Buyfag thread

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Amakuni plz

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>Maker is called amakuni
>They don't sculpt cunnies
Absurd, ridiculous.

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Thinking about pre-ordering this Ai.

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Is it June yet? I'm past ready to pick this.

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Why did this show have to suck?

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They gave her a butt upgrade. Tits get that treatment all the time, but ass? Alphasoft is truly based.

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It was adapted twice from the source material, once from the WN into the LN and then again LN to Anime. Then they put it into the hands of a director who thought Subaru was a self insert character, who was personally biased against characters and changed/cut their scenes for no reason, and decided to end on the fake happy end right before the real end of the Arc was good enough. And also the series reliant on the thoughts and feelings of the main character, which the anime can't show because its in his head.
>Watanabe: That’s a tough question. People will get mad at me no matter who I say (laughs). But I suppose that Rem’s role in the story is that of a sub-heroine, while Emilia is the main heroine. I directed episode 1 myself and did as much as I could to enhance her presence in the scenes to make up for her lack of screen time. I’d change her outfits and made sure she gave off a strong impression. As far as I’m concerned, the heroine is Emilia, but perhaps nobody will believe me when I say that. After all, Rem clearly acts more like a heroine (laughs). But please don’t forget the scenes that showcase Emilia as the heroine (laughs).
>Watanabe: I thought: “He’s me!” (laughs) There are parts of his character that resonate with anyone, but especially with guys. I didn’t even have to scrutinize myself. I could tell just from looking at him that he was a life-sized version of me.

sort of, my cat broke a figure's base peg two months ago, I had to use superglue to fix the figure to its base and sell it for 40% off.

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shit, I forgot to quote.

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I won an auction last week using buyee and today was issued a refund with a note saying the auction was cancelled by the seller. I'm assuming the seller just didn't want to sell to a foreigner or whatever since he has since relisted the item I won.

There's a different person selling the same item at around the same price, is it worth trying buyee again or should I just use a different proxy?

Emilia is the heroine though.

I personally cannot wait for this figure

>"As we collect information for your home loan, be sure to avoid major purchases!"
>$300 march pre-order

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Do it. Preorder both figures and her nendo, we might get more by other makers if it sells well enough.

That's not a major purchase user. Thousands of dollars would be.

Hell I buy plastic all the fucking time and my home loan application is spotless.

Granted if you are spending over what you earn you might be having a problem. I make thousands a month so I'm in no danger.

>Major purchase
you should be more concerned if someone approved a person as intelligent as you.

Not really, in Arc 3 Rem is way more of a “main heroine”. Her back story was revealed, she got a entire loop from her perspective (which is pretty big deal in the novels because her inner thoughts and feelings are revealed to the readers), and most importantly she had the screen time. Also Rem has From:Zero which is a pretty pivotal point of the entire series so far. If Emilia was clearly the main heroine, he wouldn't have to make that statement or do what he did (change and cut Rem's scenes).

After Arc 1 (the Elsa badge debacle), what did Emilia do after that?

How strict is amiami's limit per household thing? I want two of something that's literally 600 yen (not a pre-order, it's a vidya accessory). Can I just order one with one monthly order and another with the next?

Isn't the limit 3 per household?

Never used them before, but I've heard that buyee is shit.

>figure collectors are filthy siscon rapists.
At least he didn't burn his house down, turning his sister into a quadriplegic fuck doll.

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It's an ok figure but I'm waiting for a nicer one, might get her nendo however.

But will Rem win in the books, it's weird to have a side heroine win, it happens but usually only in big harem series, and even then they're less a side girl and more as a primary girl who's equal with her rivals.

Might order the nendo too, but I don't like the look of the other figure.

I almost want to buy this one just to have a better look at it.

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There's something really off about Ryuuko's face in this one

>But will Rem win in the books?
Who knows? But Subaru and Rem already confessed to each other (cut from the Anime). And Rem isn't a side character, Tappei (the author) titles her as the Rising Heroine.

I want to purchase these

Cure robutt

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I wanna fuck it

No, but if they did and refused to pay me back their phone would meet an accident at some point in the future.

There is a god.

How much longer until it's released AAAAAAA

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3 months, chill the fuck out.

It's 1 per household for some things.

Those aren't detailed, tim. They have barbie crotches

I've tried nofap to hotglue when it arrives, after almost 3 weeks I don't think I can continue

Hope you choke on the cum.

user, I'm not sure that if you save up semen that it actually reaches the point where it clocks your body orifices.

How do I stop buying more dakis, someone help me.

I stopped once I reached $1k spent

I can almost feel that delay

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What made you stop though?

Got a very cute hacker in the mail today

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The fact I had spent $1k

Release when?

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Why would you buy worst girl?

Check again? I got the best girl in the whole game.

Satsuki sucks dude

And I bet she swallows too.


Nigga you gay as fuck

That's not Justine.

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some of the merch really miss the appeal of Ryuuko.

They still aren't making "angry embarrassed" rather than "sweetly bashful" Ryuko for some reason.

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Oh wow those are awesome,
but after my bad experience the last time I tried to order something I wo not be going for this, despite its greatness.


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How do you blow taking a photo like this? Jesus christ man.

And she looks like shit.

Mashu is not even my waifu but I want this. She's too lovely. What do I do friends?

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Ryuuko is for angry or happy, not for shy

Can someone really say no to this?

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yuck her ass is too big

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>t. patrick o'malley

what if you just ordered it instead of posting about it every other thread

I want blanket on far left. Any idea what name of pattern is?

I wanna be comfy like Yuru Campers.

I wonder if they will release official blankets.

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>another shitty Aoba figure
what did she do to deserve this?

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I don't like giant asses either, but that ass is NOT too big. It's proportional to her size.
You know what user, you're right. We have only one life, might as well go a bit crazy. I bit the bullet and placed an order for her.

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This, like I feel only certain figure lines like nendoroid have the planners watch/read the source material for face and pose inspiration. Like even though the nendos were fine, GSC still made an "oh nooo I totally would do this embarrassing sexy pose" Ryuko. Maybe they read some plot synopsis about Ryuko being unhappy at first when turning nearly nude with Senketsu on and think that = shy?

Plus the context of Amakuni's is they are in hot springs, so why would Ryuko be in such a scared/dainty pose if she is on the girl's side with Satsuki. Fucking stupid. Companies should just stick with basing scale figures on illustrations.

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Satsuki sucks dude.

Don't pretend to be me.


The fatty is getting another mousepad
I hope you fuckers are going to get it

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This is hilarious. Imagine somebody who isn't a total loser using this. Like an investment banker working for a firm that pulls 10 figs.

Looks like we are finally going to see what color her cunny is.

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Would really like a bigger version of this pic

It looks a whole lot better than that devil one. Probably going to buy this hoping they do a matching Hifumi from the same illustration. The release date (for now) is surprisingly close as well.

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Same I could see that.
is it a 1/4th?

Oh, so in books he likes rem romantically? The more you know, that's silly that they changed that in the anime.

I've never bought one, so do these bunny figs have a cloth or silk like material for the pantyhose or is it just plastic?

not sure why a white girl has such a big butt
they are known to have the flattest butts next to asians

They're actual cloth/fibers, and with time they can actually fuck up the figure.

I thought that was a bed in the thumbnail.

Ha ha, could you imagine? Sleeping on that squishy massive butt. Pressing your face on her naughty cheeks.

I assumed so.
I figure dust would gather even easier, the fiber would start to wear, touching the material at all would stretch it each time, and eventually it'd look like shit from sagging or god forbid got a tear/hole in it. I assume many have probably has to say fuck it and cut them off making it a bare legged bunny with cloth stubble at the shoes and crotch.

Am I right?

>March 23
>still no Yumeko Jabami scale fig release

Holy fuck I preordered this more than 6 months ago. Is this how long these things normally take?

she is asian

Really fucking spooky

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I'll have to sell a few of my figures. There's no way for a potential buyer to find out that they were hotglued in the past, is there?

no asian girls are fat
thats disgusting man
have some self respect

How poopular does a character have to be to get a figure? I want one of this witch.

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Do Japs really find this dumb shit scary?

Star Ocean 5 was total shit including that tacky slut and I think the only non-trading figure the series has is that shitty Miki that came in the CE.

china and japan have a growing fatass problem

I think it's more about how popular their source is and/or how much connections their promotions team makes with merch companies. Star Ocean series seemed moderately popular but doesn't really have merch so their case may be the latter, especially with such a popular-bait meme design on that girl.

i guess thats why fat girls are becoming more common in anime
thought they were pandering to americans

Maybe it's because it was one of my first figures and I really like Ryuko but I never thought there was much of a problem with her face in this one. I do agree in general about other figures she has though.

Because, iirc, it pushes them into a different category which sells less.