Netflix and Amazon

This question's probably been asked already but what are the likely changes will see now that western streaming sites are now producing/buying rights to anime series?

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If any gaijin try to pervert anime, they'll know the Wrath of Abe!

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More faggots like you coming too Sup Forums.

Maybe some SJW shit, I imagine


Netflix has a mixed history on this front. Sometimes they hover over studios and act like maniacs, obsessing over every little thing, but sometimes they just go "Take our money and make a profit". If we're lucky, they'll realise that anime is a niche hobby; they can't afford to piss us off. Even rAnime, a left leaning site, lost their shit over the Kobayashi patriarcy incident. If they screw with anime they'll lose their audience and tumblr landwhales, no matter how much they may claim otherwise, don't watch anime


Amazon and Netflix don't do shit. They don't funnel any money whatsoever into the show's production. All they do is buy the rights just like normal. The most they've done for any of their shows is funnel money into the Devilman promotion stuff but that's it;. Crunchyroll does a hell of a lot more good at least by joining production commitees and actually helping to fund shows

It's too soon to tell. It's still early days for Anime streaming

I sure hope we don't see any changes. I like my anime the way it is

laughtracks added into existing shows

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It will hopefully improve, modern anime is shit, crybaby while nowhere perfect was better than 90% of the shit airing right now.

Same with Castlevania and Kuromukuro.

Considering Netflix was willing to pay good money for Devilman of all things I doubt it.

But I thought SJWs loved Devilman

I don't know where you get the idea that Devilman wasn't SJW friendly. Violence is exactly what the west loves, it's sexuality they're afraid of. Just look at game of thrones, plenty of violence, plenty of rape.

Koi wa Ameagari no You ni this season is more of a threat to them than that. Any show with a loli character, especially things like Illya.

I really wish the west would vanish and stop trying to force their values on every other country, why is their first reaction to things they don't like "why is this allowed to exist?" and not "I don't like this, I'm going to consume some other media instead"

Adaptations of completed manga

>it's sexuality they're afraid of
>devilman literally fucks demonds mid air and spurts gallons of semen

Did you miss my game of thrones example and avoid my examples of what would be problematic?

Fate is on netflix too.

Fate / Illya is on Netflix? News to me, can you show me what region has it subbed?

Netflix isn't going to pay money for a show nobody cares about.

So I didn't mention Fate apart from Illya and you brought that up randomly?

And whats your excuse for Kakegurui and High School of the Dead?

You're misunderstanding that netflix isn't doing it because it's "controversial" or whatever and actually because they don't care about 300 weirdos who would just pirate it anyway which makes up the entire western Illya fanbase.

is Amazon even still doing anime?
I thought they gave up on that a few months ago


Kakegurui and High School of the Dead are just fanservice, there's nothing sexual or romantic Koi is romantic, Illya is sexual (loli) fanservice. Citrus airing this season as well, people already complain it's nothing but sexual assault: the anime.

It's not about what it's doing for that particular show, it's what it would do and what it incentivises people not to create.

He mentioned Illiya because of the loli controversy. You wouldn't see loli fanservice in any Netflix anime.

Because nobody would pay money for it.

The fact that you think the Castlevania show was an anime is enough for me to know you're at the tip of the iceberg of anime and manga and you:
1.) are talking about shit you know nothing about
2.) should not be posting here

Your post makes no fucking sense, you say the west is afraid of sex and yet you say that HSotD is precisely what they like when its all about sexual fanservice, same for Kakegurui, both are the kind of manga that have existed before all of this shit and yet you're somehow trying to say they are pandering to west? I fucking despise Sup Forumsermins Sup Forumstards like you to who to Sup Forums to spread your retarded opinions in the hope of finding some other board to shitpost, never in a thousand fucking years will the japanese give a shit about trying to actually pander to the west when they make 80% of all their revenue using goods that are only avaliable to people on japan and any western fan has to import them.

But nah, facts never interest your kind, only fear mongering, the mods should make the word NETFLIX into a fucking autoban, that way your kind wouldn't have a gateway to infect the board

That's pretty much the opposite to what the left do, the left are by far the most censorship heavy group and they're so vocal on social media that companies cave for fear of upsetting women and minorities.

Yes user, the ones screaming to censor everything and who lose their minds about objectification are the ones who will push for fucking pedophilia, you cracked the fucking code, got any other redpill you wish to give us?

>Kyoko Toshino!

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You have no idea what you're talking about, a large majority of anime only make money from DVD/Blu-ray sales so being able to re-license your anime abroad is another major revenue path.

Netflix has way more money to throw around than Crunchyroll and Funimation too so yes it will have a large effect. And even with smaller studios like Funimation we saw SJW influences in their subtitles (maid dragon was one of the worst cases I've seen).

And yes it makes sense, there's a large difference between fanservice anime like HSotD and Loli Sexual Fanservice like Illya. Or romantic questionable age gap anime like Koi, or nonstop sexual assault anime like Citrus.

Fanservice generally only happens as a gag/eye candy and doesn't play a large part in the show. In Illya, Koi, Citrus and other anime where it's the focus that's where it becomes an issue that western companies are keen to avoid.

I obviously hope that I'm wrong and none of this happens but as long as Netflix avoids things like that it just encourages Japanese studios to make "western friendly" anime so they can try get a chunk of that Netflix money.

>Fanservice generally only happens as a gag/eye candy and doesn't play a large part in the show
Wanna know how I know you haven't watched either show?

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>Wanna know how I know you haven't watched either show?
I watched both shows, the plot doesn't revolve around it. Can you say the same for the 3 examples I gave? Kuro stealing mana and in the other two the relationship is literally the entire point of the show.

>scooby poster
go back to your netflix and cartoons

Didn't know Illiya resolved around Kuro getting mana, I guess the whole thing about the servant cards was just a mas hallucination

Nigger, you do know that even if something sell well enough here it doesn't fucking matter to the japanese companies? You do know that they have said multiple fucking times across multiple fucking decades that they make their anime, games, manga, literally fucking everything thinking only of the japanese market and anything they sell on the west is just bonus, look at Valkyria Chronicles, they made the Azure Revolution the way they did because they though it would appeal to japanese inteasd of the west and only went back when it became crystal clear that not even japan wanted anything with that garbage.

But again, you don't care about reality at all, just fear mongering, its your only argument, you will ignore the actions of everyone to push your narrative, reality be damned

And that's literally been proven false time and time again in recent years, the video game industry is a perfect example of that.

You accuse me/others of being ignorant of actions but you can't see what's been happening right in front of you.

Then show me proof then, surely you must have tons of it

You seriously need examples of Censorship/Self-Censorship/Games not coming to the west because of western values? I'm not going to spoonfeed you 500 examples when all it takes is a quick search but here's two.

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And that companie stopped doing that shit as we can clearly see on XC2, Nier and other games, you have also showed that companies would rather not even deal with the west instead of pandering to them, you also have Senran Kagura that has gone through a bunch of consoles and anime and nothing was censored or changed to the west

This so much. It’s significantly harder to influence Japanese creators when the overwhelming majority of their income comes from Japanese consumers who buy the manga, anime, and paraphernalia.
Compare that to gaming where they actually make a shit ton of money selling it to the West, to the point at which they’ll change things if they think it’ll allow them to sell more copies. Because (most of) Japan doesn’t care about the West, anime and manga has its fan translations, fan subs, and torrents to keep the cycle going.

That was a marketing stunt to drum up controversy and sales because knew it would sell better in the West. Also, there's been less shit going on with video games as of late: NoE localizing XC2, Witcher 3, Nier:Automata, Senran Kagura...

Here’s the thing: Netflix makes peanuts compared to what the anime industry makes. Do you actually expect all multi-billon dollar companies to drop everything and “go with it”? If something doesn’t click along the lines, Japanese production companies will take measures against them solely if Netflix tries to push them out of their industry. It has nothing to do with influence.
It's true that there are risks such as production companies imitating Netflix to get into the Western market, but I see this as a small issue, since most anime are based on a source material.

Again like I replied to that user your first point isn't true. Most (not all) anime is literally an advertisement for the manga/merch which they don't get a cut of, they only make money from DVD/Blu-ray sales but also re-licensing deals. Even more so these days when DVD/Blu-ray sales are falling.

There are exceptions in gaming obviously but it's not the trend for every example you gave there's multiple that have been censored, even Lineage 2 is being censored now, more and more games being refused ratings, Blue Reflection model viewer changed the list goes on.

You're comparing Netflix to the entire industry, it's more apt to compare Netflix to single studio and it makes way more than any of them individually, so if you, as one of those studios can make a significant amount of additional income by getting your show aired on Netflix, you're more likely to pick shows that will get approved by Netflix.

No you screeching retard, they make money out of the music deals, the voice actors appearance, the figures and a bunch of other shit someone like you wouldn't know, they get paid a flat rate when licensing shit to the west

I was hoping for more OVAs that do creative things since they aren't on a TV schedule and don't have to comply with shitty broadcast laws about content, but it looks like that won't happen.

No, they don't. For some anime that is true but for most it isn't. That's exactly the reason you get so many shows that get a single season and no followup, it's an advertisement for the manga and they make no money other than TV spots, Blu-rays and DVDs. All merch goes to whoever is serialising the manga in a majority of cases.

For some of the bigger series like Shingeki, IdolM@ster, Dragonball and things like that it's all more integrated. But for things like Citrus, Re:Zero etc. It's just advertising.

>Even rAnime, a left leaning site, lost their shit over the Kobayashi patriarcy incident.
In the threads I've seen, the overwhelming consensus was that anime has an "otaku" problem and Netflix is the cure. Netflix must assume control over the industry and set it on the right path. When I briefly had a reddit account years ago, I said that the West should have nothing to do with anime production, and this resulted in an avalanche of downvotes and angry replies.

Outstanding meme. I've only seen this ten times today.

>Lineage 2
That’s a mobile game. And most of the “more and more games being refused ratings” has to do with other countries besides ours. Blue Reflection isn’t Senran Kagura; it was only a dressing room gimmick. Besides those piss-poor examples you provided, I have yet to hear about the “list going on and on”.