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Chapter in around 8 hours.
No break next week. Mama finally eating the cake in 900?

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I hope Linlin will meet Gerth again. She's her only childhood friend left.

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Don't argue about it. Just post your ship

Keep it civil

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When will we see best girl again?

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Oda is a ____.

A) hack
B) wack
C) cuck
D) All of the above.

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Between Smoothie's legs

Who /oven/ here?

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That sounds great!

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I ship it for what it could have been, not what it was

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Explain to me why Nami would ever humor Sanji's lust.

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This when?

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Luffy's wife is a cutie and Oda is bullshitting us with this ending

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>still no spoiler pics

Pudding would and she hated him. Its easy for Oda to write a scenario were it happens, it all depend on whether he wants it to or not.

You know, Greg had this theory in the OPP were he says they have these cake figures and that that was going to be an important part of the story. I didnt know people other thought it was a good idea.

Will Jobji do anything epic?


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jimbe nakama next week

No she didn't, she wanted to murder him even more.

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Yeah and now she loves him. Viola also laughed at Sanji.


Damn I love Nami so much guys, such a pity she is a dyke

What part of keep it civil did you not understand? Plenty of anons have answered this specific question multiple times already.
You got your answer so why do you keep asking it?
To derail the thread?

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>Damn I love Nami so much guys
Get help.

>on edge because he didn't get his fix on time
Katakuri needs an intervention right away. This behavior isn't healthy

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Soon. I honestly think we'll get Sanjis apology at the very end.

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Just post Luna and shut up

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His wife is cute isn't he?

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>oh she loves him
>oh now she wants to kill him
>oh he is sad
>oh now she is sad
>oh now she loves him
>oh now he forgives her
Not shitting in your ship but the actual relationship between them was one of the worst things Oda has ever wrote

I can help. I think I'll inject the insuline in his ass, since it's his first time and all.

>post Lunafag
HAHAHAHAHA why haven't you killed yourself yet.

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That is exactly what I just said but thanks for doubling up on my opinion user

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I bet that after we get the reverie and see how Vivi talks about Luffy with the other princess and when they finally meets up again even you katafags will board my ship. They are just too cute together

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>another chapter
>sanji does nothing
>katakuri has more fans
>everyone clamoring for wano
Feels good to support CHADro

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>sanji does nothing
But he saved Carrot

The whole time I was like "wew, this is boring" and that the moment Franky's theme music played, I lost my shit.

I agree but to be fair this user did say it was shit and he liked it for what it could've been

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Not a SaNafag but the ship was boring and so was Pudding

Viola also has even more of an idea how much of a lech Sanji is.

Because the Sanji you ship together with Nami isn't how the character actually is.

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I'm sorry but LuKa is the cutest ship

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>sanji is a valuable contributing member of the cre-

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Sorry LuVifag that isn't happening. You're welcome to join the 'One True Ship' though

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as much as i agree that the chapter is trash, Rogersbase is a huge autistic faggot

>Viola also has even more of an idea how much of a lech Sanji is.
and she still loves him. Pudding would give into him immediately too. Its not hard to imagine a scenario in which Oda writes her falling in love with him. He also isnt just a perv user. He is a kind, handsome and dedicated man. Nami has to accept to lustful ways and thats it.


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>reddit right now shit on RodgersBase
Why so much hate suddenly.

Bitch, please

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>this is true because I say so
Oh boy
Do we really have to explain to you how Sanji treats Nami special? Even the way he addresses her?

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This is why you watch sunpatch94 instead

No SaNafags
No Sapufags
No LuNatics
Especially LuNatics
No LuVi
No homoshit

I jack off to her videos

>pure girl who replaces hell with heck
She's like that booktuber /lit/ scared off with their lewd advances

I can't believe yonkouproductions confirmed jinbei loses an arm this chapter. Isn't this a bit dark, for one piece

GTFO she's mine

You know Sanji groups together Nami with Robin in the same way don't you?

He'll do the same to Carrot if she joins.

>luna tard
>not even a 4 out of 10
How low is your self esteem anons?

Low, any more questions?

So what? He has no moments with Robin and always puts Nami-san first.

Oh you move the goal post to crewmembers now?
Sanji treated Vivi like he did Robin(not better than Nami) and she wasn't part of the crew.
So your carrot has to be part of the crew argument is invalid

Viola has more reason to love Usopp or Luffy at this point. Yes, Sanji is all of those things, but his perverted nature is also why most women get annoyed or pissed at him. Nami wasn't accepting his lustful ways on Punk Hazard.

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suddenly? hes always been a cringy fuck boy.

>Oda could have had Sanji be stronger than his siblings
>Oda could have had Sanji be stronger than anyone at all in this arc besides sucker kicking Bobbin and Oven
>Oda could have had at least a single mr Prince moment where Sanji shows the slightest bit of intelligence
I genuinely do not understand what Oda is thinking. Does he not realize that Sanji has done absolutely nothing the slightest bit impressive this entire arc or does he think Sanji was always this unimpressive.

In being reasonable, Sanji has always kind of had small, unimportant moments such as
>sort of almost breaking Blueno's tekkai
>deflecting an attack from Oars
>kicking Vergo into a wall
>attacking Doflamingo
but at least he had his Mr Prince moments. What has Sanji does here? If he's not allowed to win fights anymore, can't he at least do something strategically impressive?

I almost feel like Oda thinks he already had Sanji do something really impressive this arc and is now just going through the motions. It's such an abysmal performance that I genuinely can't imagine what else it could be.

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Fuck off, she sounds and looks delicate and skittish like the type of person who'd shut down their social media after having direct hatred aimed at them, don't go scaring her off even if she doesn't lurk here.

Is this the usual "you are a lunafag" or is she really a Lunafag?

I think you might be shitposting now so this might be my last reply. Viola still loves Viola and Nami wasnt in love in PH imo. She could fall for him later though, like Viola and Pudding did.

>is she really a lunafag
That's what I heard. I don't watch her because she is fucking cringe and not good on the eyes

do not talk like that about my wife i'm going to need you to take back those words and apologize she is beautiful

Yeah you're trolling. Stop trying to derail the thread.
Then I get blamed for this shit

So you're saying Nami matters more to him compared to Robin when he's treated them equally not only in cover stories, but when writing thought letters to them in the Okama Kingdom and Dressrosa?

Sanji treated Keimi and every other ally that travels with the crew for a while the same if you want to play it like that. Nami and Robin are clearly different.

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She sounds like her hymen is still intact

It is, she's saving herself for me, shut up

One piece youtubers tier list
Trash tier

Okay tier
Josh hoagland( when he puts some effort instead of just doing borimg stream with a shity cam)

Top tier

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Is this you

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>Brago in okay tier and not trashcan
>Sawyer in trash tier and not okay tier
Only mistakes

Maybe if you prove she isn't a Luna tard I can ignore her ugliness
Jesus Christ, she will be obese in 2 years.
I can tell

She looks like the type of person to save their virginity for marriage.


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>So you're saying Nami matters more to him compared to Robin when he's treated them equally not only in cover stories, but when writing thought letters to them in the Okama Kingdom and Dressrosa?
I think Sanji is a perv for all women and Nami and Robin are his usual go to girls because they are his crew mates. That said, Nami is highlighted by Oda in TB, WCI and in his usual behavior since Nami is the person who he goes after the most. Nami slapping Sanji is something that could have never happened with Robin or any other women, she is clearly the closest girl to him out of the two.


Everyone else Is Shit


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>retard can't into greenest

The fuck is wrong with her nail?

Straw hats with their own arc usually don't get a fight.
Nami didn't get a fight during Arlong Park
Robin and Usopp didn't get a fight during Enies Lobby.

>>Oda could have had Sanji be stronger than his siblings
Well he's stronger than Yonji.

Reminder that if you use YouTube to watch youtubers then you really don't belong here

Those are some bold words user.

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>luna tard

All of them are trash and you shouldn't watch them

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As opposed to using Youtube to do what

Stop replying to him please.
He is trolling SaNa friend

If you're watching him for any reason other than watching him sperg out you're doing it wrong man. That guy has always been massively clouded by his own biases.

If you really can't think of any other use then I truly feel sorry for you.

Sawyer only narrates what hapens in the chapter barely adding anything similar to criticism, brago at least have those long ass discussions that some end up so retarded that are actually funny
See pic
She is too pure and looks very cute with short hair

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Welcome to /opg/ user. Enjoy your stay.

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