how would you get back at this perfect girl Sup Forums??

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punch her in the fucking face

You'd have to Bugs goddamn Bunny to win that battle. Even heavy hitters like Konota or Raphael wouldn't be able to out-troll her.

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The D

>heavy hitter
Kero Kero

letting Chi play in the middle of the road

Impregnate her and raise a little troll daughter together.

will she finally loose a battle in the final episode? She seemed a bit flustered by that critical hit


She never loses. I'm fairly certain she tricked him into sex, marriage and a daughter somehow too.

the daughter will become even more powerful and someday dethrone her

Daughter has been tainted by Nishikata. She has the idiot.

At their age I was probably even more shy than Nishikata. Girls used to make fun of me whenever I had to interact with them at school or anywhere else because of how red my face used to get.

>t. footlicker
Not a judgement, just a statement of fact. Do you like 'em sweaty and in a sock?

I'm not seeing that happen. I think even her "defeats" are a long con.

This is of course her ultimate end goal. She has a Satsuki Kuryuuin-esque ambition lasting a decade.

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ThisThere was a chapter with middle school Chi, she's a dumbass on the level of Nishikata, but thinks she can troll like her mother. Its maximum cute

By ignoring her advances and openly being attracted to Mina.

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literally worst girl.

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Marry her.

Reminder that sex was how Nishikata finally beat Takagi
Reminder that no matter how hard she bullies him he dicks her twice as hard at night
Instead of push ups for every time he gets bullied, he now fucks her for that long
Nishikata dicks Takagi so hard she ahegaos and she can't talk coherently for hours afterward
This is the only way Nishikata can ever have peace

date a better bully

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And she has a crush on Sanae-chan's son

>Reminder that sex was how Nishikata finally beat Takagi
user-kun, that was her plan as well. Her record is stellar yet again.

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completely ignore her
all she wants is attention

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Looks like the main change was the rounding of the eyes. The version you posted has the more classic arrogant ojou-sama eyes.


>how would you get back at this perfect girl Sup Forums??

Can't beat the cock man.

Ill let her fuck me in the butt if you know what I mean

That episode was awful because its actual title is turning point and not a goddamn critical hit, what is this Sup Forums???

Waterpark date Episode in anime when??I want Takagi and Mano to wear bikini.

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Cum on forehead.

Probably season 2.
The last episode will be some random shit and the ending scene will be that mum takagi trolling the viewers


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Tagaki didnt grow a good pair of rack so not interested

I would leave her in increasingly growing anticipation of the day that I finally get back at her and then never actually do it

Turning Point was a meme title made up by some illiterate translator you fucking pleb.

>it literally said クリティカル in the segment title
>nishikata announces the title as such
>he says it again several times throughout the segment
>the horoscope lady also says it
>takagi herself says it
>its actual title is turning point and not a goddamn critical hit
What did user mean by this?

she's not even in the same league

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Post the queen of smugs webm.

user is probably right that one of the other segments will be the flashback ch to the entrance ceremony.

Jesus Christ, the absolute shitstorm that was the memories chapter as well.
They aren't as bad as some other groups, but their ePeen is still several miles long.

Wore thin after just a few chapters.

Let her suffer through the entire relationship under the impression that she was in control and then mid-way through our inaugural sex begin the orgasm denial lessons.

You're right. She's way higher.

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Ahh niggerstream translator has arrived

>being this wrong

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"The first translation I encountered absolutely must be the correct one, no matter what other evidence there is."

you catch her glancing at you...what do??

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ignore her.

what are those tumors on her forehead?


this. when will minafags learn that her forehead is just as big as takagi-sans except with those disgusting eyebrows? And unlike takagi, she's also annoying and retarded

cute deposits. I'm afraid they're terminal

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Physical violence aka the best kind of bullying.

pls provide details...for research purposes

Is there a edit of this without the fabric under the bikini top?

Flick her forehead. For every single time she bullied Nishikata.

The only way to beat Takagi is by abusing her verbally until she no longer wants to stay near you.

can i use my dick?

Think this.
Depends on how hard it can get.

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how will he ever recover??

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Take her to suplex city

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>dick slapping takagi
>is that the hardest you can hit me
>your technique is pretty poor
>why are you cumming already
>aww you're all soft again, how boring

>ywn be sexually bulled by a loli

>Takagi is bullying you during intercourse
>have a nervous breakdown due to your self-consciousness about your bedroom performance and endurance mid-coitus
>she halfheartedly apologizes, saying next time you should put some numbing cream on before you put the condom on so it doesn't happen again

You had me until condom. Not impregnating Takagi-san should be a capital offence.

Ah yes, the solution grade-school Sup Forums once employed.

I would just stare into her eyes, and tell her I want to have missionary sex with the goal of procreation with her

>okay user-kun, but i want to be the best mom ever, so you'll have to earn all the money to raise our brood of fifteen
What do now?

I think the manga and anime is cute because it's moreso about the guy falling in love with the girl while the girl is chasing him but hiding it.
A common subject in harem anime but in this case it's only 1 on 1, while for most anime of that kind it's the guy chasing the girl.

Kiss her when she gets close the next time. That would probably fry her brain (assuming I am Nishi in that situation)

Takagi is clearly embarrassed when someone she likes expresses emotions back and has no way of responding.
If Nishikata went through with his plan of saying "I think you're cute" he would have btfo'd her

Her entire strategy is based on being the Chad and dominating the relationship.

Just do whatever because I'm getting beamed with chalk no matter what anyway.

I would be a hikki until I was allowed to switch schools and my family and I moved far away from Takagi.

caught ya mirin

I kinda wish that they'd show at least a panel, or a split second in the anime where you see her properly looking at him from the corner of her eyes when they're at the desks, before the camera pans to Nishikata doing his usual transparent monologues and she darts her eyes forward a split second before he looks at her sidelong, as he's prone to do.

It would help to dispel the notion that she's not actually psychic, and is just observing him more or less constantly when they're together.

when have you ever seen a monster take a turning point on rpgs, user?

God damn this series is really helping me understand I hate anime now. The manga is fine but this adaptation is fucking terrible. The voices are awful, the hyper-exaggerated reaction shots all predictable, even the theme song is so fucking tepid and uninspired. As expected, they pad out the ultrashort chapters by stretching every reaction shot 10x the necessary length until the majority of the animation is just closeups of the boy's panic face and bulging eyes while the voice actor gasps and gaws and clumsily fails at trying to sound like a child having a mental breakdown. I don't know what I grieve for more, the state of the industry, or the state of this board that they're no longer capable in any sense of recognizing quality, or the lack thereof.

>t. subjectivity "the post"

It's trash by any standard you could possibly judge it. This is bad fucking anime. But people keep swilling it down, because it exists.

>perfect girl

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>t. subjectivity "the post pt2: stop liking what i don't like"

You're the kind of faggot who complains whenever they move the camera to the building exterior with the bamboo salesman riding by blowing on his pipes, aren't you?

she wants another kid

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Invite another girl along to walk home and kiss her in front of Takagi.

She's almost certainly an M once in the bedroom. She's in charge outside during the day, but after a long day, once Chi's in bed, she's hanging off the ceiling covered in candle-wax and daring her husband to make her need the safeword.

she catches you masturbating and is about to tease you...what do

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Finish on her face, obviously.

Flash my dick


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