*Yuki Kaji's voice* ASKELADD!!!

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Until now i hadn't even thought how would a japannese person even try to pronounce "Askeladd" it's going to be hilarious.

God you're right, I was just trying to complain about yuki kaji but you just made me realize the whole thing is going to be filled with norserish.

There is NO FUCKING WAY that anyone in the cast will be able to give his name the correct Welsh pronunciation. The "dd" will be utterly beyond them.

Yuki Kaji doesn't fit his farmland form

How do you pronounce it?

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Sort of like "th" with a Liverpool accent.

I'm ok as long it's not askeradu-san.

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I really hope it's Namikawa Daisuke, with Ishizuka Unsho as Askeladd.

It would be a little weird because its a little too much outside his type casting but Namikawa is a god and can do any voice.

He'd fit his post prologue character perfectly, that's one of his typical roles. And he can do his prologue voice too.

Askeladd(en) is the name of a Norwegian folklore protagonist. I've wondered why he got that particular name because it's not connected to the Old Norse literature.
The name is pronounced Ask-eh-lahd-den.

So, where do you guys think anime will end?

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It won't reach that part, it will be bad ending pre-farmland saga

It's revealed to be a nickname later in the story when Askeladd revealed his birthright

My guess too. It may backfire though in case of second season, i mean, Farmland Saga is like complete genre shift. They might put more focus on best girl to counter it.

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That's exactly what it's going to be

A nickname given by Danes mind you. It's just fun to me because folklore Askeladden is such a goody two-shoes compared to Askeladd, and besides the name I'm impressed by Yukimura's dedication to the history.

What if it starts of in farmland saga and the entire season is Thorfinns retelling of the early story?

No way. I enjoyed farmland, but it won't work without edgy Thorfinn phase first.

I can't wait for the porn.


In the manga, Askeladd is very clear in stating he is Welsh.




Remember how they pronounced L-Elf?


Also, but mostly young Thorfinn.

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So, when's Thorfinn gonna kill a man again ? In Floki's camp ? Is he even ever going to ?

>check Vinland Saga wikipedia
>it's アシェラッド
Shouldn't it be アスケラード with clear 'ke'?

I doubt it unless it's an accident.

Oh boy.
>Leif eriku no ko
>eriku no ko

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It's based on the English pronunciation, Ashlad.

If translator didn't translate Thorfin-kun as Thorfin lad, then he failed as a translator and I will release my own edited version of it with and i will replace the opening theme with Drunken Sailor.

I miss Askelad. He was the heart and soul of Vinland Saga, not that miserable shit Thorfinn.

>the anime skips the prologue and jumps straight into Farmland Saga with only flashbacks and references to Thorfinn's experiences
Screencap this.

I'd be okay with this actually.

Why is Canute so moe?

I'm looking forward to seeing 11th century Constantinople, hopefully the author will do it justice. Byzantine Empire is criminally underrepresented in media.

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I don't get the Canute obsession, Thorfinn out-moe's him easily

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Thorfinn >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Knut

We won't get to see evolved Thorfinn animated

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In seasons 2 and 3?

We won't be seeing further seasons for years, and that's only if it sells well enough.

It's WIT.

I just think the huge genre shift will turn so many people off and the studio probably knows it too. What I expect is one core to promote the manga then that's it. Of course I want to be wrong


Yeah, and SnK only got a second season 4 years after the first. Even when it's pretty much the second best selling manga of this generation. And none of their other works have gotten continuations (Owari no Seraph was split cour if you want to say that).

It's not impossible, but the odds are against it happening.

>4 years after the first
Because of lack of material.

Thorfinn is pathetic, Canute a cute.

Everything covered in the second season was out like a month after the first season ended. It didn't take them 4 years to reach that point.