Name one thing he did wrong.

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When he turned into a member of the god hand, he didn't chant the bat theme as he flew.

The Adam West batman theme I should specify.


He has a gaping asshole from all the Tudor cock he took.

He's the reason everyone is getting raped by trolls.



True, but he made up for it with this

Dress in all white.

He didn’t respect waman.

He tried to parry a cow cutter and broke his sword

Fucked the princess too early. If he hadn't done that he wouldn't have ruined his reputation and wound up desperate enough to side with the God Hand.

He would have.
One way or the other.
Causality is a force that has its way in the Berserk world

To save a handful

Fell in love with Guts.

Damn his soldiers to an eternity of suffering in Hell.

He's gay

Wanted to not die.

Being attracted to men doesn't make you gay

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Pleased old men for money.

>He doesn't wanna choke on Griffith's perfect cute small cock
lol what a faggot

He let best boy die

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he had a smal penis
you cannot become a god hand if you are a dicklet

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The fact that they didn't have this scene in the movies pissed me off

If killing his own brethren for batwings isn't enough, then

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Nothing. He's pure.

Was is possible for Griffith to have rejected the Godhand like The Count or was flow of causality too strong?

He tried to hide, rather than accept, his burning desire for Gennon.

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Griffith is a weak minded bitch

Did they fuck?

Yes, and Griffith loved every second of it.

i wanna fuck Griffith too