue is.

Oh, I get it user.
You didn't understand what you typed and said something you don't believe.
Alright, I'll let you off the hook this time, but only because I already knew you were illiterate.

Get a fucking room

Why? So you can discuss how dead this thread is?


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Just kill yourself.

Jesus christ, how garbage can taste get? This has to be bait.

>Dragon Ball
Didn't even bother looking at the rest.

Ayy puto, the bezt list in this ITT thread so far.

Most of this is pretty good, user. However, you've peppered in some HIGHLY questionable choices.

>in this ITT thread
LWA isn't an OVA. It's a short film, a movie, and a TV show.

>LWA isn't an OVA
Well, it's original, I own it on video, and it's animation.

didn't anyone ever tell you that being too literal is retarded

Included both my manga and anime in a 3x3, rate my shit taste

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>jojo twice
do you have a learning disability

What's the 10th series you're going to read/watch?

I bet you have at least 10 different lists at this point.

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DiU is my favorite part and SBR is my second favorite.

that would be Flying Witch, mandrake from episode 1

what's the anime in the bottom middle?

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The absolute state of Sup Forums

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-KLK, -Code Geass
5/5 anime
0/0 manga
I only follow new releases occasionally as well. It's better to watch what you find interesting rather than doing it just to fit in. If you're watching trash just to say that you watch x number of anime, then I'd suspect that you probably don't get much enjoyment out of it.
4/4 TV
4/4 movie
0/0 manga
2/3 OVA
Dragon Ball is an extremely influential series that for all it's faults has a few good arcs. I can see why people like it, and I don't even like shounen.

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>tries to be pretentious
>still includes Nisio shit
Well, at least you made the attempt.