Dead Tube

Gook scans for new chapter out. Mai almost gets pierced by Justice Man's "spear" for real this time.

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I cant view it for some reason
Was justice served?

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I guess the password reset. Fucking gooks. He punched Mashiro's face in, stripped her half naked and started to stick the tip in, but it looked to be a ruse by her and the MC and they have Justice Man's girl hostage.

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Hope translations comes soon

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For someone that's a virgin and saving herself for the MC, she sure doesn't mind being around cocks and even letting some of those cocks get a little too close to her.

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If they have the girl hostage then justice man could still just rape mashiro , right? She'd still be alive for the hostage trade and the mc is too passive and doesn't like to do things himself to torture someone as revenge. The MC wouldn't even know that Mashiro had been raped. Justice man could record it then only upload it after the hostage trade has happened.

I honestly don't know what they're plan is supposed to be. I guess he cares about the girl which is why he backed off form Mashiro. Regardless Mashiro wasn't actually knocked out since she nonchalantly gets up seconds later and if he got too close to sticking it in she would have done something.

At least glasses girl is still alive.
I really thought she was dead.

Please can you pass me the link to that chapter?

You are the best user

She didn't do so good.

This manga is so fucking stupid

this manga is just fap fuel

>tip contact

Bruh she already had sex with a couple guys in the first chapters

How do you get through the password? Did you have to actually type out Korean?

speed reader detected

Never mind I got through. Anyone who wants to type korean captcha can use this site

Stupid fun, that's why it still is going.

No she killed him before he put it in. She's still a virgin.

>got too close to sticking it in she would have done something.
"Gets dick cut off."

>justice killed that psycho braids because she didnt want to kill that dude
Welp I cant care about him anymore