Is Nami the sexiest girl in a shonen series?

Is Nami the sexiest girl in a shonen series?

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She is poorly drawn so no, but now that you mention it for a genre directed at teenage boys all the girls are not that attractive on average


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Oda can't into female anatomy imho tbqhwyfs

There's quite a few others out there. Nami isn't the only sexy one.

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Looks retarded.

Nami is sexy, that body though.

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She was good in pre-time skip.

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She kinda reminds me of a Kingdom Hearts girl on this one.

This guy is right, all the characters of One Piece are warped caricatures of human beings. You might as well beat off to western Cal-Arts garbage.


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The girls from Nanatsu are way hotter. Not to mention fairy tail bitches.

Shiet I forgot that one. A shame she died though

No she didn't

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>ugly as hell face due to disgusting art style
>unnaturally thin arms and stomach, no spine, fucked up anatomy in general, etc...

Literally every girl in Nanatsu no Taizai is sexier. Yes even Dolores.

Picked up.

What am I in for?


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Any Bleach or Fairy Tail girl is hotter.


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She was until she grew her hair out, now she's like any other bimbo slut.
I hope she cuts her hair again soon.

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What do you mean "even"?


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Fuck no

Nami is butt ugly. OP art style is disgusting and Oda deserves nothing.

I'm going to race mix with every race of brown and not take responsibility!

Really generic shounen with decent art.

no, she is deformed

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Calm down, Sanji.

Yes. Too bad oda can't draw women.


At one point in early One Piece she might have been, but now she's nowhere near being the sexiest.

The girls of Fairy Tail are the sexiest.

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kenichi or fairy tale prolly take it

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I forget is OPM considered Shonen?

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Pre timeskip, she was a boner inducer, especially early on, with more an emphasis on a slender/feminine build. The beginning of post timeskip, it was like Oda was trying hard to present she grew up, by sluting her up to the max. Recently, he's toned back on it, and made her look more like her pre timeskip self, but it's still not the same.

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>Pre timeskip, she was a boner inducer, especially early on,
Absolutely. Don't get me wrong, older Nami has the curves and the animation is especially kind on her body, but it's certainly lacking something from her older self.

true, both of them are absolutely shittier than one piece though

She only got her tattoo because she was marked as property by a group of fishniggers.

To bad oda can't draw.

Oda is a hack.

The problem is that the tattoo is ugly, in a bad place. Look at Yoruichi, she looks hot with the tattoo

Fuck yeah

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It is, and it's also a better choice than One Piece/Bleach

She is not even the hottest one in one piece


but you can say this in general about one piece

i gotta agree

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Great fucking taste.

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fuckin LULD 10/10 post


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Post the gif, you know which one

Nothing in One Piss looks good.

Perona, Rukia, Lala, Sa chan and Nobume exist you know. To love ru girls are goddess tier. That green haired alien one is super boner.

Nah. Robin is.

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She makes my dick the hardest, so I'm inclined to agree. I'd place the Shokugeki girls right behind her.


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No it isn't retards. OPM is a seinen manga.

That waist line is awful, give her a damn burger.

Only Juvia. Every other FT girl are trash. Yes, even Wendy.

OPm is clearly josei.

Thanks man I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

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94% fighting, 2% talking, 2% backstory, and 2% story.

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Pretty sure Erina-sama is.

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Momo, Mina, Lucy, Erza

Hell no she looks horrible in that """"wacky""""art

Erza is a good character caught in a terrible series. Fairy Tail is trash along with the rest of the FT girls.

Best Girl

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The bitch you posted ain't good looking

Can i watch FT but only the Erza scenes? How much would it take me?

Erza is trash though
Lucy is the only good one

Maka is the sexiest.
You can all go home now.

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Nami is the ultimate underage pleb filter but the sexiest ever is kind of a reach

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This is.

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Orihime at the end of Bleach was peak femininity.

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People complaining about how Nami looks but then praising the way that girls look in Fairy Tail


>Galko Chan
>shonen series


All of the characters posted in this thread are warped caricatures of human beings, nobody in real life has eyes that big and perfect round breasts.

It's written by a man for young men. Shonen = young men.

No, toriyama and kubo are both hacks. Fixed for you

Her current timeskip self looks like roastie with many STDs. Old Nami is pure sex and maximum gangbang material with other anons


Nice try, there isn't any action filled plots in Galko Its about the life of some Japanese Gyaru ranting about her anal hair and inverted nipples.

>for young men
Isn't it targeted at young girls - to provide them with nice older sister that will advice young girls about their bodies? Like drawn cosmopolitan.

Fuck yes, agree with Kenichi.

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I wish there was a good hentai that stuck with the character model and DIDNT have the girl squeeking and actually moans like adult woman, where she isnt doing a monologue, you know what
I want straight sex scenes like Nami in Bible Black. Why is most hentai so fucking terrible?

Absolutely this. I'd watch FT if it was just the Erza-centric episodes

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Mashima draws god-tier women. Elie from Rave was one of the first 2D girls I fapped to.

dude what
Fairy Tail girls often have 10/10 bodies, irrealistic but still perfection; Nami has something going for 10+/10, but it just ends up looking off due to her proportions.
Also, Fairy Tail has way less sameface on girls imo.