I love you, user

>I love you, user

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I love Emilia

ore wa emilia ga suki da


I love sushi.

What is love?

>see popularity poll on re:zero twitter page made by an Emiliafag
>tfw Rem is still the most popular re:zero heroine even after being inactive for 8 books and endless Emilia shilling

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Well, if this is going to be the Re:Zero thread.
>Daddy's home, boy.

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I love Ram.

>blatant waifubait "uguu I love you and would do anything for you" character in a literal maid outfit is liked by more beta virgins than the boring and uneventful heroine

you've only described Emilia

Now, Fortuna isn't looking too good these days.

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>tfw Rem is popular because she's a balanced and believable character

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She doesn't, she's only a fictional character.

you too

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Rem is love, Emilia is shit.

BTFO author shilling emilia and still cant push her popularity

I thought they were currently shilling Shaula?

What is love?

Sorry but you're too much of a pushover. Come back when you have your own agency.

Pete is as popular as Emilia. What a joke.

No one is shilling Shaula.

>Pete is as popular as Emilia
Based on what?

In the WN. And it's less shilling, and more a misunderstanding. Shaula is perfectly accepting of her master, no matter how weird he may be and will love him no matter how much he changes. However, this is apparently a case of mistaken identity. One that amnesiac Subaru is unaware of, as he assumes Shaula is the longtime friend of his that she proclaims herself to be.

don't be fooled by her cute face

based on the popularity poll made by an Emiliafag, they have the same percentage

>based on the popularity poll made by an Emiliafag, they have the same percentage
Show me the poll.

go search it on re:zero twitter page, comment section of the OVA announcement

I had a girl confess to me in high school. She was my Rem, now I'm 22 and still alone. Why didn't I protect my Rem Sup Forums?

I saw a Twitter poll where Felix was put against Pete, and Felix won with around 520 votes vs 160. So is Felix more popular than Pete and Emilia? Felix was then put against Emilia and lost with around 500 votes vs 700 for Emilia.

Ah well I guess shilling is the wrong word to describe it, but you get what I meant.

Because you're a dense fuck like Subaru


it has almost 4k votes, from japanese fans who read the books. Note the difference.

It's gonna be funny when Subaru gets his memories back and goes, 'wait a minute, I'm not Flugel'

no way fag

The other poll has less votes yes, but they are also from Japanese fans who have read the books.

the other poll is from 2016, back when the anime was still airing, they didn't read the books

It's from December when the anime had already ended. There is no way for you to know that they have not read the books.

It's a Vs. poll, which are all cancer since it inevitably involves voting against other characters. Did you vote for Felix because you actually liked Felix, or because Emilia's a shit? Did you vote for Emilia because you like Emilia, or because Felix is a faggot?

As for Pete receiving the same votes as Emilia, there's always the chance it was the same crowd from which the primary audience of Regulus fags were drawn.

Rem is a trash-tier girl who tried to kill bestboy with her filthy ogre fluids

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Remtard said that Pete is as popular as Emilia because they have the same amount of votes in a poll.

Felix beat Pete in a poll and lost to Emilia in a poll. Seems like Emilia is actually the most popular.

t. retard

t. Remtard

>Hoverhanding you're waifu

No you don't.

And he's right. Emilia and Pete usually get a very similar number of votes in polls I've seen.

I find you disgusting.


it wasn't the first time that good ol pete got the same amount of votes

>Remtards still haven't posted that imaginary poll
I mean, it's obvious that Pete is not as popular as Emilia.

>Emiliafags lack the imagination to follow simple directions.

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>That Ram

Too bad love isn't a real emotion. I feel sorry for people like you.

>no Beatrice
>no "other" option
>made by an Emiliafag
so it doesn't matter where the Emiliafag comes from, they're retarded anywhere

A lot of the poll complaints are actually that there's no Betty.

I'm lighting candles for Discount and Catfag.

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I love you too, my angel.

What's that, some kind of anime series? I don't really remember it.

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>How dare you tell me you like me with the mouth that insulted the person I love.

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I love you too.