What went wrong?

What went wrong?

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but this anime is good

you losing half of your brain. You are now only able to appreciate shows like BNHA and fairy tail one piss too.

L died and they forgot to tell the studio to stop making episodes.

>babby's first anime from 2006 makes fun of babby's first anime from 2016

It worked well as an ambitious psychological thriller, with a good cat-and-mouse duo
Not as thrilling with introducing too many new characters, organizations and plot points after such a sharp pivot. Still a satisfying conclusion

The ending was fucking trash. They just HAD to have the "good guys" win in the most boring way possible.

Why did it continue if there wasn’t a replacement rival who could ever top L?

The author was a little bitch.

I get that perspective. Though, after 37 episodes, I was in it for something dramatic and explosive, and a lot of characters had their arcs developed and concluded. I think Light simply winning again would have been anti-climatic

That being said, one of the key points was there were no "good guys". Justice is a difficult topic. Light had his authoritrian/utilitarian viewpoint, and the anti-Kira investigators had their traditional law and deontological viewpoint.
Whether it was intentional or not, Mello and Near were basically inferior in their character design to L. But together, they were able to create an opening to catch Light because he started relying on weaker players.
I do agree it was a weak way to conclude things, but the conclusion itself was good

M and N

Nothing except maybe the first 2 episodes of the last third

Show started getting stupid when it introduced Misa desu.

Moral of Death Note:

Outsourcing too hard will kill your business venture.

If M and N came after L, does that mean the next detective is O P?

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And now we have the duo making Platina End, and it's absolutely random as fuck.

Honestly everything involving Near and his crew and Light suddenly losing half his brain cells during Season 2.
>Gevanni somehow making a completely perfect copy of the DN overnight even if he is a master counterfeit when Mikami used a microscope to observe it night after night
>Mikami not tearing out pieces of the DN like Light did in general
>Near and Mello somehow "combining" their strengths when all Mello did was tell him there was a fake rule and died a shitty death
>Mello losing track of his goal to beat Near to begin with
Season 2 was full of JUST moments that depress me. Light should have won. He probably would have easily got away with it too if he didn't have to kill Lind L. Taylor or Raye Penber.

>Lind L. Taylor
Besides all that, if he would have broadened his kill scope instead of mostly targeting people in Japan he would have been fine. A night or two of slaying people in America or Europe would have threw everything off. And beyond all that he should have used something other than simply heart attacks, but that couldn't be helped since he wanted to be known.

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Misa spiced things up, she wasn't really that hard to handle and Light could manipulate her with ease. L's death was the end of the story being good though.

Basically this, I don't think anyone would have been mad if Light succeeded

L died

Ending was shit

Whould you guys accept this as the actual ending?

Misa's concept was retarded and out of nowhere, and stopped me from taking the show seriously. People complain about Light's death being shit but L got fucked just as hard with the retarded complications around Misa's character. I personally would have been fine with the game in the first third of the series continuing, it was genuinely clever and intriguing.



Holy shit I’m retarded I get the name play now lmao

agreed, there was a noticeable drop in quality once Misa was introduced, another when Light ditched the deathnote and it hits "rock-bottom" once L dies.



>What went wrong?
nothing but everybody has their own opinions

Yes. So much better than the actual ending. Fuck, now I'm even madder.


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Very much this.
Should have gone with the ending from the movie(Not Netflix one you fucks)

It wasn’t as good as Hikaru no Go

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Death Note endings power levels:
Jap film duology >> manga > musical >> anime

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L was too entertaining to be replaced by Mello and Near. Everyone was too endearing, and the fans were not only attached to him and Light, but also to the original cops helping L (Chief Yagami and co.). Then L died, half of the fags in the fanbase disappeared, many had troubles liking or even giving a fuck about the new characters, and then, Light, the person who is as entertaining as L also died due to someone else's fuckup.

The last episode credit scene was amazing though.

What the actual fuck? That would have been perfect.

You can't blame him for Lind L. Tailor's death because we knew he had a god complex and Lind L. Tailor insulted that by saying Kira is evil. The biggest flaws of Light is his god complex. He looked down on L a lot, and kept falling for his bait as well as doing things that were detrimental to his anonymity for no reason. He didn't need to kill Raye Penber or his fiance, in fact if he didn't kill Raye he wouldn't have had to deal with L in person.
For someone so smart Light really didn't think things through. He relied a lot on the fact that the murders of the notebook were untraceable. Too bad he took it upon himself to give L a bunch of clues to who he was.

is this not real?