Hunter x Hunter

Spoilers out, lads.

Chapter 379

Mizaistom is listening to an account of the incident

Survivor She heard the knock and approached the entrance. As soon as she opened the door I heard a thud. I tried calling out to her but she didn't respond, so I panicked and exited the toilet, and... the man was standing there.

Luini Step aside.

Survivor And I did.

The survivor found the roommate's fallen body, covered in blood

Luini If you make a noise I'll kill you.

Survivor I couldn't speak or move even if I had wanted to... All I could do was concentrate on following the man's order so as to save my own skin.

Luini Hmm, what to do... I had wanted to stop at exactly 20 people. That's why I chose this single passenger room... Dammit.

Survivor (Please... Please! Please!! Please!!!)

Survivor I prayed silently in my mind because if I so much as made a squeak he would have killed me.

Luini Eh, wait... 1, 2, 3, ...10... 20? Whoagh, it's 21 isn't it!? That's right, the number of people is one off the level! Shit, this doesn't feel good. Now which number should I match!? Shit...!

Survivor I had no idea what he was saying.

Luini Dammit this is so unpleasant...! Oh, well, might as well...

Survivor And just as when I thought I was gonna be killed, I heard a scream outside, and the sound of a large number of people gathering. Footsteps trampling in the corridor, someone banging the door, a scream... the sound of someone calling out... It was very noisy outside the room. Then the man... locked himself inside the toilet.

Mizaistom Locked himself inside...?

Survivor Yes... And since I stayed here until the national military personnel pried the door open, the man must have escaped from there.

Mizaistom But the drainpipes of the toilet can't let even a rat through, let alone a human being...

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Survivor That's what the military told me as well. But the man hadn't come out of the toilet and the military had also confirmed that the door had been locked. So please, catch the culprit and ask him yourself.

Mizaistom (If her account is to be believed, the culprit should be a Nen user, but... something doesn't make sense. Killing her shouldn't have taken more than an instant... Why would he do something so irrational as leaving a witness? Did he panic because of the commotion outside...? No, that doesn't sound like the profile of someone who would murder 20 people in mere moments. The words "level" and "number of people," and then "20" "21" and "one off"... These are the key to solving the mystery...!!)

Mizaistom By the way... what is your relation with the victim?

Survivor She had happened to sit next to me in the cafeteria, and we hit it off. Too bad... I didn't have the chance to lend an ear to her personal affairs...!

Mizaistom ...Please get some rest in your room for now. I will probably be coming again a couple more times.

The survivor leaves the crime scene, but her real identity is Cashew (Lv. 1) of the Heil-Ly Family

Cue flashback

Cashew ...And that is how I will mix lies with truths. This way I can also give them a hint for the reason why I wasn't killed.

Luini Well done. Just remember to testify properly about my scar.

Cashew Seriously? You're okay with that?

Luini With that, I will confirm the sleuthing skills of the military and the Hunter Association. I want to know how long it will take them between determining the culprit's identity and finding me.

Cashew Are you really sure about this? If you get caught it's definitely the death sentence for you.

Luini I won't get caught, and I'll just escape if I do. The Boss told us too, right? "Your ability will answer you if you wish hard enough." I can feel it... I have just been granted my ability (gift). And this power... will bring me to the place that I want!!

what'll happen to him

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Stop bulling enlet Nobu !

3m en its his penalty but he can move at fractions of seconds inside of it

Cashew (And with those words, Luini disappeared from the toilet. A power to move through space, huh. Not that I want such ability. What fun is there in being able to get things done in a rush like that? I will take it slow... both my leveling up and my wishing for my ability (gift). I have successfully established contact with the investigator... Next I will infiltrate deeper.)

Luini (A room with one door... and impassable walls. That is the requirement to activate my ability...!! Once I activated it, I can move to a different place from the walls or floor of that room!! I can return to the original room anytime, anywhere... but! If the door to the original room is opened and thus it stops being a locked room, my ability will be reset, and I can no longer use my ability in said room. My destination is also limited to places I have visited before. It seems that I can even move in and out of the ship, but I wouldn't test it with the risk of my ability being reset...)

Luini (For now, let's enjoy my collaboration with the Spiders...)

The three has returned after finding their weapons

Feitan All of them are gone.

Nobunaga Nope.

Phinks One person escaped.

A trail of blood continues along the passageway

Phinks I don't like this. It's like they're telling us to follow them.

Feitan The blood... has dried. The act must of been committed around the same time the corpse disappeared and reappeared.

Phinks I don't get it... what does the culprit want? If he had wanted to frame us for the mafioso's murder that one corpse just now would have sufficed. And if he let one mafioso escape here the guy could testify to our innocence.

Feitan If the owner of the blood is alive, that is.

Nobunaga ...Maybe this incident has nothing to do with us...

Phinks ! Could it have been individual crimes by different culprits?

Nobunaga Nah, then what would be the reason to let one injured person escape on purpose?

Phinks Isn't it to let him stumble back to his companions' base?

Nobunaga The culprit would have liked it as well if we had chosen to make a move after seeing that corpse and get into a confrontation with the other mafiosos, but... Since we ignored it and continued our search, the culprit decided to move by himself and headed toward the Cha-R Family's base...!

Phinks Then what, you saying that this guy happened to try to use us by chance and it didn't work, so he stuck with his original plan?

Nobunaga Don't you think so?

Feitan That is so random.

Nobunaga Much like us, don't you think? Of course it's just my speculation. You may be rightl it could have been individual crimes by different culprits, or he could simply have failed to finish the guy off and be chasing him right now. The first corpse, though... that was definitely done to tease us...

The three follows the trail of blood

(NOTE: From here, one of the Spiders is talking but the script doesn't say who. Most likely Nobunaga.)

? We would have realized if it was Hisoka's Gum.

? If the corpse had been pulled over our heads by the Gum, that is.

Feitan Not Hisoka. The head wasn't cut by a card, but a bigger blade... and it was a sloppy job.

Phinks The culprit is not aiming at us, but rather... at the Cha-R Family...!

Following the trail of blood leads them to a sturdy-looking iron door with a surveillance camera

Phinks That is some security that the bottom tier doesn't deserve. I wonder what's going on inside?

Nobunaga Whatever awaits us. You'll never know.

They try to open the door but it is locked

Phinks Locked, huh.

Nobunaga Well, duh.

Phinks ...Hey.

Multiple men are standing behind the three

Wang I am Wang, Underboss of the Cha-R Family. I was told by my superiors to wait, but I don't like tedious stuff. So I'll just ask things that you can answer. Are you the ones who attacked the warehouse keepers?

>more toilet murders
what does togashi mean by this?

learn to control S

Tier 5 cafeteria

Franklin is eating alone in the corner

Ittok, the Vice-Boss of the Cha-R Family, joins Franklin at the table

Franklin We have given you the seat. Do you still have anything left to say?

Ittok Aren't you going to look for Hisoka, Franklin?

Franklin I won't do pointless stuff. He's looking for us Spiders to kill us. Wait here and he'll come by himself.

Ittok I see. I've gotten word from the young man that two of our warehouse keepers were killed, and four were taken away. What's your take?

Franklin It has nothing to do with us. ...Unless, if you are setting us up it's a different story. If you're picking a fight we'll gladly give it to you.

Ittok That doesn't make sense. We've received word that three of your comrades went to the warehouse to pick up their weapons. There's no reason for us to get involved with that.

Franklin Then it's not us. It's someone else who exploited that situation.

Ittok You think it's Hisoka?

Franklin Dunno. Maybe, maybe not. But it's not us.

Ittok ...I see. By the way, is Hisoka your only reason for boarding this ship?

Franklin ...Nope? We are thieves after all. But we won't move to the next stage until we have killed Hisoka. Now don't bother us, and we won't bother you.

Ittok Okay. Sorry to have bothered you.

Wang (to wireless) Yes, understood.

Wang Sorry for that. I now have a rough picture of what happened. That over there is the Cha-R Family headquarters. Just now a man came over carrying a bloody warehouse keeper. An idiot of ours was too shocked at the scene that he let the two of them in.

Phinks I see. So he let them in and then "BOOM!"?

Wang No, according to the testimony of the folks were inside the base, the man who carried the bloody guy was himself covered in blood, and they could not make out his face. He was crying "The Spiders did this."

Phinks Listen, we've been telling you that it wasn't us! It was that guy's scheme!

>Halkenburg gets offed before the banquet, either by Ben's boys, pushing his luck too far with the defiance, or accidentally breaking the nen beast's restrictions and receiving lethal backlash
>Kacho and Fuu die when the escape plan backfires
>Sale-Sale enacts his keikaku. Marayam, Woble, himself (or Camilla), Tyson, Luzurus, and Tubeppa all die in one fell swoop. The latter deaths may be attributable to the spiders and clown crashing the party.
>Tse dies in the confrontation with Pika, or by being double crossed by Morena with the spiders
>Ben goes on the offensive and jobs or is killed by the spiders
>Zhang betrays Pika and dies
>Chrollo steals Camilla's ability and she stays dead the next time she tries to use it
>Monarchy is abolished

Wang Yes, I know. After all that man suddenly disappeared, and the warehouse keeper was already dead so we couldn't have him corroborate the story. What infuriates me is that someone thinks of manipulating us with such a sloppy set-up. Thankfully you guys are a calm bunch who would listen to reason. I believe the enemy is a hitman from another Family who wishes for our confrontation.

Phinks Maybe his goal was to enter the HQ itself?

Wang ...What do you mean...?

Phinks There is this requirement to activate teleportation abilities called "marking." It's a restriction that prohibits jumping to a location that one has never visited. He may have come to fulfill that requirement...! If you are a Nen user you should understand... how dangerous it is now that he has succeeded?

Wang (These guys are incompatible with the idea of balance. They are outspoken... and they have enough power to have their way without regard to friend or foe.)

Wang ...Then, will you accept if I propose... that we team up?

Wang (As I thought, these thugs are seeds of danger. I have to crush them fast...!!)

>>baptizing people just with a kiss
>>giving them incredible power boosts with minor conditions
>>giving someone the ability to start the cycle all over again
>Anyone has a theory on what type of nen and how came to be such an overpowered hatsu
>Most likely give them rest by burying them.

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>>Anyone has a theory on what type of nen and how came to be such an overpowered hatsu
Obviously Specialization.

Are the spoilers out?

Only text. Raws come tomorrow or a few hours from now.

Pitou is a good girl

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*dons your kabe*

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the trips confirm it
the spiders are done for
the final bosses are illumi and kalluto

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What the fuck man

i did not expect to get trips myself

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Spiders shall be clowned

>satan AND jesus confirming it
Oh god

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It means that the Cuckold's Troupe is finished.

Franklin is so fucking dead.

When in doubt, I'd guess a baptism to be Manipulation or at least involve it.

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tfw no enormous homo effete fag harem of kurapika, kalluto, alluka, and illumi


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Killua is cute!

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I want my raw scans mommy

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99 Killua is cuter!

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Younger Toguro is cuter!

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Never tell me the odds

I like that Franklin doesn't care about Hisoka slipping a razor in his apple. He's not letting it bother him at all. But at the same time, now I'm really worried.

Kurapika doesn't seem to care enough about killing them anymore that he would be legitimately upset with Hisoka. While I'm sure he would still kill one if the opportunity presented itself, he's much more interested in getting the eyes. He also wouldn't care too much about Neon dying, if it was Hisoka.

What if Oito dies?
It would be interesting to see Pika trying to save the kid when his mom’s not longer there.

I've lost my faith in Togashi and no longer have any expectations

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Her death would probably hit him hard. I wonder who would be responsible for holding him? Kurapika has to be the chain dude so he can't hold on to him all the time.

So Hisoka was the one who killed Neon right? He was there when Chrollo took everyone's fortunes in Yorkshin so he would obviously get rid of the ability if he's serious about killing the spiders.

I've taken quite a few hiatuses in my life so I can't judge him.

I like the idea of her being alive but it would also be interesting if he killed her. I hope Togashi shows us her last moments.

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>newfag spotted

She's dead. Chrollo mentioned that the ability disappeared from the book when someone asked him to take everyone's fortunes again

Togashi won't take a hiatus till we get to fake DC, screencap this post.

Bill or Shimano.

And then he takes a never-ending break.

She should be dead, but you never know.

that would be awesome. soon hisoka will player 4d chess with the spiders

It's not even the hiatuses. It's this worthless arc

Could have been a car crash

>neon is dead
Eric meme.

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I'm going to hold hands with Kalluto.

Fresh off of 2011, still got all that wide-eyed naivete.

>this fucking theory again
Hisoka didn't even know who Neon was. She was killed by the mafia families who hated Nostrade

retard spotted

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Yes, she's dead. Some phantom mystery man that solved the problem doesn't exist.

this theory makes even less sense. Then Kurapika would've lost his job, unless both Light and Neon got killed. Most likely she got killed by Hisoka, maybe her dad, or Kurapika could've sealed her nen

Hisoka was literally in the room when Chrollo told the other Troupe about the ability and where he got it.

>Hisoka didn't even know who Neon was.
He was part of the troupe when they were talking about her and her power.

why would illumi bother to stop hunting killua and alluka to kill Hisoka?

She's dead. That's the only way the ability would disappear from Chrollo's book.

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That’s the Zoldyck way.

wishes > money

Big fucking cash from the client.
>chase little bro who I know won’t fucking kill me
>or just push this deranged fighting addicts shit in for easy money

Nanika is from the dark continent. Illumi probably wants his own

>literally previous page
>get Neon back to normal
>what is context
Don't reply to me with your 2 digit IQ.

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Drop the series and move on, please.

he can get his own pet ai if he gets on morel's ship

Killua’s not taht dumb to be found so easily by Illumi and Illumi understands that.
When he approaches him he can just teleport him back home if he wishes to.
Getting money by killing Hisoka and going to the dark Continent to get his own Ai may be easier than to chase for Nanika.

It's probably Hisoka. The timing is too coincidental. He is pretty serious about killing the spiders now

AI massacred a large group of people on the DC, it won't be easy

>Kurapika could've sealed her nen
You can't seal something that's been stolen

Again, you moron, that doesn't tell you anything. Just because he's aware exorcists exist doesn't mean he's has one on speed-dial. Stupid to think it can be done from a remote location. And even more stupid to think there's anything on Neon to exorcise.

True, but one thing to consider when discussing calamity death rates is that we have no clue how trained these people who died en masse are and they had less info than we have now.

It's not the Ai that kills you, it's the people that wish themselves a real 2D waifu and a billion dollars right off the bat.

It's pretty easy. We can assume that the zoldyck who went to the DC was followed by an AI which cursed the zoldyck family which later resulted in Nanika. Illumi just has to do the same thing

Pitou is the cutest

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Hisoka is based. Hope he wins. Thank god we have the Hisoka vs. Spiders dubplot though everything else is boring as fuck

The expeditions were sent by large countries. Possibly superpowers, so we can assume they weren't pushovers.

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>Togashi won't take a hiatus till we get to fake DC
oh sweet child of mine

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If Milluki is controlling Marione what would be the reason he is spying on them?

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>those digits
What the fuck

>Talking about the dark continent when we'll have to deal with the succession war for at least ten years
Why? After the succession war is done Kakin and most of the passengers will get off on the fake island and then we'll have another boat ride before we actually get to the Dark Continent

The one Ai wiped out was co-led by the Hunter Association.

Ai must have an other way to kill

Don’t love the ball of gas enough and you die of a broken heart

There's a huge power gap between the Pokkles and the Illumis, but I see your point.

Ai is literally called a co-dependent calamity. It lives to please. Otherwise Nanika could just bust Alluka out of her family's basement.

>the Pokkles and the Illumis
I don't know why, but this made me chuckle.

Hisoka doesn't have a rating for Pokkle so that's a shitty comparison. Then again most hunters were around 30 to Illumi's 95

>get pointed out about context
>still can't into context
Sorry, I should be nicer with the mentally disabled.

>doesn't mean he's has one on speed-dial
>"hey Mizaistom, could you spare me one or two exorcists from the association, kisses"
>also implying Kurapika didn't had the contacts to begin with

>to think there's anything on Neon to exorcise
>I rather imply than using actual information from the mango
Someone share me your best "implying" pics please, my folder is empty.

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>"hey Mizaistom, could you spare me one or two exorcists from the association, kisses"
The association only has one official exorcist

There wouldn't be a fucking death note reference if Neon was actually alive

Pokkle is a 15.

Senritsu exorcised Neon.

And magically Pika was acquainted with the Zodiacs before they came to his door step.

If Kurapika is aware that Quwrof got his chain removed I wonder how he reacted to it, I don't think it's been shown yet.

Do you know 2011 Chrollo VA also voiced Light Yagami and Neon's father's name is Light?