why do people think he did nothing wrong?

he sacrificed his friends and whole army
to attain a new body/his throne which is a pretty bad move.

a good question is, would griffith of still sacrificed everything during the eclipse if he had never been captured/tortured?

I really dont know the answer

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Griffith's rationale was that if he didn't sacrifice his army that every person who died serving him would have died for nothing.

>would griffith of still sacrificed everything during the eclipse if he had never been captured/tortured?
Yes, never trust a dicklet

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>why do people think he did nothing wrong?
It's a meme you dip.

i've never heard this counter argument before, and it's an interesting take. I'm not entirely sure it's true, as he genuineley believed he would eventually get this throne?

i can't believe someone went to the effort to make this....then i remember im on Sup Forums

It's just shitposting user. No use paying attention to it.

he a good boy didn't do nothin

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>if he had never been captured/tortured?
There's no "if"
He would still get tortured no matter what and Behelit and Fate would do their thing.

In this world there are two kind of people:
Moralfags, who are imprisoned by the morals of their time
Ethicfags, who are beyond the morals of their time and trought their actions change the state of affairs of the world
Griffith is of the latter category, thus his actions are neither wrong or right.

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Morals operate on a tribal consensus at their lowest level. Griffith broke the code of his own tribe and is thus morally wrong.

On the contrary. His tribe (humanity) elected him as the executor of their collective will (at least this is what the Idea of Evil said).

Guts was 6'3 here.

They agreed that they would lay down their lives for him and it was time to pay up.

Some people entirely agree with what Griffith did, and a lot of them make very good arguments.
Others do it just to be edgelords

>Dat pic
Really subtle, Miura

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The Idea of Evil is a falsehood of human impulse. You just know the end is going to involve the Idea of Good, a weak manifestation of what humanity collectively desires and strives to be above it's primal and self-destructive, violent nature that gives the big heart its strength.

Point being, the Idea of evil is a bullshit authority influenced by Hellraiser's cenobites, following it's morality would lead to extinction. Just because you have terrible impulses does not mean those impulses are truth.

millenials dont want to have to face consequences (just wike gwiffy!)

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You can argue the sacrifice was for the greater good or whatever but directly after that he raped his former besties girlfriend right in front of him just for some revenge for Guts deciding to go travel. That kinda taints the whole scenario, along with the fact that this "perfect world" is most likely a facade.

it's a meme

Band of the Hawk pledged to die for Griffith's dream. He never withheld the fact.

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>why do people think he did nothing wrong?
Because he didn't.

Because he didn't do anything wrong. Anyone in his place would have done the same thing

That's what they deserved for letting Griffith rot in jail for a year

>just for some revenge for Guts deciding to go travel
No he viewed Guts leaving him as a betrayal. Originally Griffith thought himself and his dream to above individual members of the Band of the Hawk but as time passed he started viewing Guts as a friend.

>Oh man my whole army would have been a waste so let me become the actual devil and be responible for the hordes of demons entering the realm and killing everyone

Great job retard

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He controls those demons though.

>Demons running amok in the world is a good thing

They kill 100's of people every other chapter. Griffith is a villain no matter how many times people will meme that he did nothing wrong.

Pic related did NOTHING WRONG though

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You'll all cheer for Griffith once he kills the RPG party. Even if he doesn't kill them all as long as Isidro dies I'll be happy

>oy vey goy! you singed da dotted line! it all belongs to me now!

That'll never happen