Considering how weak the Big mom pirates are...

Considering how weak the Big mom pirates are, why doesn't Sakazuki doesn't just gather a Buster Call fleet and an admiral and and set out to exterminate them?

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>Considering how weak the Big mom pirates are

Is this a joke ?

Katakuri and Cracker got defeated by Luffy. Pretty sure an Admiral could handle all three sweet commanders.

Not that user but the way Cracker was taken down was pretty bullshit with Luffy chowing down. Not many can pull that off.

Because another yonko will sit out back and wipe the shit out of the victor.

Because the story has flaws. How come Germa 66 needs help to dominate a shitty blue when they are that strong? They don't. The story is just flawed.

It doesn't work like that. It means Luffy is admiral level. Luffy beats people to prove his worth. He doesn't beat people to prove how weak they are. Dumbass.

The world government would still would have 2 fresh admirals dozens of Vice and Rear Admirals, Captains, all Cipher Pol units plus tons of fodder + the survivors of the fleet that exterminated the Big mom pirates.

It would be interesting to see how he would fare against Kizaru. Though I doubt he would last for long.

Akainu took on all Whitebeard commanders bar Jozu and even managed to defeat Curiel without taking a single scratch .Unless Luffy can do the same i doubt he is Admiral level just yet.

Linlin would probably murder Sakazuki and another admiral. Also mutltiple VA would get killed as well. Also, you can't attack with your mens. People would just destroy your base/attack the Celestial Dragons while you are at it.

Sakazuki succesfully avoided them. That's pretty much all he did. And he's clearly above admiral level anyway. He's fleet admiral AND a end game boss. It's as retarded as believing every VA is Garp tier.

Luffy is very clearly admiral level at this point in the story.

Not to mention he did this after taking a direct blow from Whitebeard's Quake attack. People don't give the Admirals enough credit and wank too much towards the Yonko.

Each took >6 hours and it was just barely pulled off, with running away most of the time.

Akainu managed to blast half of Whitebeard's head off and tear him a new asshole, while only getting some nosebleed in return. What's stopping him from doing the same to Linlin?

Because Linlin is way stronger than WB.

>clearly above admiral level anyway

Is that why it took him 10 days to defeat Kuzan? I agree with you however that each of the 3 pre-skip admirals is clearly superior to Fujitora and probably Ryokugyu as well.

Ok, you are finally showing your admiral faggotery.
1. WB was a dying old man
2. He still lost
Let's say Akainu improved since then and can defeat her. It's still not going to be easy. With all their forces they would win. But it's very likely at least one admiral and multiples VA would get killed. And they can't even attack with all their forces before because they have protect their bases. Also even the people who will not killed while still get injured/tired. And the pirates will probably profit of that to attack them.

Her fruit is weak as hell and doesn't have near as many offensive capabilities as the magu magu no mi. Her apparent invulnarability is a problem though (meaning that only people sweet commander level and above are able to even remotly scratch her), but I'm sure it can be overcome if enough force is applied.

>people are still in denial over luffy just being fucking stronk
Wonder what your excuse will be when Luffy kicks the shit out of Akainu next?
"Wow why didn't the revolutionaries just sent out a few officers to destroy all of marineford since they are so weak?" Something like that?

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>BM herself pushed back Jinbei one of the strongest Ex Warlord while fucking starved to near death with little effort
>Katakuri beat Gear 4th Luffy who is at the very least Multi-City+ to small Island level by himself, plus needing Luffy to come up with a new form AND to amp his CoO to win
You're letting narrative get in the way of scaling. Stop that.

Because they could always just jump into any mirror and escape, wasting thousands of dollars worth of ammunition that is only killing the innocent civilians that live under BM's rule, which would only harm the image of the marines even more?

Don't get me wrong, Luffy is close to Admiral level at this point in the story, but he isn't just there yet, considering how Sanji had to carry him following his fight with Katakuri.

Again I'm not saying 1 Admiral can low diff all the Sweet commanders or anything, but I definitly believe that one could take them all out with extreme difficulty.

They're probably the kind of idiots who think Naruto was strong until he got his absolute bullshit power ups.
Fun Fact. No he was not.

I always find it funny crocodile being there

>BM herself pushed back Jinbei one of the strongest Ex Warlord while fucking starved to near death with little effort

Akainu managed to make Jinbe unconscious and penetrate his torso.

Since Oda himself confirmed that Akainu could find One piece within a year, I definitly believe he could take out Linlin with extreme difficulty.

All at once? Never. Impossible. Even two shouldn't be possible.

Akainu (after being ambushed by Whitebeard) managed to stalemate the Whitebeard commanders while taking out Curiel without taking any damage. Granted however that most of the commanders (including Marco and Vista) didn't take any damage too.

I am perfectly willing to believe that a fresh admiral could take out all sweet commanders at once.

And i'm telling you, you are absolutely insane.

Are you saying that the Sweet commanders > Marco, Vista, Crocodile + Whitebeard's other commanders?