This should be the minimum size to be considered a woman

This should be the minimum size to be considered a woman.

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this but unironically

fuck off

How big is too big?

A little bit bigger than

God, the wasted fucking potential.
I wish Manyuu was just OVAs of the girls playing with each other's tits.

only half right, the bwh ratio should be 2:1:2
regardless of size so long as this ratio exists they can consider themselves a woman.
however the bigger the better rule applies so as long as everything matches nothing is too big

If breast size indicates wealth, how rich is she?

This should be the maximum size to be considered a woman.

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Her family is loaded out the ass. But the ironic thing is she's actually naturally flat, her breasts at the start were actually stolen from the flat samurai girl she gave breasts too when she was younger.

I have a terrible feeling that at the end of the manga she'll return all the boobs and end up living flat. I mean she does have the clam diver's boobs whom were willingly given, but I guarantee they'll just be given to the other clam diver who envied them.

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>ultimate boobs
>willingly returning to washboard
nothing is more enjoyable the boob envy

cows should be short too

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Still too small.

Part of her character is that she's obsessed with breasts because of her mother. Whenever the Manyuu attacked her she would steal their breasts even if to the point of becoming immobile where it would have probably been better to just kill a few. This clashes with her desire to stop the terrible government of the era and re-distribute breast.

It would essentially be fitting for her character to give away all the boobs she's taken at the end, though I guess with Kaede's development she'd probably take Chifusa's steed since her entire character is learning to accept the possibility of being flat for life.

Just a reminder in case you forgot, Chifusa is perfect.

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This should be the minimum size to be considered a man.

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I concur

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old ladies are for teens and coloreds

Cowtits are justice.

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>.... but big ones are obviously better

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>tfw you will probably not live to the point where bio-engineering permits women to have huge perky breasts with no side-effects
It hurts. I want to see 3D approach the level of 2D beauty before I die.

There's always VR.

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if you don't take into consideration all chest sizes, you're not a man

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Chifusa is perfect

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I take them into consideration. I just easily dismiss small ones.

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if you don't exclusively love fat old cows you're a damn misogynist

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posted the spic dragon in the spic thread

>we didn't get the oppai loli


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brunette saber?

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Why so many tit threads?

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>How big is too big?
Haha Musume Donburi Oppai Tokumori Bonyuu Shiru Dakude. The daughter is perfect. The mother is a little too big.

Why not?

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No, the MOTHER is perfect.

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She's not wrong

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It's not the size of the tits, but the proportion compared to the rest of the girls body. This is why shortstacks are the best.

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A woman's worth is is her tits.

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Shame this only got one OVA and the manga scans are dead, the manga is basically hentai disguised as seinen.

haha cartoon bewbs

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>squishing Rukia's cheek
Those are perhaps too firm.

Maybe it's the moment of impact

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>tfw you will probably not live to the point where bio-engineering permits you to become a girl with huge perky breasts to please user with, with no side-effects or genital mutilation
Why even live

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Do you like your titty monsters smug or shy?

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Both are good, I can't pick one.

pic related

I want a cow girl to love forever

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A manga about a kuudere J-Cup titty monster started in Young Magazine a few months ago and nobody cares to scanlate, truly we live in the worst timeline.

Hen na Chishiki ni Kuwashii Kanojo Takayukashiki Soko-san is the name.

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Shy in public, smug in private.

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Those poor brassieres

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A fine piece

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Christ, I didn't know this existed.

Started 4 months ago, it's fairly new.

Muscle tits?

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Sure why not, when that's the limit, not muscle-fan levels of /d/ fuckery.

>too big
No such thing
Why did I have to fall to this level of degeneracy

Is this too much?

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Not in this thread.

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My little Burgercow can’t be this busty!

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Looking into it, it's based on a Niconico manga series that began in early 2017.
Seems like it features quite a few busty girls, including the heroine's mother.

Also why isn't this on mangaupdates?

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>Also why isn't this on mangaupdates?
No one paid attention to it? Mangaupdate isn't 100% accurate, people gotta help the database.

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>those measurements
I deslike real measurements in heavily stylized characters, the proportion of their bodies and circunference of their breasts are leagues beyond 96cm and 110cm.

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>Create this, only to be the loser.

best tits

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I'm sure you'll love her two grandmothers then.

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anything over g-cup.

Sure, as long as there's no bullshit "120cm" mark on them.

Then the breast should be compressing, too. Equal and opposite reaction.

>G cup
Not even close, there are J-cups walking around these days.

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colored people and preteens are taking over

It's one of the few good things about the current state of the industry.

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>the only time this mango was mentioned was right around its announcement
i fucking hate this place so mcuh

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the fact that draphs aren't real is proof that god doesn't exist

Drang is a very lucky man.

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I'm usually into big tits, but this one, in particular, looks offputting for some reason.
More than picrelated for me.

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