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Is it wrong to like Mitou Shoukan more than Index? Don't get me wrong guys I love Index but for some reason I like this and My Vampire Older Sister and Zombie Little Sister more.

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MS is better because it dispenses with all this realism crap. You're here to see a yandere goddess courting James Bond, and the exposition knows that and politely bows out of the way so we can get to the UST and Disneyland shootouts.

Personally I think Heavy Object is his best work.

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What is with all the woodland creature motifs? Kyousuke is a rabbit, Shigara is some kind of squirrel, Azalea is an eagle, and the WQ is a hedgehog.
Biondetta's cat motif seems a little out of place.

>Is it wrong to like Mitou Shoukan more than Index?
Yes. It wouldn't be wrong to prefer Zashiki Warashi, however.

I still didn't read Zashiki Warashi, I'll do that as soon as I can.

Is White Queen the ultimate waifu?

It's Alice in Wonderland motif and Biondetta is the fucking Cheshire pussy

Fuck queen.
Biondetta will win.

Murder spree incoming

Is Heavy Object that good? It's the only Kamachi series that I haven't read yet.

>Is it wrong to like Mitou Shoukan more than Index?
No. Blood Sign is Kamachi's magnum opus.

I still wonder why there's no announcement for a Mitou Shoukan anime adaptation yet, there's more than enough content for it.

after index 3

Let's hope for that to happen.

It's you'd see written while drunk after a month long marathon of buddy cop films.

It's fucking perfect.

This and Boo Boo are insane

It's more focused, as all his non-Index series tend to be so if you like one part of Index more than others you'll end up preferring one of his other works. Zashiki Warashi is still the best though.

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Especially thanks to Mai.

Man that Raildex thread is so shit, can I stay with you guys?

That depends, who is best girl?

Will you bow down to the White queen?

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Uh, Oho... Bion..nah uh..Accel?

Punch WQ in the face

You chose poorly.

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Hey, don't be so rude. I read stuff for the story - not for whores.

I only bow down to my purple queen

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Bitches get stiches

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What the FUCK is her problem

Abusive and neglectful husband, please no bully.

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Seriously, Mitou Shoukan and Zashiki Warashi have the girls with the best designs of any Kamachi series.

I ask that everytime but I still fucking love her character, well, not just her but basically every character from this series.

Imagine having your boyfriend constantly cheat on you and you have to go around messing up his plans.
But you can't kill the sluts around him or your boyfriend will never talk to you again.

I still don't know if I should hate or love her.
Especially if what kyousuke said is true and she doesn't actually love him
Then again, I'm only on vol 2

She doesn't ask for help. She keeps trying to break him instead of trying to get him to love her again.

Agree, let's just say that she chose the wrong method, though, I prefer it that way.

This. Kyousuke was fully ready to take her side before she killed his 'brother'.
All he wants is for her to admit that she was wrong to take her revenge that far. He doesn't demand that the Alices be morally perfect.
>“Yes. I don’t know what happened to you.”
>He spoke of a hypothetical.
>“But if the order of things had been a little different, you might have been the one I was working to save.”

She doesn't, why else would he want to avoid and kill her so bad?

It's explained in the fifth book.
Also, their definitions of love are drastically different.
>why else would he want to avoid and kill her
It's important to note that the Queen went evil -after- the Garden thing. When she's not throwing a tantrum, she understands how to be good and is at least willing to play along with morality.
Kyousuke believes- quite understandably- that she'll never return to being the pacifist she was pre-March Hare, so the best thing he can do is to kill her before she destroys more of the world. He sees her rage as that of a monster's, who got bored of pretending she was anything else.
The Queen's perspective on it is very different.

I'm half expecting the "she in fact actually loved him all along!!" bullshit twist.

have you read volume 8?

I really do enjoy the relationships in this series. I think I enjoy Kyosuke's and Biondetta's the most though. It's fun how Kyosuke has to reel Biondetta in, but at the same time they do have that sibling like aspect.

I'd choose zashiki warashi over blood sign. Too bad zashiki ending was rushed

I'm only at vol 2 right now, I think I once got up to vol4 before first dropping the novel.

>Bullshit twist
She's literally always been in love with him, Kyousuke is just full of shit. You'll start to realize how full of shit he is as things continue.

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hes a robot please have patience with him

>Biondetta then
>fuck you kyosuke just kys fucking hate you swear on me mum

>Biondetta now
>generic yandere oneesan

What happened

I read up to fith, so unless I miss something important by no having read the latest volumes, I still don't see how what I say is wrong. She "loved" him in the Garden but would have eventually got bored as Kyousuke explain and I don't see why he would be lying.
Kyousuke himself lost any love he could have had for her after witnessing her rampage in the garden, a fit of rage that stemmed from stupid jealousy so even would not work since he doesn't love her at all anymore and this will never change.

You've got some questionable taste if you prefer initial Biondetta over the current one.

She started working for him is what happened.

That's honestly a bit disappointing if true. I also don't see how her actions makes sense anymore if it is.

Even in the garden her hate clashed with her desire to be an onee-san, that's why she asked Kyousuke to kill her if it ever looked like she would try to harm him.
You might want to reread it then, because vol 5 is what cleared any doubts about her love. She only ever wanted to be with him, and her rampage was because of that. When Kyousuke said he was going to destroy her "mistaken love" it drove her crazy since she did not care about being right, only about being with him, but Kyousuke could not turn away from what was right for love.

Any chances for this absolute beauty?

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Her rampage was unnecessary, if not for that all would have been well. And anyway even if she does love him, Kyousuke absolutely hate her so all is fucked.

>Kyousuke absolutely hate her
He's motivated by love, not hate. Keep reading.

What? Is it in volume 6 and 7 or should I reread because I missed something?

7, from a very trustworthy source.

Not that user, but it's made pretty clear during the flashback volume that they are both motivated by a (twisted) sense of love.

Well the White Queen isn't meant to be logical to begin with. But she explains it kind of well as "Mary Ann" when she went on a rampage in the garden.

Well okay then, I'll get around to reading them eventually.
I might have question though, for something I didn't understand : why the hell did the WQ let herself be summoned by all the kids if ultimately her only interest laid in Kyousuke?

She was pure innocence at the time so the trick worked since she only wanted to be with Kyousuke and didn't check farther than that.

She's a Material you see, and Materials can't enter the world without entering a vessel or being summoned. As long as it involves Kyousuke, she can either just let herself be summoned or just enter the human world to possess the vessel either by Blood Sign or other summoning method. She's just playing along with the whole ceremony on a whim, just so she can get in touch with him

I see, thanks anons. Good thread.

The point of initial Biondetta was that Kyosuke can't save everyone, there's more than one way to 'save' someone, and the White Queen fucks with everyone around her. I'm not sure what the point of current Biondetta is other than to be yandere.


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just fun service to the yanderefags.

I lost count, how many fucking things is Kamachi writing nowadays?

>and the White Queen fucks with everyone around her.
Not just that, but the fact that the White Queen's fucked with all of the siblings in that garden including Kyosuke.

Pointing out that he was just as twisted by the White Queen as Biondetta was, but just in a different way.

I think she does have some purpose other than being fanservice at the moment. There was that one moment when she pointedly pointed out how Kyosuke treats her casually, but does it even more so when he interacts with the Queen. Serves to be the one that can point out the inconsistencies in his behavior that others wouldn't notice.

Heavy Object
Boo Boo
Blood Sign
Zombie vs Vampire
He's slowed down since S3 got announced though.

Index, Blood sign, Heavy object, Million Arhtur, the zombie/vampire thing,Bobo, and about 6 mangas.

LNs: Index, Heavy Object, Blood Sign, BooBoo
Manga: Railgun, Astral Buddy, Accel, Idol Accel (?)
Games: Million Arthur
Web stuff: Vampire/Zombie
We also learned back in September that he completed the first volumes for 7 brand new series which Miki can release at any time.

Fuck me, I knew he got around, but not to this extent.

I'm pretty sure he isn't actually a person at this point, and just a set of hands eternally typing away on a typewriter.

She's a vengeance fetishist, once Kyousuke's quest for revenge ends as well as their contract, she'll fuck everyone's shit up again making Kyousuke work his ass again to stop her

At the speed he writes, if he just focuses on Index we could probably have a volume per month

I give it 2 years until he dies.

He was writing even when he contracted norovirus.

>eternal typing machine
Fuse this guy's craziness and creativity with Murata's endurance and nice manga art, and we now finally have the ultimate mangaka/LN writer

You kidding? He's been at this shit since 2006

...really? Nothing?

Biondetta has replaced her as the sexiest, so no

Not with that outfit, oh no dude.

>sticking dick in crazy

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Still waiting on those giant chunks of gold she promised in her deluded fugue.

>>sticking dick in crazy
nothing sexual is gonna happen in this story ever

fucking aliens and their fucking alien mindset

I guess not even Kamachi is genius enough to write 130 pages of sex in a kid novel.

Yes, but the thing is that the WQ's pride is almost as strong as her love. What the Garden thing was was her trying to retain both and failing miserably.

>I guess not even Kamachi is genius enough to write 130 pages of sex in a kid novel.

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>Kyousuke: got an intense guilt complex over being unwillingly saved at the cost of thousands of lives
>also Kyousuke: fuck your decisions, Little Girl, I'm going to save you even if you tell me not to

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>the endless amount of UST between Kyosuke and WQ
>nothing sexual is gonna happen in this story ever

God, the series is never going to end if that's the case.

Cue White Queen going on an entirely different rampage because she thinks she just got NTR'd.

>Masou Gakuen
How much sex?
I bet it wasn't even 100 pages total

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If he fucks the white queen, then she's going to get bored and end everything. Fucking Shite-Queen apologists

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My sides
I wish Hexennach was longer

Remember the rape cocoon in the crossover story?

>Somehow Biondetta manages to pin down Kyousuke and hatefuck/rape him
>WQ watching from Material Dimension
>Becomes enraged so much that it's force is equivalent of million supergiant suns
>rips time and space itself, destroying countless planets
>world gets eradicated
>Bad End
Sex = Death

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Can't disagree with those quads

You mean that one where Beatrice kills everyone for Boo Boo?
Was it rape

>Sex = Death

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