Märchen Mädchen Episode 9

You should watch the latest episode even if you didn't follow or dropped the series. It is like Shirobako's Jiggly Jiggly Heaven in real life. Legendary.

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I was about to marathon this, what the fuck happened?

Probably they blown up the schedule completely with maybe problems in staffs and such, so that they have to stop airing the anime in last two weeks and work on the new episode instead, and they probably spent the time in trying to come up with something that can barely be put onto TV from whatever resources that they might still have left with.

I am usually really bad at spotting QUALITY but this episode was amazing. I am still convinced it was intentional. The author must have pissed off someone high up.

The author is literally dead for a few years now

this is amazing.
i wonder how bad it would have been without the delay.


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what the fuck happened lads

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I love it.

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What kind of dumb OP that attracts people who have no interest in the show is this?

I'm glad I dropped this 3 episodes ago.

This is actually amazing.

Houkai! Houkai! Houkai!

Man this sucks I was actually enjoying this, the preview looked normal at least

Probably like nothing, I bet they didn't even have an episode ready before the break so they called as many Koreans as they could to save their asses in two weeks. And then they did this.
Stop bullying Hazuki

>didn't see best russians
You fucked up.

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I think it's a shame really. I've been really enjoying this anime. I hope it gets fixed at one point, or there's a universe where it got proper treatment.

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>a little

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Holy hell, when was the last time we saw a train-wreck like this? Wizard Barristers? Twintails?

Buy the BDs and hope for the best.

You people talk as if the show died and was buried here and people will never be able to enjoy it again. What the fuck, if anything all this QUALITY made this episode even more amusing than the usual.

Qualidea code?

Why doesn't Hazuki use her magic to fix her animation?


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based chinese poster

It's her gay fanfiction magic that ruined the animation in the first place.

Kantoku is rolling in his grave

I told you, girls. The studio is full of dorks making dork shows for dork anons.

Either that or Long Riders, with the latter also having a forced delay and its final two episodes airing a few weeks after its season ended.
And in any case, I'd say this show is still much better off than Qualidea Code. It only had two episodes that looked horribly off with a bunch of lesser QUALITY sprinkled all around it, but QC went to hell at some point and never got back up.

Hazuki, using her magic to make this story up, is the sole member of the animation staff.

It looks like shit.

And Shizuka's fucking useless. Why doesn't she kill herself or something?. She's holding back everyone else.

This is exactly what I did, and I came back here for the first time in months to see caps.

Post some webms. I want to see this in motion.

So ep 10-12 never

depends on how broad your definition of 'motion' is


If this is true, I assume the rest of the episodes are going to be just as bad.

The absolute state of anime

Picked up

>If you see this girl, do not approach. She is confirmed armed and dorky.

God I wish that was me

The preview for the next episode seemed nice enough, and they'll have a few extra weeks to get the last two episodes to look decent. I'm not going to worry.

DYNAMIC CHORD? Oh wait. No one actually watched that.

All the madchens were lookin' pretty cool this whole episode. sasuga toei

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from the previous thread:

Did onee-chan just call her a fucking normalfag?

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Jesus fucking christ
This is some next level shit

Sitting on the bed like that is probably a good core workout.


Her sister wants to fuck.

Would you give Molly your sauce katsudon?

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> Comparing this to the masterpiece of terrible that was Jiggly Jiggly Heaven

I'd rather Tatiana

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I'd give it to Xuemi-chan.

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I want to fuck Team America.

>i wonder how bad it would have been without the delay.
Storyboards with audio on top.
Though "bad" here is subjective, all things considered.

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I want to headpat ALL OF THE RUSSIANS!

I wish this show had an actual budget, but this was hilarious.

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Do NOT kill the Kantoku, he is alive and cute

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Jesus Christ this episode was a mess.
Hazukui doesn't deserve this.

I miss these days

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That scene was pretty QUALITY too honestly.

Is Häzuki's book here a reference to something?

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At least you can still see it is a human body

I don't get it.
Are they telling Hazuki to bite the pillow?

for the most part the bodies were fine. faces on the other hand seemed to have been placed by animators who had never seen anime before.

More like they were hurriedly drawn by some poor guy who is underpaid and overworked.

She said a broken joke in panel 2 for the hug pillow using homonym, then no one laugh in panel 3, and in panel 4 Maria tell Hazuki that, In Japan it's time for seppuku

I want to become URSS


So what's the story behind all of this QUALITY?

I am in no obligation to tell you.

I drew the episode all by myself.


I feel bad for the animators and director.
I know people are gonna take this as a way to say "Shitty fucking lazy animators" and shit but honestly they're working their asses off but there's just not enough time.

Scheduling has been royally fucked up, they had to delay episodes to try and finish it on time but uh, as you can tell they didn't.

You draw cute Hazukis, user.

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>I know people are gonna take this as a way to say "Shitty fucking lazy animators" and shit

i would hope most people arent that dumb

If you draw 10 minutes of Sadohara selfscest I will double whatever the studio is paying you.
2 packets of instant ramen and 800 yen.

How do we save Hazuki and her international harem?

So there's drama behind the scenes? Somehow I think that whatever is happening at the studio is more interesting than this anime's story.

Goddammit, Hazuki doesn't deserve Purun Purun Heaven. Same 9th episode too.

Are you gonna do another Berserk anime?

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Were they crying or laughing while drawing?

Seriously though, I want to do this to Lynne.

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I think a good portion of this episode's effort went into drawing all the strands of her hair.

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Why can't she figure out what a hairbrush is?

If only you knew how bad things really are

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>imouto is the dominant one
This is my fetish.

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Every Häduki is precious.

My friend Häzuki looks weird.

No, this is fine.

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Who is this young man? Why is he pretending to be Häzuki?