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Stop the gay shit.

>Hanta exoo Hanta desu ka nee

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>big monster hunter fan
>always call it Monster x Hunter by accident

Wait that's not how you say it?

I actually used to say it like that

When I first started reading One Piece in American Shonen Jump in the early 00s I thought it was titled "Nepec" because of the font.

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so uh how do you say it then

It's just "Hunter Hunter". Hunter said twice in a row.

Hunter cross Hunter

gon a shit


Hunter Times Hunter

>Gon goes to a homosexual stripclub
>man begins dancing for him
>"Hey little man, wanna go a little further?"
>Gon nods
>They begin stripping
>The man goes to kiss him
>Gon raises his hand, and gets on his knees
>"First comes cock"

go away ging

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Hunter Ten Hunter

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Hunter squared

It's ハンター×ハンター baka gaijin

So is it also pronounced "Highschool Dee Dee" then?

>"rolonola zolo"


Jesus Christ user

Hunter/Hunter, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, Hunter plus Hunter


cazador x

I did the exact same thing.


That's not what an addition or division symbol looks like


>hunter divided by hunter

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Hunter versus Hunter

i call it Hunter Squared

Kurapika doesn't seem to care enough about killing them anymore that he would be legitimately upset with Hisoka. While I'm sure he would still kill one if the opportunity presented itself, he's much more interested in getting the eyes. He also wouldn't care too much about Neon dying, if it was Hisoka.

Blame your dumb jap author for making a nonsense title that not even fluent English speakers know how to say.

why couldnt togashi just call it "hunter"
why did he have to complicate the fucking name of the thing

hunter x hunter sounds way better

gotta emphasize the absence in pronounciation of the x

Hunta Hunta

"Hunter by Hunter"

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For me, it's Hunter chi Hunter.

Because Gon is a Hunter who's hunting his dad who is also a hunter

In my country we call it Jonter por Jonter.

Because Gon is a hunter hunter, Hisoka too.



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>Dude, that's Nepec

>more episodes than fucking
Legends of the Galactic Heroes
>manga creator has writers block
>manlet MC, a tall person is the bad guy

What’s so great about this show?

fuck thats funny

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>not Highschool Double Dee

holy FUCK

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that's just too funny

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I think it's strange that you consider LotGH an example of a long series. Hisoka isn't even a main bad guy.

Hunter by Hunter

Wait, don't they literally refer to One Piece as a thing in the manga at the start? I haven't read it so I don't know

>mfw i say that and i also say episode-ex-episode

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My sides.

I don't think my believing it was Nepec lasted that long but the first One Piece chapter I read was the one where Zoro is fighting Cabaji so there wasn't any mention of One Piece in that chapter or any chapters around it.

he probably picked up an issue of shonen jump when he first read it so it wouldn't have been chapter 1 probably.


Sup Forums pls

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i know this but I still say the x just so people who haven't seen it will know what i'm talking about, because they will probably recognize it easier

This is so innocent, yet so stupid.

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Hisoka is the main protagonist though

Gon is a confirmed Chad when he gets older though

it is hunter versus hunter

Hunter chi hunter. I thought everyone knew that.

I'm so fucking happy I wasn't the only one.

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Killua is cute!

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its hunter cross tekken

Hiatus ecks Hiatus

Hunt by Huntwest

Don't put an x in the title if you don't want me to say it then

fucking retarded Togashi

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>Darling in the Fran-ex

I remember seeing the sides of the Parasyte manga and thinking the name was "Paka Style."

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>"I left everything I own in Nepec"

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Caçador contra Caçador.

That's a pretty cute cat.

hunter por hunter

just "ex hunter"

My brother and I thought it was called Nep & Ece at first, then started referring to it by that name as an inside joke. I obviously had it cleared up with the debut of the 4Kids anime as it was referred to as "One Piece" in the TV guide, but reading the manga first confused me. Manga uses all caps for text, so when it mentions the treasure in One Piece I thought it was saying all his treasure was left in "one piece," as though it was untouched and intact, compiled together for the convenience of whoever would become Pirate King. Didn't think the McGuffin was actually called One Piece.

Holy shit it actually is Highschool Dii Dii with no ekusu in between the dii's


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Hunter squared

goddammit japan the x don't be silent


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Yes. Pitou's a he. Deal with it!

If that's a he then I'm a she. No way am I gay.

Hunter ex Hunter sounds cooler and is more distinct. Now for the real question.

How do you fuckers pronounce 'manga'?What about when you bring it up to normies?

>manlet MC, a tall person is the bad guy
He doesn't know

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It is written at a higher quality than any novel or manga you have otherwise read.

Hunter, followed by a short pause, Hunter.

If you're not Japanese and unironically saying Hunter Hunter, you have problems.


you do not talk about chinese cartoons to normals

Literally me

>the only cute biological girl is a 50 year old woman who likes pretending she's a loli

What went wrong?