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I agree OP.

Not at all

I would say Darling but that's AOTY so.

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I agree.


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Would be but it got tied with Sora Yori

yea about that

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It took Shirase 12 episodes to figure out her mom was dead all along.

Please be patient the girls have autism.

Not even close.

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Go back to your containment thread.


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Which one little boy?

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It was denial, for three years man.

Maybe if you weren't autistic you could've at least feel sorry for her.

Commfiest show since K-ON?


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will be forgotten within 1 to 2 weeks

A week ago I would have agreed. Now I have to go with the Nankyokus

>a toilet

>Cute girls doing cute things, with other girls
That's what people with shitty taste always say. Stop being faggots and just get a gf, you're super imposing your desires on 2D.

>The absolute fucking state of Sup Forums in 2018

He's right, barring the gf comment.

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>not AOTS
Look at this generic shit eater.

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>nobody bites his falseflag bait

Poor user.

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superior CGDCT

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takagi-san is better

>the absolute fucking state
back to Sup Forums or whatever

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What did he mean by this?

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Yuru Camp: Popularity #1003 Ranked #281

Violet Evergarden: Popularity #218 Ranked #124


>BGOTS is in the WAOTS
many such cases

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I prefer Sora yori mo Tooi Basho for AOTS. It's somewhat close though.

Unless something amazing happens in Sora Yori, VEG goes completely off the rails, or PTE has the greatest final episode of all time I'd agree.
Yuru Camp is what all CGDCT strive to be.

Do you also enjoy romance novels and Cosmopolitan?

Koi wa Ameagari exists, therefore all of you are brainlets

KoiAme is complete shit. I have no idea what you dumb faggots see in it, especially now that we know it doesn't end in creepy age gap romance.