Swimsuit for your Waifu

Which swimsuit do you prefer for your waifu??bikini or one pieced swimsuit??please tell your opinion.

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Birthday suit.
I'm sure Tamale would approve.

What the heck is the birthday suit??

What you're wearing when you are born.

Slang for being naked, i.e., the clothes you were wearing when you were born (nothing)

It's a pretty common saying, I'm surprised you haven't heard of it

I REALLY want to pet Tamate while shes a panther

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He's an ESL who wants to see children in bikinis

one pieces are for pure

bikini for sluts

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So a normal person just that he's ESL

Normal people don't want lolis in bikinis.

I am different from this Sxxt cuz I want Yohane and Hanamaru to wear it,not Preteens.I am not ESL retards.Asians in reality dont have access to bikini.

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Sorry, worded that wrong, the normal Sup Forums poster just that he's ESL

Normal people aren't ESL.

In civilized countries everyone is ESL

I am not ESL.I am caucasian and I wanted Yohane and Maru,and maybe Takagi and Hazuki for it,not Lolis.

And Asians,especially Japs and Gooks lack bikini or other sleeveless swimsuits.they only wear long sleeved tightshirt as their swimsuit.

A normal Sup Forums poster don't want lolis in bikini.

That's what an outsider would say


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Bikinis are nice, but one pieces do a better job of illustrating the figure while leaving more to the imagination which is sexier to me.

My waifu is the epitome of feminity, she looks good in either. Espiecally when her one piece is slightly smaller for her so it looks like a leotard.

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School swimsuit of course.

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But Tenshi no 3p had it.

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