So, can we all agree that Nel was the best female character in Bleach and that she is one of the hottest women in any shounen work?

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Awww, poor Bleach babby not having any reply for his thread about an irrelevant fallen-from-grace trainwreck made by a hack.

Here, have a reply. With sage, though.

To be honest, I never really cared about Bleach's relevance, it's a fact that it became bad after the SS arc and popularity dropped hard, I just like Nel, she is a fun character and she is smoking hot so I decided to make a thread about her.

Man, the 10/10 characters in Bleach makes me realize how much I despise Bleach.

Sorry, this was meant for you, I didn't really paid attention when I was typing.

You're not the only one user.

No, no.

>can we all agree that Nel was the best female character in Bleach
Adult Nel? Yes.
Shitty brat Nel is probably one of the worst character in Bleach paradoxically.

>and that she is one of the hottest women in any shounen work?

Looks aside, her plotline was the best part of the HM arc, if only because her reveal as a former Espada was the one moment when the arc felt like it actually had plot.

She's definitely the best Bleach girl, but not the best shounen girl overall

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she's not even the hottest girl in her series

that goes to

Yorouichi was best by far.
Nel was alright, top 5 for sure.

Yoruichi is "too sexy". She loops back around to just being average.


Can we all agree that Tite Kubo should do hentai and not try to bother with real plot?

Best girl right here.

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No, she's shit.

I don't even like Bleach but you sound like the kind of passive agressive cunt that deserves to be bullied into suicide.

The best bleach girl was the zombi girl who had a dick.

back in the day she was my #1 fave as well.

>you will never do a mating press with a petite, fiery, black haired girl like Renji

only thing i miss about Bleach. All i ask is for another petite shawty in Kubo's next work.

cringy faggot

Announcing sage is bannable.

She's still my fave. How much do you think shounen jump would sell bleach for? I want to re-write the story with tatsuki and nel as 2 of the main characters not as much as the new self insert tho.

Bleach didn't have any good characters

You have five seconds to explain what Aizen's objective was

Protip: you cant

d-did u mean rukia?

Make ichigo strong?

This whore and grimmshit should have died.


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