Go visit your best bro

>go visit your best bro
>see this
Wat do?

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[x] Put it in

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-Check for penis

i don't have a best bro

god I wish that was me

>ywn be magically turned into a girl and become slowly less interested in the girl you used to have a crush on and more and more interested in your best bro's dick
Life is suffering.

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Author/artist should make more stuff.

Question why she looks so different.

user don't

Don't what?

If Mizuki was my best friend I would be wanting to fuck him long before he turned into a girl.

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don't even think about it

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takeru had a will of a saint

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>be in hs
>changing with friend in school locker room for gym
>notice he has a huge fat dick bulge
>'uh, u starin user? lol u gay bro?'
>'hahaha, n-no. u wish!'
>never tried anything after that because he had a gf
life is suffering

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>not giving your bro a blowjob
What a fag. You didn't deserve him as a broanyway


Good thing I don't have a best bro, hah ha ha

cosplay, two_koma, mating_press, mind_break, ahegao, impregnation

*comfy gay noises

>praise the gods for turning my best bro into a cute girl
>curse the gods for not doing the same with me

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best bros can be girls too

>tfw no bros at all

Collapse to my knees and scream at the heavens that it should have been me.

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Would it be gay to fuck your best friend and impregnate him, and raise a beautiful family together if he turned into a cute girl?

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why do you faggots want to become girls?

They've utterly failed to become men.

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I wouldn't mind to be one for a little while.

Give him a foot massage

>had cute femboy best friend in high school
>used to shower together every day after athletics
>it was fine because we said no homo
>the day I was finally going to go full faggot after we graduated and ask him out he told me he was going away to england for uni
life is suffering

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Lucky fucker. I want to turn into a girl too.

Homosexuals should really end their own lives so why didn't you.

You know

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we never fucked so I'm technically still straight :^)

>All the cute femboys in this thread wanting to be girls

>cute femboys
I'm a fat ugly manlet though.

>Get body changed against your will by a bored god
>God continues to torment you
>Best friend slowly goes from trying to help you, to ignoring you, t having to resist raping you
>Girls you love finds out what happened
>Find out your dad wanted to rape you too
>In the end you don't change back

This is a horror manga right?

Sorry, that was me. Told him to be in london.

Prefer this one tbqhwy fampai

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I don't believe, prove me

Op pic, livin' the 4channer's dream. Nice ShindoL-like art style btw, I dig it.

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to the flames

Try and find out if he still has his dick so I can suck it.

Sup Forums, if you became the little girl, who would you cosplay?

I've been called cute by internet people but I don't think I am.
I do look decent in a skirt though

>waiting for the very last second to tell you he was going to go
Prob you never meant much to him in first place.

it wasn't last second I was actually one of the first he let know, I just wasn't expecting him to actually move to europe considering how attached to home he was

He chose not to change back though.

Kuro. Everyday.

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Because being female is playing life with cheat codes

unironically daydream about this

>ywn turn into a girl and pin your best bro down in the locker room shower and suck him off until he cant take it anymore and is forced to unload into your mouth, then falls in love with you

I want to feel a big dick jizz in my cunt.

Lament the loss of my best bro, for he is now a thot. He must now begone, lest he steal my man-essence from my nut-bladder.

Fuck immediately.

>yen be your best friends sugar daddy and fuckbuddy
why even live

That one's not official

Investigate what caused the transformation and help him to undo it?

You are all faggots, holy shit.

If either me or my best bro magically changed sex we'd get married really fast. I wouldn't even care if I was the guy or the girl.

>ywn turn into a girl and call your best bro for help and he becomes overwhelmed by you're lewdness so he pins you down and mating presses your now soft and weak body until you both orgasm wildly
ywn raise his children and be a good housewife

Just marry him now

Sometimes I wonder if I would prefer men over women if I were bi

Wish this was uncensored.

bit gay

>heterosexual intercourse is gay

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*unzips dick*

picked up

Jesus christ

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Is that actually in the manga?

your new is showing

>Investigate what caused the transformation and help him undo it?

then do it to yourself, obviously

>tfw I'm a girl
>all these men wanna be girls

If you guys are okay with strange mood swings ,bleeding outta yer cunt once a month, cramps and back pain

Reminder to not reply to dumbasses looking for attention

>he wants to be the girl, so he can whore himself out to men
definitely over the rainbow

I'd rather have that and have an easy life than being a failed male on course to killing himself

Yes, it's a bonus chapter and a dream sequence

Ask him the identity of the offending wizard. Then prepare myself for possible death or entrapment as I seek to reverse the effects. Bros before hoes means more to me than others.





What do you mean user, we're all little girls here

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Do we ever see fujiwara's nipples?

Unironically this

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Marry her

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>friend is a shitty autistic Sup Forums audiophile
Ignore them as usual and mourn over the fact that his is sister fell for the trans scam.

>having frends

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You don't have friends?
I consider you guys my friends;_;

Sup Forums, a god have given you 2 choices.

You get to turn into a female but you will keep your current level of attractiveness.


You keep being a male but you will become even more attractive than you currently are like those cute girls.

Which would you choose?

nope. never saw her cock either.

desu i got better support and answers from here than my "friends"

Being a cute male and fuck QT's 3.14 grills
how's that even a question?

Well obviously I’d become a Chad

Please stop.

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